Ambitious, much?

So this was the knitting I took with me to hospital last week:

All carefully thought out projects – nice easy stocking stitch or garter stitch, none requiring much concentration – from the top – husby’s Retrofit cardi – one sleeve done, and plenty of yarn to start (and finish) the second sleeve; then at bottom right, a Baktus scarf, using the same yarn as my Happy socks; then bottom left Cascade Heritage sock yarn for simple stocking stitch socks.

And here’s my progress while in hospital:

Yes, the observant – or even the most unobservant – amongst you will notice that it is in fact the same photo! I did not knit a stitch in my 4.5 days/5 nights in hospital. I thought about it once or twice, and I had at least one project beside me within arm’s reach at all times, but I did none!

Yes, I probably was a bit ambitious. But I figured if I took none, I’d miss it.
Thanks so much to you all for the lovely comments (and emails and texts and gifts) on Connor’s arrival – it was so lovely to read all of them from hospital, many during the night feeds (thank goodness for netbooks and mobile internet access etc).

Coming home was surreal – same familiar environment but everything so different! But we’ve settled in very well so far. On the plus side, he is an excellent sleeper and feeder (so far…touch wood!) and on the down side, he is also an excellent explosive poo-er and wee fountain (although at least I know his internal systems are working!) (and I’ve also become a lot quicker at getting a cloth over his bits while I grab a new nappy!).

A couple more gifts which gave me a giggle, not because they are funny, they are just lovely – but the giggle came because not only:

are they the same lovely garment, but they were also made by knitting blog friends both named Kylie!! (DrK’s version on the left, KGirl’s on the right!) Great minds! And so thoughtfully made in different sizes too! Thanks Kylies!


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26 responses to “Ambitious, much?

  1. I'm surprised. I figured you wouldn't get a lot done, but not one bit? Amazing.Two very, very cute little vests. Great job by two great Kylies!

  2. I had this one skirt that my niece managed to do all bodily functions on over the course of a few months- she must of disliked that skirt!And beware the pee in the mouth!!!!!!!Yay for the two Kylie's great taste in knitting

  3. sue

    No wonder you didnt knit anything, you had a lovely son to look after! I never knit in hospital either when I had my son. The vests are both so nice, and how fantastic they are in different sizes!

  4. Not ambitious per se, just depends on the baby and the level of recovery needed for the Mum! They were good choices and will probably get some time in the next few weeks as things settle down and you all get used to each other. It is truly a big change going from two adults to adding a baby to the mix! The vests are beautiful, such a lucky baby to have such skilful "aunts"!

  5. That could be the start of your new knitting plan….not much knitting. Congratulations on the birth of Connor, he is so cute. Take it easy for a while.

  6. Congratulations on the arrival of wee Connor! I hope you are all having a wonderful time getting to know one another! – Meg (daysfull) xoxo

  7. I am not at all surprised by the not-knitting. You will probably not-knit for a bit. But I am so thankful you are still blogging – but hellooooo?! Baby pic? (Isn't that poop something, btw? That's why moms talk about poo all the time; everything else pales in comparison!)

  8. give it time, youll be back on the needles soon! and that is so funny that we kylies knitted the same vest! kgirls i suspect is actually the CORRECT size because like a good knitter, she probably did a tension square! its such a great pattern, i want to make lots of them! at least he will get lots of wear out of them!

  9. Best to be prepared 🙂 Love the little vests and so glad things are going well as you settle in at home

  10. I'm sure you'll figure out some way to knit and tend Connor!So glad to hear things are going well. It's such an exciting time — but also exhausting!Isn't it amazing how once they emerge, you can't believe the world existed without them?

  11. Your post brought back some sweet memories. I loved nursing in the middle of the night when just the two of us were awake.

  12. I worked with a young engineer who became father of a son, and of course, he was the only man in the history of the world to ever experience fatherhood. ("Did you know they still have a piece of the umbilical cord attached when they come home from the hospital? Isn't that just amazing?") The first time the kid peed in dad's ear I heard hydraullics and trajectories and flow ratios for three weeks.

  13. I call the knitting I take with me but don't work on my fiber security blanket. I know I feel better to have it there, even if I don't pick it up, than I would if I wanted it and it was not there!New babies are a much bigger project than it would appear from the outside, so I wouldn't worry if we saw that photo again.

  14. Belated congratulations! You won't get much knitting done, but you'll get hugs and spit and cuteness, so it balances out. Great joy, and good luck!

  15. amy

    In a year he'll be squirming out of your arms every time you try to pick him up, eager to crawl around and explore. You can knit then! And WOW that's a long time in the hospital!! Was everything okay, or is that the norm? I hated being in the hospital. One of the hardest parts of the c-sections is that I couldn't go home right away.xo

  16. There are some times in your life when even knitting takes second place. I'm so pleased things are going well for you and Connor.

  17. Ann

    Congratulations on the arrival of Connor. He looks so cute. I am sure you will be able to squeeze in some knitting time once you establish a routine at home. Take care.

  18. DD rarely knitted at all during her pregnancy so didn't evne think about knitting in hospital. However, now in a routine, she is knitting again and you soon will be too!

  19. I am not suprised you did no knitting but I admire you for trying by taking it with you! I am glad all is settling. I hope you are not too tired.

  20. I am with Alwen, I too sometimes need a knitting security blanket. I can carry tuff with me every day for a week and not knit a stitch!!I got me some baby love in the weekend, cuddles with a very cute 3 month old girl and then some fun and games with a 2 1/2 yo boy who was a right little dobber. 'Mum him spilt drink. Mum. Mum!' I mean gee it was only a very small amount of champagne (like I would spill that much champagne!)

  21. well always good to have 'just in case' knitting along!you should see the boxes i pack for my summer months. i don't even get a tenth done. the vests are sweet.

  22. hee, I remember popping in a baby cardigan that needed seaming, thinking "I can bring the baby home in that"! HA! as you say, better to have it than not though :)and Dr K – tension square? pffft! more good luck than good management, definitely 🙂

  23. OMG – I don't think I got out of my nightie for six months after I had Louis, I can't beleive you even took it to the hospital! But I admire your optimism.So happy you've settled in well, can't wait to meet him. And pat you on the back too of course. But can't wait to meet him more.

  24. ahhh yes I always take knitting to the hospital, once dropped a needle off the side of the bed and had to ask the OB to pick it up for me when he was doing his morning rounds (slightly embarrassing)I'm sure I'll still take loads in for this baby too!corrie:)

  25. I recently spent 10 days in the hospital without any babies. I cast on for the same sock over and over, sometimes managing a few rows of the ribbing. As soon as I got home I put the yarn out of my sight.

  26. I took knitting with me too….and it didn't make it out of my bag….I still find it amazing how delusional I was back then about all things bub-like….probably still am, but hey, he's made it to 14 months and is still speaking to me.

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