I’ve been to Sleeveland too…

A week or two ago Bells posted about the experience of being in Sleeveland. And I can empathise, I’ve been to Sleeveland too.

The sleeves of husby’s Retrofit. And yes, one sleeve is longer than the other…

The first sleeve was just a bit too long – so I finished the second one, and measured it on husby this morning, and it was much better – it’s amazing how much difference a mere 6 rows can make to the length.

So now the first sleeve looks like this:

Yep, I’m still in Sleeveland. Hopefully not for too much longer…

As an aside, these sleeves are a nice measure of my available knitting time now – the first sleeve was knit the week before Connor was born – it took me 6 days all up. The second sleeve I started two weeks after Connor arrived – and it took me 13 days. But I also have to add that my mum has been here since Connor arrived too (and has been a huge help) – she’s going home on Saturday – let’s see how much knitting I get done from next week! That will be the real test!


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22 responses to “I’ve been to Sleeveland too…

  1. such a great colour! Sleeveland is a really, really nice place to leave!I imagine your productivity's going to drop a bit…

  2. So that would be New Sleeveland!!!

  3. Yay for mums and yay for you getting that second sleeve done. Good luck finishing the first (or is it third?) sleeve.

  4. I'm amazed you have managed as much knitting as you have. Well done. The jumper has a lovely vintage air to it – the colour, the shaping, the beautifully even stocking stitch.

  5. Ah Sleeveland – at least it's soothing no brain knitting there!

  6. New Sleeveland! ha! That's a good one! And I'm guessing you better hurry and finish before Saturday….

  7. If you lean back in a recliner with him on your chest, you can sometimes knit over the top :)I know, though. It's a bit hard. Especially if stocking stitch sends you straight to sleep at the moment. You do get a bit more time when they get interested in Playschool 😉

  8. Give your mum an extra hug for me. She's marvelous to stay so long. You probably won't have room in your brain for knitting for a while.

  9. DrK

    Such beautiful sleeves they are, you are such a lovely knitter. What a lucky husby he is too! I have decided my next internet yarn order needs to be c220. (See how I specified internet!)

  10. I'm soon to visit Sleeveland too… I hope! Good luck next week!

  11. del

    You're so good. My husband would just have a sweater with 2 different sleeves, lol.

  12. Did you also start to feel like a real knitter once you could produce acres of smooth stockinette?All smooth and even like that, it's amazingly lovely and satisfying.

  13. Well done on escaping sleeve land. I am ignoring sleeve land at the moment (improbably long arms etc). The jumper looks gorgeous – I love the colour of the yarn.

  14. jp

    Nice Sleeves I am about to go to sleeveland as well in the C220. Your knitting is always lovely.Your mum has done an amazing job to stick around so long.

  15. Just make sure you take time to sleep/rest/knit when Connor sleeps. No chores! You're lucky to have your mom there. It's such a special time for you all.

  16. Sleeveland is like being stuck in second sockland, it is tough to make it through, but you are almost there. The sweater looks beautifully knit. love the color,Have a wonderful day,Meredith

  17. 13 days is still pretty impressive, lady!I found it was easier to get knitting done when Lily was a new babe than later on, so make the most of it now, I say!

  18. Well done! I am in body land with my Lillian sweater, I knit the sleeves first but need to start the body!

  19. yeah why does Sleeveland always feel a bit like Hotel California. looks like you'll soon be out though.

  20. Oh that Sleeveland – hmm been there (and I've had similar problems with back and fronts which why I now nearly always knit in the roundand I owe you an email at the least – and now I'm on holiday and you will actually get one….

  21. sleeveland is a bit like that, it won't be long and they will be all done. Nice colour.

  22. Ann

    Looks like you will be leaving sleeveland soon. I don't like visiting sleeveland too & I try to knit sleeves in the round.

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