Babette-ing along…

I’ve been pretty much obsessively crocheting my Babette squares for most of this month. So far I’ve used 6 balls of yarn and have made almost 3/4 of the required squares.

I decided I’d lay them out today to give myself an approximate size for the finished blanket. I didn’t try to organise by colour or anything, just used the layout guide in the pattern to set up the two longest external strips.

I’m pretty darn pleased with my colour choices, I have to say!! (I’ve used 3 different Regia Kaffe Fasset Design Line sock yarn colours, 4251, 4253 and 5261) (although they look a bit more blue-er and washed out than they actually are!)

I think I will add an extra strip to make it a tad bigger. As it is now, it will be about 87cm/34″ along the shorter side, and about 95cm/37.5″ along the longer side. An extra strip will add another 20cm/8″, which I think will be better. Of course, these measurements are all pre-seaming and pre-blocking, but I’m not sure that will make a lot of difference given I’m using machine-wash sock yarn?

But I am loving making these squares. An extra strip just means more of them! Weeeeeeeeeeee! (shhhh, don’t mention the extra seaming!)


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23 responses to “Babette-ing along…

  1. DrK

    oh those squares look just stunning and the colours are working so well together! i hadnt thought of the seaming tho till you mentioned it. i try to remain in denial about things like that for as long as possible. i think it will be well worth all the trouble tho. awesome!!

  2. I love how you've managed to pull off mixing up the colour schemes a bit. It's worked out really well. You're going great guns on pumping them out!

  3. This is going so well. Very stained glass glow of colours.

  4. yum yum yum – but seaming what seaming – perhaps starting now might make it less painful although playing with the layout is such a treat

  5. I actually like the blue tint :). They certainly are pretty – you're urging me on again to get my fingers around crochet!

  6. Wow – look at them all – great work!

  7. mem

    Beautiful colours. You actually inspired me to order my own lot of Regia – it's on its way. Yippeee!! I'm on a crocheting roll too at the moment.

  8. I'm not hugely familiar with the structure of the babette, except to say I can see there's a lot of squares of different sizes – but can you start seaming as you go, or would that be more of a hassle?I'm doing a hexagon crochet blanket and joining them up as I go. It's fiddly, and to be honest, I'm not even sure it's quicker, but at least I can carry it around on my lap and see it getting bigger. Your babette is babeetifull! I was pawing that yarn in the shop today telling them all about you and Helen's new project.

  9. I just finished my 5th ball this morning. I'm really interested to see how you approach the seaming. I'm a total crochet novice and I've never done anythign like this before. I was hoping for some technique that might involve single crocheting them together. I was deliberating adding an extra 'log' to the log cabin design of the blanket. I didn't read the dimensions before starting and it is much smaller than I expected. Which probably accounts for why I have such a ridiculous amount of wool leftover – I may have to make matching cushion covers… and socks… and goves.. and a scarf.. and… and

  10. I love the look of your big and little squares of crocheted happiness!!! It's great when an idea really works so well.

  11. I hadn't thought of all the seaming until you mentioned it. I wonder if you couldn't seam it as you go along? Or would that be too much of a pain. I don't really mind seaming but it's definitely not my favorite thing. The colors look wonderful. It's going to be a beautiful blanket.

  12. It makes me think of Monet's waterlilies.

  13. Do you have to block each individual block, or do you put it together, then block.

  14. del

    Your hook is just on fire! You'll be done in no time.

  15. I'm really liking your colors – it looks fantastic!

  16. sweeeeet! the colours look so fantastic togethe, you clever thing!no two ways about it, seaming will be a be-atch, but it'll be worth it, keep telling yourself. Can you seam them into larger squares, then seam all the larger squares together? Don't know much about crochet, so that might be silly?

  17. wow, wow, wow! that does look great. love the colors. it's so pretty you won't mind the seaming.

  18. lucky Teddy B! Looking great… inspired me to go back to crochetting – which I love! Maybe we will have to have a crochet session seeing as I am now childless for 2 days after 6 years – strange feeling…

  19. Wow, you are steaming along with that. I agree you chose the best colours!

  20. Looking good (and we won't mention the seaming! LOL)

  21. Ann

    Love the colors! I won't be able to part with it as it's so gorgeous.

  22. It really does look stunning!!

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