Some more goodgoodies

In addition to the gift spoilage reported last time, there was also a lot of Good Things to Eat – including these most excellent Teddy biscuits, made by the clever Bells:

And this most excellent Little Ted cake, made by the cake-maker extraordinaire, MissFee:

(I still have the head…I can’t bring myself to eat Teddy head!)

I also wanted to show this gift, which was given to me by the ladies of my crochet meeting (part of the Knitters Guild). It was made by a member of the Guild, who I understand is quite elderly and whose eyesight is not what it used to be.
If I can still knit this well when I am older and more blind than I already am, I shall be a very happy knitter indeed. It really left me speechless, it is such a treasure!
A 2ply laceweight shetland style shawl which is almost big enough to cover the top of a queen size bed. It’s just amazing! And with my favourite fircone lace in the centre.

Really, words can’t do it justice. I am so very lucky.


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22 responses to “Some more goodgoodies

  1. it really is the most amazing gift, and a stunning piece of work. it has totally inspired me in my desire to make a square shetland. and all the best people love the fir cone pattern! the food was great wasnt it? so many lovely things.

  2. You know what you should do with it? Wrap him in it for coming home. Every baby needs a coming home outfit.Oh I think I might cry.

  3. that shawl is AMAZING and like Drk I am in awe and inspired and want to knit one too. It is my aim now to produce a shetland shawl to pass down in my family – of knitted friendseat the head eat the headI will always make you another one….

  4. Bells thinks she may cry, and I just did. What a stunning shawl.Your kiwi package is still in progress, but there will be more your you and Teddy.And you deserve it, and are worth it. Yay you!

  5. Oh my word, that knitting is just so beautiful, and I know it will be treasured!! Lovely Teddies!!!

  6. WOW. With something that stunning, I'm always too afraid to actually use it… but wow. That is incredible! Love the teddies, too; you know you're gonna have to name him that, right? At least in blogland.

  7. I have wanted to make a shetland shawl for a long time and have the pattern picked out and everything. I just haven't had the guts to start. That is so beautiful. I love the fir cone pattern. And I'm with bells, I'd wrap him up and bring him home in it. Things like that are meant to be used not put away for show. Use it with the love with which it was given.

  8. The shawl is completely amazing, how much work is in that…Wow! Lucky Teddy, it is sure to become an heirloom.

  9. The Teddy biscuits look awesome! If you start just with the ears, it might be easier to eat the head.That shawl is sooo gorgeous. Coming home blankie, maybe christening shawl (if you do that sort of thing) Christmas family photo? You could put it in the family photo every year. When he's too old to use it, you could drape it across your knees, over your shoulders, swag it behind you as a scrim, . . .

  10. Wow – that is AMAZING. Just, sigh, amazing. You lucky lucky duck being so spoilt. We shall catch up soonish me hopes….

  11. Oh my… oh my word.That is just astonishing.

  12. Wow, just wow. What an amazing present – such a work of art.

  13. mildawg

    The ted cake is impressive, and the shawl is just wow! Elderly people sure can knit!

  14. You can freeze teddy head and forever look at him ;DShetland shawl is amazing & beautiful a true treasure!

  15. That shawl is beautiful.Cute teddy food goodies.

  16. kim

    That is a truly special gift. One that I am sure will be cherished for years to come. Love the Teddy cake and cookies.

  17. lucky babe, to be wrapped in that gorgeous, delicate shawl. what a lovely, lovely gift

  18. W.O.W.That is just stunning. One day I hope to knit something like that.

  19. I am with Bells, I have tears! 🙂 Such beautiful work and such a thoughtful If you put the head in the freezer I promise to eat it when I am next in Sydney!! 😉

  20. del

    Good Lord, what a shawl! I'm just amazed. And I'm sure it's even more breathtaking in person!Sorry, but I like eating the heads of little dessert animals first.

  21. Ann

    The shawl is stunning & will be a treasure for a long time to come. I hope I can still knit when I am old.

  22. who's the most spoiled girl in the world then ?and who totally deserves every bit of it !

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