So I took a de-Tour

I mentioned in my last post that I had signed up for the Tour de France KAL again – I am loving watching the race every day – so much controversy this year! Huge crashes, broken collarbones and arms, headbutting, tyre-throwing, bitchslapping (ok, I made that up, but it was close enough!), fabulous scenery and of course absolutely epic bike-riding. They are simply amazing, those competitors.

Me, not so much. I took a detour from my adventures in the World of Cardigan – having finished my journey through East Frontdale, I decided I deserved a little holiday in Hatland. I spent a week in Hatland, a long time I know for a simple stocking stitch hat knit in the round with aran/10ply yarn. I used popular modifications to the pattern which are designed to make the brim a bit more flare-y than the original pattern (and whoops, I just realised I didn’t change needles for the brim – I should have used a size larger for the brim – no wonder this turned out to be an EPIC FAIL!)

So yeah, my holiday in Hatland wasn’t so much fun.

The questions, dear reader, are:

1. Should I see if blocking makes a difference?
2. Should I frog back and redo entirely?
3. Should I frog and just make a different pattern already?
4. Should I wear it with the brim turned up at the front (it doesn’t look too bad that way I think)?

Right now, the hat is in the naughty corner and I’m sulking. And I’ve returned to the World of Cardigan and am about a third of the way through West Frontdale. At least that is going well (touch wood…)


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19 responses to “So I took a de-Tour

  1. If you tilt it back a little on your forehead you'll be able to see again!What would happen if you shortened the head part of the hat and started the brim higher? A tighter gauge of couse would result in a stiffer brim …Other than that, no advice. I've never done a brimmed bucket hat before so I'm pretty useless to you!

  2. I think this hat is just DEMANDING to be turned up at the front. I love hats like that. So, why not (a) block the brim only (b) turn up the brim at the front and (c) find a great button (you must have one somewhere) to sew on the turn-up?

  3. yes you should have posted the brim turned up pic! Then people could see it really does look fine!

  4. I do not think poking your tongue out has enhanced you hat at all!!! I have no advice as I look terrible in hats and have no hat savvy at all!!

  5. You didn't show me the brim turned up! I burnt an entire post of chicken soup (don't ask how) today and am sitting in a house smelling of failure.

  6. stupid hats. im no good at knitting them, so i hates em. but, i do think this looks ok with the brim up. if youre going to wear it with the brim up. if you want to wear it with the brim down id be starting again. but lyns idea is a very good one! a nice little brooch at the front, tres chic.

  7. My son's favorite words these days are "EPIC FAIL," so I just burst out laughing and woke up the house! I vote for blocking -worth a try, because you can still frog after if you don't like it.

  8. Luvs it the way it is. Keeps elements out of eyes/off face .

  9. I'd need to see the brim turned up to make a decision. I really hate frogging. Could it be gifted to someone?

  10. I think everyone needs a break from big knitting with the odd hat now and then. Mind you I don't knit them for me because I am way too fussy about the results. The others have offered some good advice and frogging as a last resort is always an option.

  11. I do think turning the brim up would make a difference.My favorite hat is still a (shh!) commercially-knitted one that doubles over all around the brim. I need that double layer over my ears here in the winter if I want to keep them from freezing off!

  12. Play with that charming chappeau! turn the brim up at a jaunty angle and hold it with a jeweled pin or a silk flower or a fascinating button. Wear it toward the back of your head, tilt it to the side. Be dashing. Be coy. Add a feather. Have fun!!

  13. Oh dear! Well I am going to be really honest and say frog it. I don't think that hat should be worn brim up and I do think that if you start it again as the original without modifications it will look great on you. Disclaimer … I am rubbish at making and wearing hats so feel free to totally ignore me. 🙂

  14. amy

    I love my better bucket hat. Wore it all the time last winter, and I may need to make me and the girl another matching set (her head has grown, of course). Sometimes I wore it brim up, sometimes not… I'm not sure what blocking would do for this particular pattern. But if you hate it, frog it. You won't wear it and it'll just annoy you every time you look at it.

  15. I'm with amy. sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and frog it. I like the color but I am not a hat person unless the temps are well below freezing.

  16. Ann

    The hat looks great to me & maybe if you turn up the brim, it will look alright. Can't offer any other good advise as I am not a hat person.

  17. I'm with Roxie – be dashing! Coy! Fascinating!

  18. Frog it. I don't like it at all, I cant see your lovely face and that is bad. Very bad!

  19. I say frog. You know that after my weekend, in which I frogged the skirt of my Tilted Duster, I do not say this lightly. But you will feel so much better when you do it as it was meant to be done. x Nandi

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