Cook from a Book challenge #3

This week’s offering is brought to you courtesy of my glucose tolerance test and Nigella Lawson.

Pasta with Ham, Peas and Cream! Yum!

I had to do another glucose tolerance test this week (testing for gestational diabetes), requiring me to have a high-carb diet for 3 days beforehand. I’m not entirely sure my usual diet isn’t high carb anyway, but it was certainly no hardship to eat lots of pasta, potatoes and bread!

This is ridiculously easy to make. Boil up your pasta, add the peas half-way through, drain and set aside. Warm the cream, ham (mmmm, leftover Christmas ham that I’d frozen) and some parmesan, then mix pasta through. So easy! The recipe is from Nigella’s Feast, another lovely Christmas gift (thanks Bells!). It’s actually from the “Kiddiefeast” chapter. So there you go, good for kids and adults alike! Interestingly, the recipe says it serves 2-3 children. Well, we’ve already had 3 meals from the amount made by the recipe, and there’s enough for another meal too.
I will definitely make this again, not least to use the rest of the fun bowtie pasta!


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17 responses to “Cook from a Book challenge #3

  1. I must look that one up – peas cooked in with the pasta? Honestly Nigella does some odd things sometimes but it sounds delish!

  2. Oh yum, bread and pasta and peas!! I love peas and pasta: peas, ricotta, a little cream, Parmesan… Now that's what I want to eat right now.Hope the tests went well, and the numbers were good.

  3. Imagine being REQUIRED to eat a high-carb diet – what bliss. I also like pasta with sliced mushrooms sauteed a little bit, mixed with chopped ham and quite a bit of parsley (you could add cream if you weren't weight watching)and then scattered with parmesan. Yum.

  4. Mmmmmm, yummy. Give me that good old glucose test over that yucky pasta dish any day…. đŸ˜‰

  5. Oh yum and sounds easy 'peas'y (sorry ;o)

  6. mem

    I've made this one – well, my other half has – and it's VERY yummy. And I remember the gestational diabetes thing too – not much fun, 'cos my only craving was for apple juice and that was DEFINITELY off the menu! Best of luck with it all.

  7. That sounds really good. We save our leftover ham for omlettes. I cut it up and freeze it and there it is. I'm going to pull some out and try this (even though I am not a fan of peas).

  8. amy

    That does look good! Y'all have different glucose tolerance test procedures! For my first I had to drink some awful concoction that probably had more sugar than I consumed in a week. Made me feel horrible, and I refused to do it the next two times–I pushed really hard for alternatives. But none of the offered alternatives involved eating pasta for three days!! Lucky you.

  9. Have I mentioned that I love your china? Hope the test results are good. All good wishes for a healthy, happy baby!

  10. I love that recipe, it works with bacon, too!

  11. jp

    Sounds totally delish.

  12. Sounds delicious (though I might skip the peas). I absolutely love cream sauces with my pasta (no good for my weight or cholesterol levels) and good ones are hard to find (even in pseudo-Italian restaurants).

  13. Its also very nice as a cold pasta salad. And what's with people and surprise of mixing peas and pasta? It is a really nice combo…

  14. Ann

    Looks yummy. I love pasta with cream sauce & so does the whole family but I tried not to cook it too often. If I do cook pasta, I just have tomato sauce. I can't afford the extra calories.

  15. Oooh! Lovely cooking inspiration, thank you!

  16. Ooh, it looks lovely! We often add peas to our pasta dishes – maybe that's an English thing??

  17. I love the one that uses similar ingredients but the eggs are tossed in with the hot pasta and the rest is then added!

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