Lately I’ve been starting lots of new projects willy-nilly, without having finished anything already on the needles. Very undisciplined. Which is pretty much the way I like it, I have to admit. Not that that is necessarily a good thing. A bit of discipline comes in handy for whatever you are doing, knitting included. Especially if you actually want finished objects out it.

So I’m happy to present my first FO of 2010. I only procrastinated for a day before sewing on the buttons – all 9 of them! (Yes, Nine! Nine buttons on a baby item!!)

This is Pebble. It’s a baby vest pattern based on Jared Flood’s Cobblestone jumper. It was designed to use handspun yarn and it completely unbuttons down one side and on one shoulder, making it easier (I hope…) to put on the baby.

(this is the best colour representation – the rest of the pictures wash out the green a little)

And since I happen to have a gorgeous skein of handspun – made by Donni from Pigeonroof Studios fibre and gifted to me for Christmas – I thought “Perfect!”. And it was. It’s so lovely to knit with handspun yarn, seeing the way the yarn looks, the different feel of it in your hands, how the colours come out. It’s a lovely experience.

And makes a lovely garment too, I think!

Pattern: Pebble by Nikol Lohr. This is a free pattern, and is one size only, but could easily be sized up by adding extra stitches when you cast on. It’s knit all in one piece, so very easy. As my gauge was off, and on the advice of the mothers in my SnB group that all baby things ride up, I made it longer in the body by adding 2 extra buttonhole repeats (20 rows), and made the garter top part (armholes etc) slightly longer too. It does seem a bit skinny and long, but I think it will stretch outwards and fit nicely. I hope so anyway!

Sticks: 3.75mm Addi circular. Haven’t use the Addi’s for a while but all my KP tips were in use, so I pulled out the Addi. It was nice for this project! I didn’t need really sharp tips.

Yarn: Donni’s handspun, using Pigeonroof Studios fibre. I used approx 62g of a 100g skein, so I reckon I’ll have enough for a little hat too. Nice!

Time: 8 January – 21 January 2010. It’s a much quicker project than this timeline indicates, I have mostly been Babetting this month! You could easily do it in a couple of days, making it a good last-minute project for a new baby in your life!

I really like this little project. It’s great for showing off the beauty of handspun yarn, is seamless, and it’s unisex – you can easily pretty it up for a girl through yarn choice or by embellishment (if you so desired!). I’m looking forward to seeing Teddy in it in a couple of months.


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21 responses to “Pebble

  1. It's gorgeous! Perfect! And as someone who struggles to dress and undress her niece all the time, I think only having to put one arm into a garment is utter genius!

  2. DrK

    "making it a good last-minute project for a new baby in your life": does that mean you want more of them? because i would be happy to oblige, its so cute and all in one piece, hello! its lovely, practical and will look great on. nice work.

  3. oh and I think the dark buttons (they look blue?) are a nice touch!

  4. Oh it is so cute and I love the green of course and the buttons are great. Green would have been too matchy-matchy. Babies are very wriggly, I think they need Velcroing into everything really!!!

  5. As you know, I love this pattern – very useful as well as beautiful. And the handspun is perfect.

  6. I am, too! Cannot wait. But in the meantime, the yarn is gorgeous, too, and the pattern sooooo cute!

  7. Lovely! Am adding it to the baby pattern ideas in my head – and you know I'm all for a good bit of indiscipline 🙂

  8. That is just gorgeous. Start 'em off right, in handspun handknits.

  9. mem

    You really do make the most beautiful things!

  10. It's beautiful and you will surely appreciate the extra length for keeping bub warm during the cooler days

  11. pebble is gorgeous – this is going to be the best dressed baby in town!

  12. Handspun yarn is such a treat to knit with. It has a different feel to it. Those colors are just gorgeous.

  13. It's so gorgeous! Does it need to be handwashed? You realize that babies leak at both ends, don't you? Most infants go through three or four outfits a day.

  14. del

    Beautiful! The buttons are genius because it will be much easier to slip baby in and out of it. Great job!

  15. amy

    Very nice! And no fear, I managed to handwash the girl's things while taking care of not only newborn her but her older brothers, too. 🙂

  16. mildawg

    It looks really good! I'm sure it will be well-loved.I'm digging that construction.

  17. Wow. I knew that skein was just right for you but I didn't realize how 'right' it was. I can't wait to see it on someone in a couple of months. 🙂

  18. Now thats lovely, it will look so cute on and the buttons will make it easy to put on.

  19. kim

    Oh, this will be so adorable. I cannot WAIT to see the modeled shot.

  20. Your version is lovely.What a simple but great idea (as they often are).

  21. Yes – you'll love the functionality of the buttons. And the fact that you'll be able to lay out the vest and button Teddy straight into it. All round goodness!

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