Journey’s end

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been experiencing something a bit foreign to me. A few things, actually. Firstly, I’ve been off journeying in the otherworld of cardigan. I’ve shared with you my time in Sleeveland, Backville and East and West Frontdales. Since my last report, I’ve been to Seaming Heights and Collar Ridge too (can you believe it?!).

The other thing foreign to me is that I’ve been experiencing (relative) project monogamy. I have never, by any means, been a monogamous knitter. You just need to look at my WIP list in the sidebar to see that I can’t resist having a bunch of projects on the sticks. And having so many WIPS is no barrier to starting something else new. But I’ve discovered that, with a baby in the house, if I’m going to get any projects finished, I pretty much just need to work on that one thing until it’s done. And then start on the next one … (although I do still have a couple of other projects at hand in case I need a portable project or, you know, I get bored, or whatever).

And guess what happens when you practice project monogamy? You get an FO! Who’da thunk it!!

Pattern: Retrofit by Jesse Loesberg, from Knitty Fall 2008. A simple raglan cardigan, knit in pieces, with a zipper up the front. I know I could have avoided seaming by knitting this all in one piece, but when I started it a week before Connor arrived, I really wasn’t up to converting the pattern, especially as I’ve never converted a pattern in this way before (although I reckon I could do it now if I was to knit another raglan cardigan!). I also don’t mind knitting a garment in pieces, because even though in the end it’s the same amount of knitting, it somehow seems to be quicker when you just work on a piece at a time – shorter rows and faster growth – not to mention more portable.

Yarn: Good old Cascade 220 – just under 6 x 100g skeins in Olive Heathers (9448), and about 50g in 9408 Cordovan (brown). Love lovely Cascade. Knits up quickly, wears well, looks great. And is very economical! I’ve said it before, but if I had to, I think I’d be quite happy to only knit with c220 forever!

Sticks: I used 4.5mm KnitPicks Harmony Options for the main parts, and 4mm for the cuffs, collar and turned hem on the body.

Time: 1 May 2010 – 6 August 2010 (well, I have to confess…I haven’t sewn in the zipper yet…but I’m still counting this as an FO!!)

Modifications: The original pattern uses the contrast yarn for the sleeves and collar, and the turned hem. Husby wasn’t so keen on this look, so I just used the contrast yarn on the sleeve cuff edges, the turned hem, and the edges of the collar – I like the original but I’m also very happy with the way this has turned out too. I also did a provisional cast on for the body pieces, so I could turn the hem as I knit, rather than seaming it at the end, as specified by the pattern.
If I was to make it again, I would probably convert it to be seamless and knit from the top down, but you know, I am pretty proud of my seaming!!

Since it was a lovely sunny winter’s day today, we walked up to the park today for the photo shoot – here’s an action shot on the way home (you’ll have to believe me about the sun, it was getting a bit later in the day by the time I took this photo).
And here’s my boys in their knitwear:
(I have enough of the c220 leftover to make a matching version for the little guy, which I’ll do for next year I think, much to husby’s horror, heh heh!)


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26 responses to “Journey’s end

  1. yes! matching cardigans for the boys!I love this. I really love it. Men in cardigans – there just aren't enough of them. You've done a great job. The colour choices just worked out so well and I think you've learned a great thing re monogamous knitting!

  2. DrK

    So gorgeous! Look at that beautiful seaming, and the colours suit him so well. And how great to have finished something when all those naysayers said you'd never knit again! It will be so great to see your boys in their matching retrofits next year. A most excellent journey you have been on!

  3. Oh well done, I ahve so enjoyed the journey with you!! It looks fabulous and I kind of like it this way best. Lovely seaming!!!

  4. Wait. First I have to get over my relief that journey's end didn't mean you were going to stop blogging. I don't know why that popped into my head, but there you go. I just skimmed this entire post waiting for the bomb to drop. It was very stressful! So now I have to go back and read it in peace, and enjoy it. I did catch a glance at those seams btw. Whoa, you're good!

  5. Alright, I'm back. I'm still a little cranky, though – what's up with cutting off the baby's face?! How am I supposed to get a good look?!P.S. Wow on the sweater – it looks fabulous! And I agree with Husby that this coloring is more practical for a man. (Did you read that article in Twist Collective about knitting for a man? Basically it says they are boring. Which I guess we knew.) Anyway. Where was I? Oh, yes – it's very, very fabulous. Congrats! And thanks for not quitting blogging. I love your posts and your headless pics and how cute is that little sidewalk? Such a pretty neighborhood!

  6. Yea, I'd like to see the baby's face, too! The sweater journey was definitely a success. It's a perfect everyday cardigan. I'm working on a perfect everyday pullover (although it's knit in one piece and is too hot to work on right now and is taking forever). There's a reason some patterns are popular forever.

  7. I have the same sweater in my unfinished pile, it is only lacking the zipper – any hints for putting one in?

  8. Amazing sweater, you did such a fantastic job. I think matching sweaters is a great idea. Your boys are very lucky to have you.Have a wonderful day,Meredith

  9. jp

    Great seaming (I know how much you hate it!).The cardigan looks great and I love the change with the contrast edges.

  10. Ann

    You have done a beautiful job as the sweater looks great on your husband.

  11. That looks great!!! I've always wanted to attempt this pattern but have absolutely zero knowledge on how to sew on a zipper 😦

  12. Thats a great looking sweater and you so must make one for the small boy! Fabulous knitting.

  13. Brilliant! Well done! The seaming is masterful. You have every right to feel proud of it – and the two boys!

  14. I know you said the fit was a wee bit on the smaller side..BUT, to me it looks PERFECT!!! :DTurned out great and he looks great in it. I'm thinking for ALL your efforts he should be made to make you dinner for the next month..heheh

  15. Looks excellent! I am so envious as I have packed all my crafting away until I am given permission to resume. So if I was allowed to work on a single project I would be smiling! Keep up the wonderful work.

  16. It is fabulous! I discovered I too really love knitting "in pieces" rather than one piece. It seems so daunting (and boring sometimes) to knit it all at once. And you SHOULD be proud of your seaming! It's perfect!

  17. Oh what a wonderful journey to accompany the beginning of your journey with Connor. He and his father will look fabulous in their matching outfits. I just love me a bit of seaming to finish off a project and yours are perfect.

  18. Bravo!! It's so manly and understated! You did a magnificent job, and he's a lucky guy! And if he protests about a matching sweater for the lad, tell him to suck it up. You don't have that much winter, And the lad won't be wearing it for more than a year or so. There will be five, maybe six times when they wear the same sweater at the same time. It won't kill him and it will make you sooo happy!

  19. "Monogamous knitting". I love that term. I don't know any monogamous knitters, so you're not alone.

  20. Aren't they just the handsome pair! Well done you!

  21. hooray for FO's!great looking cardigan, especially that seaming 😉 teddy will look adorable in a mini-me version too!

  22. Bravo indeed, but what's this about you knitting monogamously, I just don't believe it – but then here is the proof, well done! Can't wait to see the mini-me version next year, or is that too much pressure – one thing at a time?

  23. What a great piece of knitting! I love that color.

  24. It is so nice, so evenly knitted and in a very nice colour too.

  25. That looks awesome! Well done. (and we have the same pram, same colour and everything!).

  26. kim

    Your knitting is meticulous. That looks so great on him. And is there anything sexier than a many with a baby? I think not! 🙂

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