We say Zed and not Zee, too

One of my favourite moments of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony – “we say zed and not zee”. Heh, loved it! Also lovely kd lang, the breaking up of the ice and the whales swimming across the floor, the First Nations people dancing during the entry of the athletes (there’s no way I could have danced for that long non-stop!!) and of course, spotting the knit (and crochet) wear on the athletes! Sadly not the Australians though.

So this is my day 1 progress on my Ravelympics project, the blurp cloth:

I figured I needed an easy project because I’d be distracted by the opening ceremony! Am about 1/3 done. At this rate, I might get 2 or even 3 of these done in the next 2 weeks! But today, I’m going to pull out the shawl, and work on that – it’s my real challenge.


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14 responses to “We say Zed and not Zee, too

  1. zed not zee was a great moment. I remember getting confused by Sesame Street as a kid, not knowing if zed or zee what was I should say! Burp cloth is looking great! Red, of course.Oh and KD Lang was the great highlight. Magical woman, magical song.

  2. That red cloth looks lovely. Simple and lovely. I read on a pattern the other day someone saying that the British add an 'l' into the word travelling. I wanted to email and say 'No!! You USA people take one away!!' Same as we write the date 14/2/10 which is logical: day/month/year. Another woman thought we were amusingly twee for not doing it the American way. Pshaw to them I say!!!

  3. A rose red burp cloth – how very appropriate. And oh how very useful!

  4. I love kd lang. She is so talented and yet so modest. That burp cloth will look much too pretty to use.

  5. There certainly were some great moments in the opening ceremony. Congratulations to Aussies David Atkins and Ignatius Jones.

  6. winning color and knitting!i thought that was a beautiful song that k.d. lang sang as well.

  7. I missed the opening ceremony – not too sure what I was doing but I may have been shovelling mud in the rain. I'm a later starter on day 2 though – about to blog the finish of my first event!Love the red blurp cloth!

  8. DrK

    i havent seen a single second of the 'lympics yet, must rectify that. this baby is going to be so well accessorised! gorgeous cloth.

  9. Ann

    The opening ceremony sounds exciting but I did not manage to sit down & watch it. Had to do music practise runs.

  10. kim

    What? There are Olympics going on? 😉 Love the red!

  11. The red looks so pretty – and the stitches, so perfect. Are you really gonna let Teddy urp all over it? The kids and I have been spellbound by the mogul events, cheering on the Aussie that isn't, and me thanking heavens no one in this family will ever be skiing that fast!

  12. Happy Knitting Olympics to you

  13. That looks great knitting. We didn't get to see the opening ceremony but are loving the events!

  14. yeah loved the zed not zee – but where are the ravelympics progress shots ?

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