Keeping Track – March 2010

I know long time readers will hardly believe this (I can hardly believe it myself!) – but I went a whole month (a WHOLE MONTH!) without buying any yarn. No new yarn for March! I think that’s a first for me in the whole time I’ve been keeping track.

And, combined with a visit from my mum and me giving her some 8ply/DK yarn for her charity square knitting, I have done really well on the out’s too!

In: no yarn! (no yarn at all!!)
Out: 16.5 x 50g balls
YTD: +10.5 x 50g balls (or on a monthly average, 3.5 x 50g balls a month! I can hardly believe it!)

Now because a post without photos is generally unexciting and uninspiring, I wanted to share with you a lovely package I received in the mail this week (not yarn, no sir!):

What could be in it?

A gorgeous blanket for Teddy, and a Peter Rabbit with a bell inside (such a good size for little hands!) and two knitting magazines for me to read while sitting with my feet up! All courtesy of the lovely Linda – you can see a much better photo of the blanket on her blog. Thanks so much Linda, I love it all!!


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16 responses to “Keeping Track – March 2010

  1. No yarn?! For a whole month?! You are obviously feverish! (Not that you dont have enough to be getting on with….) And what a gorgeous present, so many beautiful things! Knitters are the best people!

  2. Wonders will never cease!!! I am sure you can make up for it next month, well this month!! Lovely gifts!!!

  3. Gosh, no yarn? I think that you had better get some quick!!!

  4. I am so impressed! No yarn! That's amazing. It's only the second day of April and already too late for me to try for a yarn-free month….

  5. Lovely blanket, had already seen it on Linda's blog. So nice to be getting pressies for the little one.

  6. Hello…? Who are you, and what have you done with my yarn purchasing friend, Rose Red? Love the blankie! I (think) I have that pattern in my queue, too – it's so cute!

  7. Congratulations on your non-accumulation! LOLLovely present; well done Linda.

  8. del

    How sweet and lovely! I hope you do put your feet up and enjoy.

  9. Are the yarn stores in your area going to survive this downturn? You know people in the wool industry are depending on you, don't you? ;-)Gorgeoous gift! Knitters ARE the best people!

  10. This isn't an April Fool, is it now?And look at the cute Peter Rabbit! He's darling!

  11. No yarn… You know, I keep trying to look that phrase up in the Official Knitter-Speak Dictionary, but I just can't find it!

  12. aw, what a sweet and thoughtful gift :)and seriously? NO yarn? well, wonders will never cease 😉

  13. mildawg

    Congratulations! Now go reward yourself with a yarn purchase 😉

  14. I sorta did it too – I went from Feb 22 to March 22 without buying any – and then fell fell fell – but there were sock club parcels to console me…I can see why you are loving yourself sick ove rhte Babette – it looks so fabulous!

  15. Good grief. The world must be coming to an end!! No yarn in??? I am, as Caroline Bingley would say, all astonishment!!Beautiful blanky. I saw Linda post it but didn't know it was for you!

  16. seriously jealous but you deserve 'em

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