The Adventures of RoseRedia Jones

In which our intrepid archeologist, RoseRedia Jones, undertakes a dig in the region of KnittingBasket…

It was the Spring of 2010, when RoseRedia Jones decided it was time to explore KnittingBasket, in the corner of LoungeRoom, right beside Knitter’sChair. Armed with only a few rudimentary but useful tools (hands, camera), this is the sight that faced RoseRedia:

Taking a slow and methodical approach, RoseRedia cleared away the first layer of debris, consisting mainly of the most recent items belonging to the Knitter which she discovered were termed WIPS. Also the Notions Pouch, which appeared to see a great deal of use.

More WIPS were discovered on the next layer, these appeared not to have seen any action for some few months.

The next layer revealed even older WIPS, and Sock Blockers, which clearly had not been used for at least 4 months. Also apparent on this layer were partial used balls of yarn, clearly discarded in the Knitter’s eagerness to move onto the next project.

RoseRedia also discovered next to KnittingBasket a separate box, which appeared to contain even older WIPS, many of which had not seen action for about a year. RoseRedia assumed this Knitter had a problem termed Startitis (and also, Messiness).

The lowest sub-stratum of the KnittingBasket revealed a hodgepodge of used and unused patterns, yarn labels, further partial balls of yarn, and various cords and knitting sticks.

RoseRedia felt a certain sense of achievement when she finally reached the bottom of KnittingBasket and WIPBox. She may have also had to confront her fear of spiders, even though of only the DaddyLongLegs variety, but fortunately, there was no evidence of her greatest fear, the moth.

She sat back to carefully note the discoveries and treasures revealed by the dig:

Yarn: 7 partial balls, 2 full cones, 8 full balls
Project bags: 7 empty
Ziplock bags: 14 plus 3 which were damaged or dirty beyond repair
Patterns: 9 used, 1 in use, 2 unused
Computer cables: 3 with a known use, 2 with an unknown use or origin
1 double adapter
1 finished dishcloth just requiring ends to be sewn in
1 booklight, apparently used for knitting in the car in the dark
1 Knitter’s Guild newsletter
WIPS: 14
1 Vogue Knitting Reference book
Many pairs of knitting needles and dpns
1 Samurai Sudoku puzzle book
1 2008 taxpack (!!)

RoseRedia carefully sorted and replaced all that was salvagable and required for use within KnittingBasket and WIPBox, in the hope that the Knitter would both appreciate these efforts and recommit to finishing some of those WIPS.

Tune in next time for an update on the Knitter’s progress…


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24 responses to “The Adventures of RoseRedia Jones

  1. jp

    The tax pack is priceless. I am not sure I am quite ready for a similar expidition. Even though I have partially completed it.

  2. You make me feel so much better about my knitting basket! And also laughed about the tax pack. Evil things spring up from anywhere!

  3. What a brave soul RoseRedia is! Such an intrepid explorer. Maybe she should go into business, doing such archeological work for other hoarders…..

  4. You are a gem. I did a similar unearthing at the beginning of the year it was quite liberating really and did get me on track for completing some projects. I notice you haven't shown us what the boxes look like now :-)Unearthing the tax pack is interesting…does it indicate that your tax wasn't done or just that you were so organised you had a spare?

  5. did roseredia find anything that could be of interest on antiques roadshow perhaps? who knows what a 208 taxpack might fetch these days. as for the WIPS, well i have heard that they decrease when they are worked on, apparently. that startitis is a nasty business though, you should get a cream for that.

  6. Thank you for sharing with us the adventures of the Intrepid RoseRedia Jones! Perhaps she will inspire more among us to brave the perils and surprises of The Knitting Basket and delve therein for treasures…

  7. RoseRedia boldly goes where no Knitter has gone before.Spring has this effect on us all I think.

  8. Oh I love you, you're so funny and you make me feel better about my knitting mess 🙂 Mine normally makes it out of the downstairs knitting receptacle only to become stranded in the dangerous land of Spare Oom!

  9. OOooh! What Bells said! Come do mine, next! Very funny post Jane – and it's good to see we're all the same in the end. I wouldn't fret about the WIPS, so much changes as you go through life. Who has time to knit socks with a little baby, for example? It would take YEARS! On the other hand, it's also hard to have charts and complicated knitting, so maybe a sock works best. So anyway, my point is, maybe some day you get back to the WIPs, maybe not, but in the end, you were entertained for a time (or not) and that's all you can really ask sometimes.

  10. I fully understand and sympathize with the fear of spiders. I would start by dumping everything out on a sheet and poking at it with a barbecue fork. You folks have narsty spiders!!I seem to recal an explosion of started projects back in January.Small wonder there are 14 WIP. Now that you have them all corraled and branded, you should be able to start breaking those brumbies, and turning them into useful, beautiful companions.

  11. You are indeed a bold adventurer and an inspiration!

  12. If only my own WIPs and other associated artefacts were so confined! I fear that mine are scattered to the four corners of the house, lurking in cupboards and drawers ready to pounce when least expected! Please send RRJ to my house to catalogue my messy knitting existence!

  13. I recently dug out my WIP bag from beside the sofa….and hid it in the spare bedroom.You have shamed me into bringing it down again.

  14. Wow, you are incredibly brave. I'm attacking some of the older WIP's one by one, and frogging or giving them away.

  15. I was able to show my husband your knitting corner to compare to mine. The darling man said yours looked cosy! What a wonderful post, thank you!

  16. Sue

    Well done on confronting your knitting basket! I cleaned my corner of the lounge room up about a month ago too and was surprised at what WIP's I had going too. It is surprising what we throw in all together. I even destashed my wool and cottons in my wardrobe and felt so much better being so organised. I am sure that we will need to do it again in a year or two!

  17. I fear I have caught "castonalotticus" from The Knitter …

  18. This is the funniest post I have ever seen. I do not have a basket rather a large tupperware container that I am afraid to open for fear it will explode all over my closet and I will be lost at the bottom of the pile.Meredith

  19. I seem to remember something about "casting one thing each day for a week". They were some beautiful projects and worthy of finishing. I have a few wips at the moment. If only I concentrated on just one, I'd have some fo's. Funny how that works.

  20. giggle.This is my favourite bit "Computer cables: 3 with a known use, 2 with an unknown use or origin". I think every corner of every room I ever enter has this. Well, apart from my office where you can easily multiply that by 10.Well done for all your hard work. Now you can start being messy again 🙂

  21. I don't know. You forgot to show what you found on top of the other couch…..far more brave and time consuming. Go girl!

  22. Thank you so much for your honesty. I'm inspired to clean out my basket when I get home!

  23. HILARIOUS!!!!! …want to come and clean mine? ;D

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