Well, I am really Loving Myself Sick right now!

Yes, I’m pretty happy with myself today!


Because of this:

Yes! Babette is done! After just over a week solid of seaming, and a couple of days to crochet 3 rows around the entire edge, she is done! And I am Loving Myself Sick!

Pattern: Babette Blanket, by Kathy Merrick, from Interweave Crochet, Spring 2006 or from Interweave’s web store. A modern take on the traditional granny square crochet blanket, this pattern is quite a hit with the crocheters. Done in 17 colours of 4ply/fingerweight yarn (Koigu, no less!), it really is lovely. Helped quite a bit by the fetching photography and beautiful girl “modelling” the blanket! But I must say, the use of so many different colours means just one thing: SO MANY ENDS! That put me off making this pattern for such a long time.

And then an inspired idea from a very smart blogger, combined with an amazing sale on Regia Kaffe Fassett yarns in the UK, meant the door opened for me to make this. Thanks so much Mooncalf and Kemps!

The pattern itself is made up of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 row squares – if you use 17 colours, it tells you exactly which colours to use for which squares, but for me, using the self-striping KF yarn, in 3 colours, meant I just had to ensure I shared the colours around the differently sized squares.

Once the squares are done, the blanket is constructed in 10 strips, just like a log cabin quilt. I laid all the strips out on the bed and photographed each, then bagged the squares for that strip – it made it a lot easier to ensure that the different colours were spread around the blanket reasonably evenly! As I was seaming the strips, I felt just like a quilter hand-piecing a patchwork quilt (or at least, how I imagined one would feel). It was a joy watching each strip come together and the colour sing!

I blocked each strip once they were sewn together, then sat down to seam strip by strip.

Yarn: Regia Kaffe Fasset Design Line 4ply sock yarn, 3 x 4251 (Landscape Storm), 3 x 4253 (Landscape Fog) and 4 x 4261 (Landscape Caribbean) for the blanket, plus 0.4 x 4253 for the edging (1 row) and 1 x 50g ball of Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4ply in col 650 for the other 2 rows of edging plus for seaming (yarn from stash). I thought a plain colour sandwiching one of the striped yarns would work nicely for the border. I also used it for seaming all the squares – I figured no yarn would match perfectly, so I picked the best one from stash.

I picked those 3 KF yarns because they all seemed to co-ordinate nicely – they had common colours in each, but also complementary colours. That KF, he really knows his colours! I just wish I could capture the depth and variation accurately in my photos – it looks so much better in real life!

Hook: 3.5mm bamboo hook for all squares and two rows of edging, 3mm bamboo hook for last edging row. I think my hooks might be a bit small, but I’m still happy with the drape of the squares.
Time: 20 December 2009 – 29 March 2010. Making all the squares was so enjoyable, and even seaming this project (SO MUCH SEAMING!) was something I actually enjoyed for a change!

Modifications: I added an extra strip along the bottom of the blanket – because of the hook size issue, I thought the blanket might be a bit small without it, as I plan on using it as a cot blanket for Teddy. And I’m really glad I did, because I would have been right! As it is, it is 1m (36″) wide, and just over a metre long.

Now I (or more correctly, husby) just need to put the cot together so Teddy will have somewhere to sleep!


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42 responses to “Well, I am really Loving Myself Sick right now!

  1. it is beyond words, it is so stunningly beautiful, ive never seen anything like it. so much work, but oh so worth it, you clever crocheter. almost makes me want to learn! great job, and teddy will love it i have no doubt.

  2. your efforts have paid off amazingly. So much work – down to photographing each strip! Stuff I just wouldn't have thought of and so I am very glad you're ahead of me on this one. I'll be following your stunning lead. A work of art. I'll look forward to visiting the little guy is here and seeing it in the cot. You'll be able to admire both him and the blanket as two things to be very proud of! Well done!

  3. Oh wow – it looks amazing!I've been sitting on a box of completed squares for weeks now but have no idea how to do the seaming. Did you use a particular technique?You're filled me with a renewed enthusiasm to get on with mine and see it finished. I just hope it looks as good as yours!

  4. Awe-inspiring. And quite, quite beautiful. This will be an heirloom piece. Well done. I hope the craftsmanship in the cot will match the skill and beauty of the covering!nandi

  5. Rose Red, it's truly beautiful!Worth every single minute you've spent on it.Congratulations!

  6. Wowie-wow wow! And a little more wow.

  7. How perfect! I love your decision to use the KF yarn with the Babette – and all the work paid off beautifully. It's gorgeous!

  8. Brilliant! That's all I have to say really.

  9. That is a mammoth effort, and how wonderful it looks. I had no idea how it was assembled, it sounds easier than I imagined!! It was an inspired idea, using the KF!!I have just two words for you: It is gorgeous!!

  10. Fantastic!And how many people block their stuff on their kids' alphabet squares!? lol!

  11. That totally rocks! So unique and beautiful! Worth all the work?

  12. I really love the way yours turned out. I have to say I haven't loved the other variations of this that I've seen but yours… stunning!

  13. del

    Wow! It looks like so much work but it sounds like you enjoyed every minute of it so bravo! It's gorgeous.

  14. You have some amazing patience.

  15. kim

    That is absolutely amazing. I would never have had the stamina for such an endeavor. It's beautiful!!!

  16. amy

    Wow. I can't fathom all that work, but it's gorgeous!!Eh, three kids and we've never even bought a crib, nevermind put one together. 🙂

  17. mildawg

    Congratulations! It's a ravishing project.

  18. Good gracious but that's amazing. Well done, you!

  19. Oh wow! That is something to be so proud of, it is gorgeous! You must show us baby room pictures with it all in place!http://leafgreenknits.wordpress.com/

  20. It's beautiful. The colors blend so well and how clever to avoid all those ends (inKoigu no less)

  21. OMG. This is stunning, absolutely beautiful. You should be so happy & proud of yourself. I mights have to fight Teddy for it!You are a star!

  22. That's amazing. And people say some of the little stuff I do takes patience! I don't think I could muster it for that much seaming.Verification word is squeeness! Hah!

  23. Oh my. That is a work of art. Well done!

  24. I've been waiting to see this finished and it is truly stunning isn't it?

  25. I'm so impressed by the systematic way you've done this – choosing the toning self-colour-changing yarns, assembling the strips, bagging them, blocking them – admirable planning. And, of course, the outcome is a delight. I hope it becomes an heirloom.

  26. spectacular! I love the way you did the border with the plain colour and striped in between. You have every right to just carry on loving yourself sick for this one!

  27. Lovely. I like the way some edges stand out and some meld into the next. It makes it so much more interesting.I really thought it was bigger than 1m x 1m! It's amazing how photography can sometimes be deceiving!One day I'll finish the woollen blanket I'm knitting for GS#1 – luckily, I've already given him two cotton blankets.

  28. It's so pretty it almost makes me want to start one.Almost.;)

  29. SOoooooooooooooooo beautiful! You have done so much work on it! Can't wait to see the wee one wrapped up in it 😉

  30. I would be chuffed too, such a lot of work and it has turned out so well. All of your efforts have been well worth it and will be used in many ways by Teddy for many years to come. It is a perfect size for so many uses.

  31. WOW! That is every kind of wonderful – I would be loving myself sick too 🙂

  32. Love the colours & you have the patience of a saint! GORGEOUS!!

  33. Ann

    It's a masterpiece & you deserve an award for seaming. I love the colors.

  34. mem

    Gasp! That is sooooo beautiful.

  35. There aren't that many baby blankets that are works of art — but this one certainly is! How wonderful to have something so beautiful to use everyday with your precious little one!

  36. umm….stunning! destined to be a cherished heirloom, and used everyday for years to come.I'M loving you sick right now, so no wonder you are too!

  37. Liz

    OMG it is beautiful x

  38. Just come over from Make Do And Mend.This is a work of art, very awe inspiring, can't imagine how much work went into this.Oh yeah, and I'm ridiculously jealous too.

  39. Beautiful! Congratulations! I love the colors you chose 🙂

  40. That really is stunning! I'm getting depressed that I only knit and don't crotchet…

  41. Oooh I am so loving this blanket what a great heirloom. I love the colours oh why oh why is that wool not on sale anymore as I would love to knit squares with it…..Off to checkout the sale wool at the site you used. Wish me luck.

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