Cook from a Book challenge #4

Yes, almost the end of March and this is only #4 … I knew I should have made it a monthly challenge rather than weekly!! And I must confess, I only completed this one out of necessity – I couldn’t find the recipe I wanted (an old favourite), so had to resort to the books!

Thank goodness for The Cook’s Companion. Stephanie Alexander has come to my rescue yet again!

This is the quick apple cake:

I had a friend coming over for afternoon tea, and I do believe you can never go wrong with an apple recipe! But I couldn’t find my apple tea cake recipe (from my Year 9 Home Science recipe book – I couldn’t find the whole book, which makes me sad!!). I thought Stephanie would be my best bet and she didn’t let me down. A really nice, easy to make cake, goes delightfully with a dollop of cream and a pot of tea.

(Sadly though, I had to throw out the leftovers yesterday, due to ants! Darn ants got into the cake! I shouldn’t have left it out on the bench – although it was covered nice and tight with glad wrap – darn little ants! They should be made to wear steel capped boots so we can hear them getting into things!)


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16 responses to “Cook from a Book challenge #4

  1. ants with steel capped boots! Brilliant! Fresh apple or tinned? I've never cooked any apple recipes from Stephanie – I'm going to now though! Just as soon as I get a tin like that.Just think when the baby starts eating solids you'll be able to cook from new baby cook books! George passed on to Fee with lots of fun puree combinations that Alice has been loving!

  2. mmmm apple cake, it never fails does it, and everything stephanie does is fabulous. hope you had a lovely afternoon tea, shame about the pesky little ants tho.

  3. Oh, no! They got your cake?! That is terrible! You almost can't blame them, though… it looks so good!

  4. We get ants too, and it drives me nuts! They find the most bizarre stuff to get into, too!The cake looks so lovely! I'm licking my lips right now, thinking about how nice it must have tasted!

  5. Oh afternoon tea with fresh apple cake – lovely!

  6. Oh I must cook an apple cake too. You ahve inspired me, I just had a nice crispy apple for supper, well The Labradors had some too. Darn ants: now I am humming dead ants dead ants dead ants dead ants dead ants dead ants dead aaaants etc to The Pink Panther music.

  7. Ants in tiny tap shoes? Heehee. What goes tictictictictictic? An ant in tap shoes stepping forward. Bummer about the cake though. It looks deelish!

  8. Apple cake was the one thing I could count on because I could never make good frosting when I was a new cook. I love a good apple cake.Damn ants.

  9. What a coincidence, a friend made some apple cake for me yesterday, too. I saved mine in a plastic container so I hope I won't have any ants. It was really yummy!

  10. No wonder the ants marched on in there, it looks delicious!

  11. "The ants go marching in steel-capped boots, hurrah, hurrahThe ants go marching in steel-capped boots, hurrah, hurrahThe ants go marching to Rose RedRose Red hears and knocks 'em deadAnd the cake gets eaten for afternoon tea!"Looks delicious!

  12. Oh no, not ants!! That is so disappointing for you especially after finding a new recipe that actually works.

  13. When the ants come out, we know it's spring! (Darn little ants!)

  14. mildawg

    Yummm! Now I'm hungry for some apple-themed desserts 🙂

  15. The apples are fantastic this year… Do you think that you might be around for a daytime knit next week – maybe on Tuesday?

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