Keeping Track – May 2010

I wasn’t expecting to buy much yarn this month. Or to knit much either, to be honest. But I wasn’t counting on this bag o’yarn coming up on the destash thread in the Australian Knitters group on Rav:

It’s a yarn I loved knitting with the first time, and a colour I also love (which is impossible to photograph) – it’s a reddish purple called Victoria – so I couldn’t resist…

On the upside, I was pleased with the amount of knitting I achieved this month – even though I had a week and a half without any knitting at all, I’ve managed to fit in a few rows at least every other day – glad I picked a nice easy pattern for husby’s zipper cardi, and a worsted weight yarn too – so much quicker, and progress is far more obvious, not to mention it’s easy to pick up and put down without having to reacquaint myself with the pattern.

In: 10 x 50g balls
Out: 5 x 50g balls
YTD: +27 x 50g balls – or a monthly average of just over +5 balls per month.

Wonder how I’ll do next month?


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21 responses to “Keeping Track – May 2010

  1. *hyperventilating* I am so damn jealous of that kid classic. SO jealous. Wow. What a haul. No wonder you couldn't resist.Any idea what you might do with it? Go on, plan something now!

  2. i have seen where the stash hides and someone in your house might be willing to steal that lot for me, in which case i would split it with bells. so id take bells' advice and start knitting it now. and i could be wrong but im thinking a visit to a Certain Sale might help put things back on an even keel for next month!

  3. you both had your chance to have it for yourselves Bells and Drk – but Rose Red won!!!!it is such a hard shade to photograph I can't wait to see it knitted up

  4. Well done on your stash balancing – and your knitting. I'm most admiring that you're getting any knitting done!

  5. jp

    What an amazing destash score.Can't wait to see it in person.

  6. It looks beautiful. I have never used Kid Classic for anything. As soon as I've got my stash down to vaguely reasonable levels I must do something about that.

  7. I am absolutely awed that you are knitting! You must have both a wonderful baby and husband to make that possible!I used Kid Classic with a strand of Cascade 220 for a lovely pair of leg warmers!

  8. I'm having a SHOESday link party. As you are my SHOESday inspiration, I'd LOVE it if you'd come link up to one of your favorite(s) SHOESday posts!

  9. What a beautiful stash enhancement. The color is really nice. I'd hide that if I were you. It sounds like there are some stash thieves lurking!

  10. Oooh-la-la! That is a great score! And I have to say, I'm impressed you've knitted at all this month!

  11. Jen

    omg how did i miss that one! *grabby hands* – that's my favourite colour in that yarn!have fun with it!

  12. Ann

    Lovely yarn & the color is gorgeous. No one can resist more yarn.

  13. Lovely! And still knitting away!!! You're aces. (Okay… is it just weird that my word verification is remblop?)

  14. Oh that is a fine addition and I think you're awesome for fitting in knitting around Connor time.

  15. ooh, score! I keep forgetting to look at the destash thread…probably just as well!you deserve a treat this month – you did after all, make a human 😉

  16. del

    Oh, I love that you can still keep up! Next month, I'm not so concerned about, just wait 'til baby starts walking 🙂

  17. Lovely addition to the stash. Glad you're still able to find time to knit.

  18. Congratulations on sneaking some regular knitting time in around baby duties! No mean feat 🙂

  19. What a lovely colour! I can never score on the Destash threads…..I'm either only there when the normal spotlight stuff is being offered or 20 minutes too late for BLUE wollmeise… (the last miss was mitternacht!!!!!!!!)Grrr.Good on ya!

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