Keeping Track – January 2010

Yes, despite my abject failure in actually reducing the stash last year (not that that was my intention, but it would have been nice!), I will continue to keep track of my stash acquisitions and reductions this year. I think maybe this year will be my year!

Not that I’ve made a good start…

1 kilo of unidentified red 4ply/fingering yarn from the Australian Country Spinners mill at Wangaratta, courtesy of MissFee! (I think it’s Cleckheaton Merino Bambino)

AND 350g of red and purple 4ply/fingering from the same source – this I think is Patonyle! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Plus of course the 500g of Regia Kaffe Fassett for my Babette, which I’ve told you about already.

And this little beauty from my Yarntini sock club:

Midnight Snow Stripe. Just lovely! If I can bear it, I think I’ll make socks for husby in this one. Or maybe I’ll just keep them for myself…

In discussing my prospective total for the month at SnB last week, Lyn suggested I could just do a monthly average as I progress through the year. I do like that idea. Although it doesn’t help me much for the first month…heh!

In: 39 x 50g balls
Out: 8 x 50g balls

YTD: +31 x 50g balls. And that would also be my monthly average. Sigh…


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14 responses to “Keeping Track – January 2010

  1. Not off to a fabulous start are you! Unless of course you don't think about totals, but instead about the glorious colours…..

  2. you should blame me it is ALL MY FAULT – I made you buy iti am the enabler!!!

  3. DrK

    see, i dont think these count. first, you cant help it if someone goes to That Mill and brings you back stuff. and seriously, it wasnt that expensive right? and anyway, its merino BAMBINO. im thinking baby wool doesnt count this year either. and the yarntini, well thats a yarn club, and you signed up AGES ago, as in last year, so it doesnt count either. so really, youre doing super well this year!! yay for you!

  4. I've given up on the counting – I couldn't be bothered with my end of year and I'm still cross that I missed out on the bargain packs from Kemps that Mooncalf got – all because I was trying to use more than I bought! As these great packs show sometimes there are opportunities too good to miss!

  5. yes I agree with sarah – why count? it will only make you feel bad!

  6. I don't count either, as long as it's green I don't care!! Your red acquisitions are lovely!!!

  7. I'm with DrK on this one… it doesn't seem like any of this is your fault… So I think you're off to a great start!

  8. Well, my January was not so good either, but I have been de-stashing a bit and intend more – and I have declared February to be Yarnadan, where I contemplate wat I have, rather than adding to it…Good on you for the stash honesty…

  9. oh that Yarntini sock yarn!!!!

  10. Getting really beautiful sock yarn always puts me in such a dilema. Should I use it for someone I love or Keep It For Myself. I tend to give away some really pretty socks but I'm gettin better with the keeping it part.Dr. K has an excuse for all of your purchases for January. She is a wise woman!

  11. Nice yarn, don't worry about it, the guilt would be too much for me if I really knew how much yarn I had!

  12. As I've slowly become more of a yarn snob, stashing has become harder and harder to resist! What's going on with that!?

  13. I think you deserve some kind of bonus points for denying yourself opportunities to increase your stash… I mean, I offered to buy you something at the Pear Tree sale – and you said No! DE points – Denying Enablement ? 🙂 nandi

  14. I'm with DrK. Surrogate stash enhancement does not count! And surely in your condition you're nesting?

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