SHOESday: itty bitty

Bells’ post today (which you must check out if you haven’t already!) gave me an idea. Even if I am no longer buying new shoes (much…) I have some other new shoes I can show off:

Are these not the coolest little boy shoes ever!! (For my American friends, Dunlop Volleys are Australian made tennis shoes – since 1939 – that are so daggy that they are cool again. Although not as cool as Converse All-Stars) (I’m not sure if there is a UK equivalent?)

These were a gift from my second baby shower (now I really really feel spoilt saying that – as if one shower wasn’t enough, which it totally was!). Rather than bore you all with even more stuff, you can check out the rest of the loot here on flickr if you wish!

Although I will leave you with a picture of one other gift.

I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing that apparently this is an essential for new mothers!!!

I promise there will be actual knitting content coming up on this blog soon!


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25 responses to “SHOESday: itty bitty

  1. ooh yeah. Little baby volleys! that's what Alice has – in pink! So cool.Yep, be prepared for the cracking. I don't know anyone who hasn't suffered. There are things you can do to prepare for it, apparently.

  2. Sam

    ouch yeah, cracked nipples hurt! The lansinoh is also great for lanolising woollen soakers if you are going down the cloth nappy route too!

  3. Awwwww… little sneakers! I love the orange laces!

  4. Get out!! Dunlop volleys for kids! God I loved mine, white with blue strips. Almost like I love my converse today. What is it with retro sneakers? They are totally awesome. That other matter doesn't even bear thinking about right now.

  5. :)))) LOVE the shoes!! ~ & yes very cool, my 'M' currently owns a few & has done for the past few years.Bring on the Dunlops!As for the cream…Arrhhh! ;D

  6. Vitamin E oil is also good to use and won't hurt the baby so you don't have to wash your soon to be tender breasts more than necessary. I continue to use it on my hands because it works better than any skin cream I've found.The sneakers are soooooo cute. Why is something so endearing just because it's cute?

  7. Oh they are so cute!! Think of all the Shoesdays to come!!I had sand shoes of indeterminate heritage. When they got too red from the gravel tennis court we would paint them white and then cook them in a low oven to dry them quickly!!!

  8. Eeensy weensy ittle shoosies! Awwww!vitamin E oil is also good for stretch marks.

  9. amy

    Well, I won't lie, it's uncomfortable at first, but that part does pass relatively quickly. (I didn't have cracked or sore nipples at all with baby #2, because I'd only just weaned the first baby a few months prior! But it was back to a brief bit of soreness with the third baby.) Donna Lee is right, Vitamin E oil works great, HOWEVER, while it was recommended with my first birth, by the time I had my second, they'd decided it wasn't a good idea for the baby, and I believe it's not advised anymore.Is there a LLL group or bfeeding group near you? It's not a bad idea to visit before the baby comes, too. And I'm available via email if you have any questions at all. Lord knows I've dealt with most everything by now. 😉

  10. You know…? I was JUST thinking there hadn't been a shoesday in a while! This is a great addition because WHO doesn't love widdle baby choos? Theyr'e the BEST. And those are so cute! The perfect antidote to thinking about cracked nipples, in fact – Just keep lookin' at those shoes, and ignore the bad stuff!

  11. Lanisoh is good, but I preferred Bepanthen cream (also amazing for nappy rash).

  12. Ann

    Cute shoes. I am always admiring these little shoes when I go shopping & wish I could buy them.

  13. Jan

    Bepanthen was what was used in the hospitals when my three were babies. It's also good on nappy rash on baby bums.Those shoes are almost too cute to look at.

  14. love the shoes!if you have any issues breastfeeding remember the ABA has a 24 hr help line (even if you're not a member subscriber) on 1800 mum2mum (and let your partner know – if you're a bit stressed you may not think of it and they don't mind if partners call at 2am)

  15. Oh, so cute. Will have to source a pair for Grandson #1!

  16. Join your local Australian Breastfeeding Association group – more help than the Lansinoh will ever be!

  17. Love the shoes. I know nothing about the current fashions in creams for cracked nipples – but I can advise you on bread poultices for mastitis (I kid you not – I had an extremely old-fashioned 'natural remedies' doctor at that stage of my life)

  18. Don't you just love tiny shoes? Cute!Don't worry a scrap about lasinoh and all that it entails! lol. You never know; you might get one of those mythical Perfect Babies 😉

  19. Lots of ppl have already mentioned ABA – but if it hurts so much that you need cream – you need extra support to get it working :)If you've got time, go to one of the breastfeeding classes that the ABA runs, I found it really helpful, covers lots of stuff that the hospital classes gloss over.

  20. im thinking right about now, after some of these comments, you might want to just get through the actual labour first. or you might want to turn the clock back about eight and a half months and just say no!

  21. ROSE! How've ya' been? All's well I hope! Great to read your blog after a too long hiatus. I'll certainly check in regularly. Now––I SO want those shoes!! They're the best. I have a girlfriend with a new baby coming! And would you believe the new style here in the Bronx for young moms, is to have their baby's shoe as a keychain ornament!

  22. Someone gave me the 2 oz. (56 gram) tube of Lansinoh as a shower gift, but I never used it much after the lactation nurse showed me how to pull our son's lower lip down.I still have what's left of it (10 years later!) and I use it as a lip balm in the winter.

  23. Lansinoh = God's gift! A little bit goes a long way. You're being bombarded with breastfeeding advice here, so I'll just say this: Don't beat yourself up if you can't do it (one of mine dug his stubborn little heels in and refused the breast at 8 days old). Breastfeeding is great and wonderful IF IT WORKS FOR YOU. If it's not working, then get some food into the baby some other way, and move on.

  24. Oh baby shoes – love them so!

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