Oh no you didn’t…

But first, a quick community service announcement:

The vegemite (or peanut butter, nutella, jam, mustard, whatever floats your boat) smiley MUST be performed with a knife and then spread on your toast or whatever! Using your finger (or other bodily part) and eating it is just disgusting and childish!! Heh!


Onto today’s post…

It often surprises me when a pattern which I’ve seen around a lot, and not particularly liked at first glance, grows on me until I decide I like it so much I want to make it. It happened to me with the clapotis and the monkey socks – I’ve now made 1.5 of each of these patterns. And no doubt others too. I don’t know what it is that makes me change my mind, whether it is just simply seeing everyone else make it and not wanting to feel left out – or thinking well, it must be good if so many others have made it, I should see what I’m missing out on – or whether it is seeing versions in colours or yarns which appeal to me, or what it is.

And so it is with another pattern – the Babette Blanket. I suppose I have always quite liked this crochet blanket, but was always scared of getting the colour combinations wrong. With 17 different colours (of Koigu no less!!) in the original pattern, and a relatively random organisation of different sized crochet squares, it has a lot of potential for looking great – if the right colour combinations are used – or pretty ugly – if you get the colours wrong. I never had enough confidence in my colour choosing ability to do it right, and so this pattern was admired but not enough to commit to as a project.

Unti one day in December…there I was, innocently reading blogs as I do every day, and I came to Make Do and Mend. Mooncalf had a simply INSPIRED idea to crochet a hexagon blanky using Regia Kaffe Fassett self-striping sock yarn – thus eliminating the need to change colours every row (AND weave in multiple ends) – AND with the added bonus that you know the colours will work together, because, hello – KF is a colour genius! Oh, and did I mention it’s also machine washable yarn!

OMG! How had I not thought of this before?? Babette was now possible! I just had to pick which KF yarn colourway to use! I had two balls in the stash already! Perfect cot blanky for Teddy! Hurrah!

And I was off and crocheting. Before I knew it, I had a ball’s worth of squares done:

The colours obviously don’t necessarily change when the new row starts, but I can live with that!

But then slight disaster…I couldn’t get more of this colour from a most excellent bargain yarn store in the UK (I almost don’t want to give away this super special secret, but I will…) Kemps Wool Shop. They were selling the Regia KF yarn for GBP1.20!! That’s around AUD$2.40 right now! (Compared to a price of somewhere between AUD$10-12 in yarn stores here!). I felt slightly guilty about buying it from o/s, but hey, when I can get 10 balls of the yarn for AUD$36 (including postage!!) as opposed to $100-120, can you really blame me!
So I checked each available colour on various websites, and I found two of them which I thought would tone in nicely with the colour I’d already used, as well as with each other (fingers crossed). And so I put in my order (I may have ordered for someone else too, for the same reason – but I’ll let her share the story at the right time!) and was so pleased when it arrived, my gamble had paid off! Both new colours contain elements of the original colour, as well as of each other! Woo hoo!
So now I just have to make about 100 more squares, sew them all together, and crochet around the edge. In the next 3 months or so…can I do it?
I say: Yes I Can!


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30 responses to “Oh no you didn’t…

  1. of course you can do it!!!!! crochet is so addictive, I find I can't put it down..just..one..more..round…!Those colours are magnificent, and self-striping is totally the way to go with granny squares – no ends. I really like the bronzy-khaki tone that runs through all colourways as a counter balance to some of the more intense hues.and is it just me, or does Babette remind others of a Klimt painting?

  2. Of course you can finish it, Jane, and what a great solution to the colour-matching dilemma – it's one of those things that's so obvious once you have it pointed out that you can't believe you didn't think of it.

  3. i know – once it was pointed out it just seemed so obvious didn't it. Like all great ideas, you wonder how you never saw it before.It's going to be great! And I wonder who the other person is….he heOh and with the vegemite thing, I'm now working my way through a remaining half jar so i can make a smiley!

  4. It looks gorgeous! In three months you'll be done and moving on to something else wonderful.

  5. amy

    You're right, on the blanket. I scrolled through the projects on Ravelry (a few pages, anyway), and some of them are absolutely stunning. And some look like–well, I don't want to be rude in print. Let's say, not-stunning, shall we?Your ending has caused one of the Music Together songs to run through my head: "Can you do it? Yes, I can! You bet I can! Can you do it? Yes indeed I can!!"

  6. DrK

    of course you can do it, all those squares already! easy! its such a great idea and think i can see the klimt too. how clever is KF! and The Other Person's is going to look stunning too. almost makes me want to learn crochet…..

  7. of course you can – a few a day and it will fly by – and I would recommend sewing in ends and together in blocks to make it go faster .mmmm I feel a virus coming on and I have some patonyle sock yarn in cones sitting around…….

  8. What a great way to make a Babette! (and yes, have been dreaming of one for years…)You are going to have so much fun whipping that one out!

  9. I am sure you will finish it in time. How lucky to get colours that will match so well and at a great price.

  10. They look so fabulous and what a great idea – 3 months – pshaw – of course you can – off to check out this store…….

  11. You can finish it in time – too easy! Look how many you have already. And you're right, the KF regia is absolutely an inspired choice.And what a bargain.. Unbelievable really.There must be something in the water, I have a crochet hex blanket on the go too .. but I don't have a deadline. I'm using the Sundara Sock yarn from the last club to make it. But I can't find the hook, and I can't remember which size it was..

  12. And so say all of us" "yes you can!"What a good idea using the variegated sock yarn – congratulations to Mooncalf.Wow! That is really inexpensive – thanks for sharing the link.

  13. The blanket from the sock yarn is a most awesome idea, and it's looking great already. I have every faith you'll get it done.And thanks (I think!) for the link to Kemps 😉

  14. Sam

    Can we do it? Yes we can! (so says Bob the builder) I'm on a crochet blanket kick at the moment too, although I'm using Vintage Hues, and I must say it's working out very well. Gotta love less ends to weave in!

  15. Mmm those KF Regia colours are fab, think I have some of the ones you're using stashed so if you get desperados near the end let me know – near the end you see I have faith in you – if it were me well that would be another story…

  16. What a perfect idea. I've admired babette, too and wanted to try some crochet since it's been years since I did anything. But I didn't want to mess around with all those colors. Your choice of colors is great! And I'm with everyone else. You can do it (if you forget all those other projects which are otn).

  17. I am the same way about picking patterns others have done. I JUST finished a two-stripe Noro scarf, for example (and LOVE it). And next time you're out of a yarn, check with me! Good luck with the blankie – it's looking fabulous; what a great idea to use pre-chosen color schemes, too. (Cuz I also feel the EXACT way you do about making color choices of my own!)

  18. Go for it! The colours look really great together – it's going to be beautiful!

  19. Now my mind is all agog with thoughts of exactly which body parts people are allegedly using to make Vegemite faces!!The Babette is beautiful and it is such a clever idea to use the striping wool, no ends. What joy!!!Happy crocheting, and I hope your hands are very speedy!!

  20. Oh gosh – I love that blanket – if only I could get my fingers to actually work when it came to crochet! And the sock yarn is working a treat!

  21. mildawg

    I love your color choices!

  22. Having caused all this trouble I feel only slightly guilty about abandoning my Hexagons and doing a Babette too. I like it better than my plan. babette-a-long?

  23. I love the squares and the way they fit together. Thank goodness I don't crochet; all I need is another project OTN!

  24. Now tahts going to be a great blanket. I love the Babettes on Ravelry and great deal on the yarn too!

  25. kgirl is right: Babette looks like a Klimt painting! I've always avoided it for the colour changes as well, but this is just sheer genius. The colours you've picked are just magical and the new yarn matches brilliantly.I can't wait to see this finished!

  26. del

    Oh, I love it. I love this whole backstory (and I get sucked in by seeing other people work up a pattern, too). That's about 1 block a day, a little more? Totally do-able.

  27. Ann

    Of course you can. The colors are gorgeous & now I am off to check the store. Thanks for the link.

  28. Yes, you can! This is what the burst of energy in the final trimester is for. I made a Babette about eight weeks out from Mr Wriggley's birth, and had it all done (including the dreaded weaving in) a good couple of weeks before he arrived. You probably have enough time to make at least two!

  29. The colours are great for a baby blanket, and the new ones match in so well, excellent choices! My mind is a wondering who the other secret Babette maker will be, suspicions will have to wait for evidence to turn up!!

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