Join me on my travels

When we last met, I was still in Sleeveland, after hitting a minor speedbump just as I thought I was about to leave.

But I’m pleased to report I’ve now departed Sleeveland.
And have taken up residence in Backville.
With the vast expanse of stocking stitch desert, I’m not expecting to leave Backville any time soon. Although I am quite pleasantly surprised to be able to report that I’ve trekked over halfway (to the arm shaping anyway) of the Backville desert already, so maybe I’ll find that Backville is a more enjoyable experience than I’d anticipated.
I do know that I’m not looking forward to Seaming Heights though…. But, let’s face it, I mustn’t get ahead of myself, I’ve still got East Frontdale and West Frontdale to visit yet!


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23 responses to “Join me on my travels

  1. i think east and west frontdale are a lot more hospitable than the endlessless of backville, but its good to know you are travelling so well! and what gorgeous scenery you are enjoying!

  2. wow, what a landscape!The best I can offer is that at least in backville, if Connor needs you it's no drama to put it down and then go back to it! It's look great by the way!

  3. I'd say you're making very fast progress – especially with the little fella as your passenger – any pics of him looking adorable in knitwear to share with us??

  4. backville looks nice, and with east frontville and west frontville to contend with I would be hanging out for seaming heights too.

  5. jp

    You are making great progress.I keep hearing my mother. Concentrate on where you are now and stop worrying about where you go to next.

  6. Gah! I love those colours together!

  7. sue

    Great colors together. At least you only need to visit Backville once and it usually goes faster after the armholes for some reason. I am sure you will finish faster than you think!

  8. ahh, Backville – the funnest ville of them all (ha!)good luck there, RoseRed – stay safe in the badlands πŸ˜‰

  9. Wait, wait, wait. You did the sleeves first?! I've never heard of that – is that some kind of Aussie thing, like where the water spins the opposite way down the drain and it's winter there when it's summer here? Sleeves FIRST?

  10. I always go to Backville first, then Frontdale and finally Sleeveland!! It's looking really good, love the colours!!

  11. There's a certain Zen quality to all that stockinette. The fingers do their work and the brain carries on whither it will, transcending those meditative miles of simple stitch, stitch, stitch.

  12. As long as you find some nice safe places to stop for the night, backville can be a fulfilling place to visit. And the scenery there is beautiful.

  13. Thanks for the travelogue – very amusing.

  14. You are zipping along! That looks very comfy.

  15. That does look nice, good knitting for when you have little ones around. I hope all is going well. x

  16. Can I tell you how impressed I am with the uniformity of your stitches? Mine only look decent in stockinette in the round. When I'm knitting flat, I constantly have to be on the lookout for purl-side "row outs". I've been told this has to do with me being a continental knitter vs. an english style. Maybe so, but I'm afraid the fact I have the attention span of a highly caffeinated squirrel might be a factor as well. Green with jealousy all the same. πŸ™‚

  17. You knitting speedster, I'm amazed at your progress considering you have a few minor distractions in your life ;DLooks fab Ms Jane πŸ™‚

  18. Well, at least it looks like a very beautiful journey that you are on! Good luck scaling those heights…

  19. Is it weird to admit that I find vast quantities of stocing stitch sort of soothing (in the right circumsatnces?) Backville is looking very attractive at this time of year……It Sewingupton I have serious trouble with!

  20. just cant get more than halfway on backville here before boredom overwhelms me

  21. I came back here to find my comment gone!It was a funny quip about singing 'don't go back to backville' – the famous REM knitting song.But I forgot the funny part now..

  22. Ann

    Backville looks good & I do enjoy visiting plain stocking stitch. I am sure you will enjoy your travel & I know I will enjoy reading about your adventures.

  23. I really don't mind Backville, it's generally good mindless TV knitting – you're making great progress, especially considering you have a little tad about the place now!

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