Cook from a Book challenge #5

Or, more correctly for this post, Cook from Cindy2Paw’s Blog!

Today I made these:

Red Velvet Cupcakes!

I decided I was going to give these a go as soon as I saw them on Cindy’s blog, and since I was having visitors with a bunch of kids today, the perfect opportunity arose! Or at least, I thought it was perfect but on reflection, making cupcakes with red food colouring and a cream cheese icing – for kids – was perhaps not as perfect as I originally thought…oh well, some of the kids loved them, some had to scrape the icing off and some weren’t that keen.

But I managed to polish off 3 of them in quick(ish) succession.

They were delicious! Although I couldn’t get the icing as thick as I think it probably should be (and I only made half as much as the recipe specified, which was still plenty). I would definitely make these again! Red cupcakes! Red! Chocolate! Cream Cheese icing! What’s not to love! Thanks Cindy for the inspiration and the recipe!


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10 responses to “Cook from a Book challenge #5

  1. Hurray!! I am so glad you liked them. I put the icing in the fridge and that seemed to solidify it a bit. They look very yummy!!!

  2. They look yummy. I love cream cheese icing; especially on carrot cake!

  3. You only ate three? I think that shows excellent self control!

  4. Luckily my mom sent us home with cake, so I don't need to be too jealous – they look yummy!

  5. del

    I've never done the cupcakes but we LOVE the cake around here. I'm sure yours were delicious!

  6. yummo! they look great, and its lucky the kids didnt go for them that much cos thats more for YOU! i hope to be eating some of these myself soon!

  7. mildawg

    Yum! I've been seeing pictures of these everywhere, and craving some of my own.

  8. Ooh they look yum – glad to see something that reassures me this is still your blog – am still faint from the keeping track post. No new yarn for a month!

  9. I was going to say what Caffeine Girl did! Just three? They look yummy!

  10. oh i would have made these for kids too – but won't now! thanks for the tip. I've been itching to make them!

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