After what seems like an age, I finally have another pair of finished socks! Although not Personal Sock Club socks, I’m afraid. I have seriously dropped the ball on that idea!

Pattern: Generic stocking stitch toe up sock, using Judy’s Magic Cast on and Wendy’s toe up gusset heel flap instructions for the heel, and a sewn bind off (after earlier trying to be clever and failing with a tubular bind off – and you all know how that turned out!).

Yarn: Wendy Happy, a 75/25 bamboo/nylon sock yarn, in colour 2502 Gemini. I picked this up in Tasmania last year, to match these shoes:
Pretty happy with these!

Sticks: I knit these at a tighter gauge than usual, as I was a bit worried the bamboo might stretch – so 64 stitches on a 2.25mm KnitPicks 80cm circular (normally I’d do a 64 stitch sock on 2.5mm at least). And they fit great! Hope they’ll hold up with washing and wearing.

Time: Oh my…I just checked and I started these on 21 May last year!! I didn’t realise it was quite that long!! That’s what happens when you keep a project for commuting and rarely commute! I finished them on 10 April – so not quite a whole year…
One of these things is not quite like the other one!

I actually didn’t intend to make the stripes match between the socks, but as it turns out, with the exception of the toes, they did! Totally on accident! I did the sock with the orange toe first – and there was a knot in the first grey section – obviously, the first bit reversed the colours. But I can still hardly believe that the second sock matched the first so well. I’d never have achieved that if I’d actually tried!


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17 responses to “Socks!

  1. oh they're finally done, and they are magnificent! These colours suit you so well, and I think they'll be worth the wait. Yay for finished socks!

  2. I think DrK has summed it up pretty well. They will be socks with a little secret when worn with covered-toe shoes.haha verifying with 'culaz' cool as

  3. Gosh that colour-matching fairy is clever. Perfect stripe-matching and perfect for these shoes.

  4. they match where it counts! and how great are they with those shoes? (and how great are those shoes?!)oh, p.s. I finally got to the post office today, so don't worry – it hasn't got lost in the mail, I am just useless and slack at posting things! sorry!!

  5. love the socks – especially the stripeslove the shoesworth the wait I say perhaps instead of commuter knitting now you can have nap knitting and playground knitting

  6. i forgot you were doing these so my first thought on seeing the pictures (while I was in my meeting!!) was that it was a Kaffe Fasset colourway i didn't know about! They work perfectly with the shoes.

  7. The striping is amazing! As always, I'm very envious of your shoes! And the match is perfect.

  8. I Love Your Stripes Socks!!!! I am in awe of your accidental matching and I forgive you the different toes!! Out, out damned knot.

  9. Did you buy the shoes to go with the socks? They are perfect! Just Perfect! The striping rocks. You are destined to be almost symmetrical. And don't you love the feel of the bamboo?

  10. I have a pair of socks that has been otn for a year. But they're not commuting knitting, too many cables and twisted stitches. I tend to forget they're there. I love the stripes. I confess, I like my stripes to match so it's cool to me that you got them to match without trying.

  11. del

    Not only are they GREAT socks (I love how you didn't try and match them up and they did anyway), they go fantastic with those cute shoes!

  12. Great socks. Love the color combo.

  13. How nice that the non-matchy bit happened right at the toe! They are so perfectly matchy!

  14. They are very nice and no-one sees the toes in most shoes. They match your shoes very nicely.

  15. Love the stripes and the fact that they effectively matched is soooo good!

  16. What marvellous serendipity! Yay for your socks!

  17. Jen

    I'll be really interested to see how these wear – if they do stretch out at all. I have used the Aquarius colourway for weaving and really like it, but was concerned about a bamboo sock…let us know!!also, pretty 🙂

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