Bye Bye Backville

On Sunday, I waved bye bye to Backville and quickly said hello to East Frontdale.

You’ll have to believe me about Backville, because I don’t have photographic evidence, but I can tell you there was a huge sigh of relief when I “tried it on” husby – the size was perfect!

But can’t stay and chat, I have to go and turn this hem and continue on my journey through the land of Retrofit!


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11 responses to “Bye Bye Backville

  1. it feels like it was a very short stay. Good thing you didn't overstay your visa! That could be nasty!

  2. Well done on such a flying visit. One day soon husby is going to have a new jumper if you're not careful!

  3. I am so impressed, there aren't words. Really. I don't think I knit a single thing during my children's infancy, let alone a man-sized sweater! Can't wait to see it – it's one of my favorites. (I haven't made it, but favorite in the sense that I'd like to some day.)

  4. Hope it is a nice neighbourhood!!! Eve if it isn't, you have West Frontdale to look forward to.

  5. I'm greatly enjoying the travelogue. Such flat scenery is perfect for travelling with a small baby.

  6. That was a flying visit – enjoy your new front-iers 🙂

  7. Seriously, anyone would think that all you have to do all day is sit and knit, you are so fast! Don't you have anything else to keep you busy? 😉

  8. fit is a very good thing! congratulations!

  9. Slow and gentle gets you everywhere, sometimes surprisingly fast! Hope your recovery is going well and that the little one is being kind to his parents.

  10. I am awed by the knitting you are getting done! Your little one must be a very cooperative little fellow!

  11. Yay for you!!! I can't wait to see the FO! But, I love "in progress" pictures. It's so fun to watch things take shape on the needles — even long distance. 🙂 Happy knitting!

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