Aw shucks

Today I gave a tutorial on crochet cables at my crochet guild meeting – not that I’m an expert, but since I have been working on my Solas Caomh I guess I have the most recent (or only?) experience with them amongst the group.

I did up a couple of small samples, a left crossing cable:

and a right crossing cable:

and wrote up the pattern and some notes for everyone.

I think it went ok. I hope so anyway! And I received a lovely thank you gift:
Teddy’s first knitted hat! (I am slightly embarrassed not to have made one for him myself … but now he has one!). All the ladies at guild are very excited, as this is “their” first baby too! It’s very sweet!


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16 responses to “Aw shucks

  1. Wait … wait … you have a CROCHET guild? I am so jealous, and I'm moving closer!!The cables look so pretty. I love them. I'm itching to get my own crochety cabley action started soon!

  2. Gorgeous cables. They look so clever. I vow to learn.Lovely cute hat. Can't believe you haven't made one before now.

  3. delightful helmet! And aren't you the clever girl with those crochet cables! Very, very nice!

  4. DrK

    oh thats so lovely! im so glad your tutorials went well. what lovely ladies!

  5. I am in awe of your crochet cables!! The ladies (and men??) are so kind and that's a cute hat!!!

  6. Congratulations on a job well done (the samples look fabulous). Also, a lovely gift indeed.

  7. Oh, that is so sweet – I can't wait to see him wearing it!

  8. Crikey crochet cables – didn't even know that was possible! Nice to catch up with what you've been up to and looking forward to the big reveal!

  9. I love the crochet cables. It amazes me how nice they look. It's not a technique I associated with crochet.

  10. I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that you baby is going to be SWAMPED in handknits… which is only as it should be!

  11. now that's a true baby bonnet – gorgeous!and love the traditional J&J's soap. have you tucked it amongst his clothes in the drawers yet, to make them smell powder-y sweet? it's divine!

  12. Well done, they are certainly lovely cables so they were lucky to have you teach. Isn't the present so cute!

  13. Aren't you clever – and weren't you good for Yarnadan – unlike certain other non-bloggers who failed miserably…..

  14. Ann

    The cables look so good & I can't tell they are crochet. I must learn to do that. Love the little hat too.

  15. I never knew you could crochet a cable. You clever!

  16. mildawg

    Gorgeous cables! Very sweet hat, too 🙂

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