SHOESday: 1 in 12

Last Thursday started innocently enough … DrK came up to Sydney for the day (and night), we met up in Kinokuniya (and did not buy any knitting books) and went to SnB. And it all went up from there!

Margarita arrived and was wearing the MOST DIVINE shoes! OMG! Red! Patent! Criss-cross straps! All things I cannot resist! And when we found out she bought them from the nearby Camper store, on sale, DrK and I looked at the shoes, looked at each other, and almost agreed telepathically that we were heading there when SnB finished (well, the first half of SnB, before we change locations to a nearby hotel bar).

With almost indecent haste, we packed up our knitting and almost ran to the Camper store. And when we spotted the Shoes, I think choirs of angels were heard in the background. They had the Shoes! In both our sizes!

And I knew immediately that they would be mine.

DrK, although she felt the same love, took a little more convincing. I discovered from the sales assistant that the two pairs of the Shoes (in our sizes!) were the last ones in Australia, and that Australia had only been sent 12 pairs of these Shoes in all. So whispers of “1 in 12”, “practically unique”, “red!” “patent” and the like, accompanied with much giggling like a schoolgirl, ensured that we both left the store accompanied by a bag each with the Shoes!
So good! So red! So patent! So comfortable! So cool! So goes with everything!
So excellent.


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36 responses to “SHOESday: 1 in 12

  1. DrK

    im still giggling. i just need it to be cool enough so i can wear them now!

  2. I am sitting at my desk, close to sobbing. I want pretty red criss crossy shoes too. I really do. And now you two have the last two pairs.I won't cry. I really won't. Much.

  3. …and you, Rose Red, have the last pair IN MY SIZE!Much shoe envy going on here.

  4. Imagine the awkwardness if you'd both been the same size!

  5. Those shoes are brilliant! You girls are lucky getting the last pairs in Australia – there must be some sort of "claim to fame" label attached to the purchase, surely?

  6. Wow!! that shoe is gorgeous!! It looks comfy too!!!

  7. they are GAWGEOUS indeed and so pleased you got them!!!!!!just PAWFECT for socks too!!!!1I went and said the same over at Drk's

  8. Scorpio, you will be experiencing eja vu. Just came from DrK's and my horoscope came true!Double the fun for the happy campers.

  9. happy days! I'm still having a little giggle at the imagery of you two packing up your knitting at speed!they are so very, very you 🙂

  10. so gorgeous so cool – so envious!

  11. mem

    NO NO NO!!!! I want some toooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I'm surprised that someone didn't loose an eye at the haste those DPNS would have been packed up in.

  13. Oh lovely!I've never owned Camper shoes. I could never afford them and, while reading this, I remembered I'm a grown up now and I probably can. off to stalk online shoe shops…

  14. Shoes! It has been so long since there were shoes, I almost forgot about them! Those are most excellent, and you are too, too funny.

  15. It's almost like they were made to be yours. All the stars aligned. You had to buy them.And they're so gorgeous!

  16. Ah the fates were smiling on you and I bet you smile every time you see them – LOVE THEM!

  17. Those are, indeed, excellent shoes. Practically unique! Only one in twelve! Heeheehee. Those are so awesome, I want a pair to wear, and right now if I tried it I'd get frostbite. But I still want them. Awesome.

  18. Adorable! Hail the successful hunter, home with the bountiful prey!

  19. del

    Those are great shoes! And so unique. I haven't seen anything like them here in the States.

  20. ♥♥♥♥♥ those red shoes, they are the perfect red too.

  21. Love the shoes! Bought a cherry red patent pair a few months ago and haven't put them in the closet yet, so I can look at them and admire them every day! Have only worn them once because I can hardly bear to put them on, they're too beautiful!!

  22. gorgeous, GORGEOUS shoes!

  23. absolutely FABulous!!!:o)Alesha

  24. Who would have thought that a little red pair of patent leather shoes would set the knitting world on fire!Should be interesting the day we ALL turn up wearing our little red numbers… Happy to help you find yet more fabulous shoes to add to your ever expanding shoe wardrobe :DENJOY!!Margarita x

  25. Ann

    You have made the right decision to buy the shoes. They look great!

  26. It. Was. Meant. In a great big cosmic conspiracy way. Great shoes, Rose Red, great shoes.

  27. I agree with LynS….much shoe envy!!If I wasn't so so jealous I'd say enjoy :DLois

  28. What very shiny red shoes!Luckily I need new boots right now more than shoes, so I am saved from the jell-ous.

  29. Oh, they're just so pretty! Well done!

  30. Em

    Clearly, it was fate. And who were you to defy fate? The shoes are lovely, and they remind me of warm weather. Also, the criss-cross laces really make them.

  31. Loving the shoes, such a perfect pair to diplay the lovely socks you keep knitting!

  32. Oh no! I have to have them! Though how many pairs of red patent shoes does one person need (three already!) Off to scour the UK….

  33. Jen

    *grabby hands*camper you say – hmm a visit might be in order. although i to be honest i have my eye on some fluvogs (spelling?)

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