Please tell me…

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this:

when faced with a brand new jar of vegemite!


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29 responses to “Please tell me…

  1. DrK

    would you believe in my 40 years of eating vegemite ive never thought to do that. i am going to next time i open a jar tho….

  2. You are the only one!!!!

  3. I'd agree with you if it was peanut butter but not the vegemite (that is definitely an acquired taste).

  4. i have never done that or thought of doing that in my whole life!!You are certifiable.

  5. sadly I am very very unaustralian as I don't eat the stuff but I whole heartily agree with the concept, now to find the same texture in something I do eat – jam – no,miso – perhapstomato paste – not as much funpovador – won't hold it's shape I am at a loss

  6. Isn't that sacrilege??? Shouldn't you, instead, be wielding a used knife and leave behind crumbs and smears of butter??I have never thought of doing that ever!! My mum says don't play with your food!!

  7. I'm completely doing that the next time around!

  8. mildawg

    Not vegemite, but most spreads I open. I just cannot resist the urge!

  9. I don't, but I think I will next time! maybe a peace sign. A friend once told me her grandmother used to wipe the inside of the jar as the vegemite level went down – either she was obsessive compulsive or just didn't like brown smears!

  10. I can't wait until we need to buy more Vegemite, just so I can do this!you nutcase 😛

  11. Sounds like you are the only one 🙂 But the Marmite won't be safe next time there's a new jar!

  12. You are indeed the only one! 🙂

  13. PS: Happy NY to you and A [and the little one!]. I have so much catching up to do. I owe you a loooong email. xOh, and happy belated birthday.

  14. As a Marmite girl, I couldn't possibly comment…

  15. OOh I have to try it next time!!!!Thank you!!!!

  16. I'm usually in too much of a hurry to get the stuff either on to a nice piece of fluffy white bread or toast to think of making a smiley face. I'll be sure to think of you and will copy your idea next time I open a new jar though 😉

  17. It's never even occurred to me! Until now, that is. And now I foresee trouble ahead….

  18. You are truely a mad wife!!!! Good to see that law degree has gone to use.

  19. At least it's a smiley face. Not having been raised on vegemite, I'd more likely draw Mr. Yuck. You're a creative darling!

  20. del

    Well, I don't. But then, we don't have vegemite, lol.

  21. I have to say I don't, since around here I only hear of Vegemite in jokes!(But I did laugh at the photo, does that count?)

  22. you're a CLOWN. I thought it was some sort of button at first glance. whatever made you think of that in the first instance?? happy new year by the way …

  23. cuuuute! I've never seen it or done it before but maybe I'll give it a go! I only eat vegemite toast for breakfast everyday!

  24. slightly bizarre but imitation-worthy behaviour!

  25. Please don't ask about the new jar of Nutella…….Happy 2010!and I refuse to make resolutions which I know I will never keep….

  26. I think that I need to do that to the marmite we have here!

  27. Looks somewhat menacing — not the face, the vegemite. 😉 But I may have to try this the next time I open a jar of peanut butter.

  28. Okay Wicked J, I tried to do this yesterday on a new jar of vegemite. It did not go well. Mebbe the jar was too small. I shall leave this artistic endeavour for you alone to savour

  29. Jen

    hee hee, I'll be doing this from now on – although to be honest, I can't remember the last time i bought vegemite – large jars last YEARS. Nutella, on the other hand, only lasts days…

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