Long time in the making

I don’t think I’ve shown this project since I first mentioned it last October. It was a project that really was a long time in the making – as I’d planned to make since I first got the pattern about 4 or 5 years ago, including buying the called for yarn for a fairly large amount of money from eBay and stashing it until the time came where I could actually make this project.

And for something so small, I still took my time in actually making it, but I am very happy with it, and very excited that I shall soon be able to put it on the little fella (6 weeks to go – OMG!!)

Pattern: Classic Matinee Jacket by Erika Knight from her book Baby Bloom (or Knitting for Two as it is called in the US). A lovely old-fashioned (no, classic!) pattern, with option for a shawl collar or stand up collar. The sleeves are knit flat and the body is knit all in one piece, which is nice for minimising finishing – except that for some reason the moss stitch button band is knit separately (for the yoke portion only) and then seamed on. I think, despite my best efforts, I made one band slightly longer than the other, but really, I don’t care a bit!

Yarn: Jaegar Cashmina, sadly discontinued. A most lush 80/20 blend of cashmere and extra fine merino. 4 x 25g balls in shade 043 (sky), a beautiful blue/grey.

Sticks: 3mm and 3.25mm KnitPicks Harmony Options – thank goodness we can buy the smaller tips here now, makes it so much easier when you only have to carry around the spare tips instead of a whole new set of needles.

Time: 9 October 2009 – 12 March 2010. I even have the buttons sewn on (yes! these are not stunt buttons!)

Modifications: None – except to do a 3 needle bind off for the shoulders, rather than cast off and seam – although if I were to make this again, I think I would also just continue to knit the moss stitch button band at the same time as the rest of the yoke, instead of doing it separately – even less finishing required then, and you know the band will be the correct length!
I love the simplicity of moss stitch with stocking stitch, the softness and the fullness of this pattern. A most satisfying and meaningful knit for me in so many ways.


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24 responses to “Long time in the making

  1. this looks absolutely gorgeous … and now I've heard my aunt is to become a grandmother for the first time i'm casting around for projects for the little one and roughly six months to get it finished. this jacket looks beautifully simple and i especially like the moss stitch … it always add a little jing

  2. You know, I've got a little lump at the back of my throat now… That is just so lovely, and I'm so excited for you – only 6 weeks left! Are you ready? Beautiful jacket and what an amazing colour.

  3. sue

    It is gorgeous and it looks so soft too. I cant wait to see how it looks on your little fella in 6 weeks.

  4. That's a real classic beauty! 6 weeks – Heavens that's gone fast (for me, anyway; maybe not so fast for you).

  5. What a colour – muted and lovely! Baby matinee jackets are very special, I love the moss stitchy ones the most.Great work.

  6. it's beautiful. I've actually been looking at vintage style patterns for you because I know you appreciate them. Not everyone would. I once gave a vintage piece as a gift and felt it was not appreciated. You've made something really lovely and to be treasured.

  7. Jan

    That's lovely. I love the moss stitch too. At the risk of repeating what other commenters have said, I'll say "six weeks?" Whatever happened to all those other weeks. Time's flown.The design is beautiful too and will look great on Teddy. Very simple so everyone can admire his good looks."Fummisuv." what sort of a word is that? LOL. Verification word needed for commenting.

  8. That is so, so beautiful and I honestly can't believe that you have 6 weeks to go! So soon! So exciting!

  9. I love it. I love the little flarey bits where it's gathered in with a little 'tuck'… they look a bit… uneven, though, the right and left sides… not that it matters 😉 A tiny bit of baby vomit and a pair of trendy little baby jeans and it will be perfecto!

  10. Lovely!Perhaps the moss stitch band is knitted separately because it knits at a different gauge to stocking stitch. Just a thought!

  11. Thats a beautiful knit. I saw a lovely new book out about vintage style baby knits somewhere, I must find the link for you.http://leafgreenknits.wordpress.com/

  12. Aw. I have a lump at the back of my throat, too, now. It's beautiful. I can't believe there's only six weeks to go!

  13. Bravo! It's a beautiful and classic piece. Much joy to Mommy and baby!

  14. I love moss stitch for bands, I don't know why.That looks so nice and soft.

  15. I'm so excited for you that your long wait to become a Mama is soon to be over – wee Ted is going to look very dashing in this beautiful piece. I'm glad you love it as much as you thought you would. Also lovely story about your Mum and her shawl :o)

  16. DrK

    it is just so gorgeous and so perfect, i cant wait to see it on him! in ONLY six weeks! egads!!

  17. Six weeks oh my fracking god!

  18. Six weeks! Wow, time flies when you're not the one carrying around an extra person!What a beautiful vintage knit!Eat out as much as you can, while you can.:)

  19. That yarn looks lovely and in such a beautiful dove-grey. Lovely work for a lovely tiny person 🙂

  20. It's so beautifully old fashioned. It looks soft and comfy. What a satisfying knit.

  21. It is perfect, I love its olde worlde-iness. I think it is the simplicity and the calmness of the colour.

  22. Ann

    Looks gorgeous & I love the look of the moss stitch!

  23. this is just gorgeous and the pattern and yarn are delicious – what a wonderful way to start life in handmade soft clothes!!!!!

  24. kim

    This is such a beautiful jacket. I find that the simplest patterns are often the most pleasing. Lovely.

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