The Magic Sleeping Jacket

Six years ago, my friend H was pregnant with twins. Husby and I were in the UK for a holiday and we picked up a whole suite of baby clothes for the twins from Baby Gap. (Love Baby Gap, can’t wait until we get one here!) All matching fabric but different pieces, because personally I think it’s tooo much for twins to wear the exact same clothes, but sweet when they match but not, if that makes sense.

In a most appreciated touch, six years down the track, H presented me with these two jackets (plus a pair of trousers) remaining from the original suite:

The really cool thing about them is that they are reversible, with wild animal fabric on one side and plain contrast fabric on the other side. And like all baby clothes which are worn for such a short period of time, they look as good as new!

About a month or so ago, Connor started sleeping for 5 or 6 hours (one night, it was even 7 hours!) through the night, from his last feed at about 10.30-11pm. Weeeeeeeeeee! That night, in addition to his usual all-in-one jumpsuit, he was wearing one of these jackets. We decided, as you do, that the jacket simply must be responsible for this excellent sleep development, and so he has worn it every night since (thank goodness we’ve got two of them) … I don’t know what we’ll do when he no longer fits into the Magic Sleeping Jackets!


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17 responses to “The Magic Sleeping Jacket

  1. A lovely story! and glad to hear Connor keeps relatively civilised hours. Maybe the jackets could be reworked into a magic sleeping quilt or some other garment?

  2. I do like Olivia's idea, or else you could call every thing that he sleeps well in Magic Sleeping Clothes, and have a whole cupboard full! Awfully cute outfit too.

  3. I too love the idea of the magic sleeping quilt! Very sweet. And I do love the lions and upside down monkeys.

  4. The jackets are very cute – did you know that you can now order from Gap in the US and they will ship to Australia? Yes, i am a filthy enabler…

  5. I think it is you and Andrew who are the magic sleeping fairies – or sandpeoplesfingers crossed it keeps going – at least until he is 4 or 5 then no sleeping in as a teenager….

  6. That's a wonderfully magic sleeping garment!! You need to pair it with something else, like a teddy, so the magic rubs off!!

  7. Great jackets! And a great story. Hoorah for magic sleeping jackets! I want one, too.

  8. How very sweet. What goes around comes around!

  9. Ay! I think my comment got eaten! Oh well. Basically I said we had a very similar jacket for my son, and I LOVED it, but maybe would have loved it even more if I'd tried it for sleeping, too. He didn't sleep through the night till he was almost 9 months old!

  10. I am a firm believer in parental sleeping! I'm glad Connor is getting there.

  11. They are cute jackets. The good thing about Baby Gap clothes are that they're well made and can be passed along. Sleeping through the night is such a blessing. I think babies secretly know when their parents have had just enough sleeplessness and then they sleep through.

  12. That's so sweet, and it's great to have clothes with a bit of history to them. I hope he doesn't stop sleeping when he outgrows the jackets! (but if he comes to associate them with sleep, there's a slight danger that you're making a self-fulfiling prophecy for yourselves…)

  13. So wonderful to share history like that. My brother told my mom that the first full nights sleep his youngest daughter had was under the quilt Mom had made he. She smiled for a week!

  14. Just maybe Connor loves the jackets as much as you and loved sleeping in them ☺ With 3 daughters and a group of friends with about 9 daughters, recycling was high on our list and our girls were all wonderfully catered for. They wear the items for such a shor time, they were new

  15. Oh how cute they are! Happy sleeping Connor

  16. It's lovely when they sleep through the night, but I still remember that the first time our son did it, I shot out of bed in the morning to make sure he was all right!

  17. kim

    That is adorable. Baby Gap is the best! I just bought a bunch of new Fall stuff for Gianna there. Adult Gap not so much lately….

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