WIP-athon 2010-2011

I’m not sure if many of you look at my WIP list there is the sidebar (I kinda hope not many!) but it is embarrassingly long. So a little while ago I decided to do something about it. Nothing radical, mind, like only knitting on WIPs until they are all done. Because that’s clearly doomed to failure – if I had that kind of focus and stick-to-it-ness, I wouldn’t have so many WIPs in the first place!

So what I’m going to do is formalise my commitment to a WIP-athon for 2010-2011 (and possibly 2012, if it takes that long!) by openly promising on this here blog to “WIP one, start one”. In other words, finish a WIP, start a new project. Finish the new project, then finish a WIP. Repeat until WIPs are done. And don’t allow any of the new projects to become a WIP! Of course if I’m feeling particularly virtuous, I may even finish two WIPs in a row!

Is anyone with me?

I started my WIP-athon with the Shaped Lace Tee. Once I got that out of the way, I was allowed to cast on for my Olive (you’ll recall I swatched for her back in August). I needed to modify the pattern and do some maths, so I spent a couple of days researching other projects on Ravelry and crunching the numbers, and then I started. Using the Noro Silk Garden sock for the contrast in the yoke.

And this project is perfect for my knitting life right now – miles and miles of stocking stitch in the round that I can pick up and put down so easily. And I do love this pattern and yarn.

I just hope it fits me … and doesn’t take forever to knit! Have you seen the size of my queue in Ravelry lately??!!


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19 responses to “WIP-athon 2010-2011

  1. wow, brave undertaking! I think your approach is sensible – allows for that itch we all get, while still being focussed on the job at hand.And Olive! Oh wow. I'm amazed. What a great looking piece of knitting!

  2. Olive is just gorgeous, and of course she will fit, because you did the maths! And your wip approach makes complete sense, ive been trying to do it myself, less formally, and it feels good. I try not to look at other peoples queues for fear of what it will do to mine!

  3. Very organised – just as I would expect from Miss J. Looks lovely.

  4. jp

    Go Miss J.It's inspiring me to think about a WIP along.

  5. Sounds like a good plan! My problem is that I've been knitting for so long I actually have two categories of WIPS – ones I should finish and ones I really shouldn't bother with any more. What do you do with those latter? (Including a sweater out of dishcloth cotton – seriously.)

  6. I don't have but a few wips. I get all nervous and antsy if there are too many at once. Don't know why, it's only knitting, but there it is. I am working my way through a few things and will hopefully be finished in a few months.I love your colors for Olive. Noro does such deep beautiful colors and they make your gray look rich and elegant.

  7. Good luck!I've been making real progress with my 'hibernating' projects this month and I'm almost beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. looking forward to seeing the flood of FOs!

  8. Oh the joy of a finished project!! Good on you!

  9. Your Olive looks SO lovely! Those colors are so dreamy. They remind me of stones and fields and blue skies. And what a good idea about the finish one, start one. I predict success with your approach.

  10. Great minds think alike! I went through my basket a week or so ago and compiled what I call my Bag of Obligation. These are nearly finished projects languishing for no good reason. I'm doing the same thing you are, finish one, start something new. So far so good!

  11. amy

    Olive is a beautiful sweater.I've been all about the project monogamy lately. I have exactly one WIP, the sweater I started for my son the other night. I didn't start it until I'd finished the gift hat I was knitting. I think my life is so–not chaotic, just full of things that never seem finished, maybe? laundry, dinner, dishes, vacuuming, making lunches making lunches making lunches–that I can't have a knitting area full of unfinished business, too.

  12. Ann

    Sounds like a good plan & I am sure you will be able to keep to it. I usually have 2-3 projects on the go so that I have variety & not have too many wips. Good luck & happy knitting.

  13. I admire your resolution re your WIPS – and the public expression of it. I'm inhabiting knitting chaos at present.Isn't the Isager yarn lovely? I'm really enjoying the shawl I'm knitting with it and can't wait to see 'Olive' completed.

  14. What a great idea! What do you call it? How about RRIPPoR: RoseRed's Incomplete Project Program of Reduction???

  15. I'm trying to get all my projects finished before starting something – wait for it – for ME! I have a cardigan each for my son & daughter to finish – and then it's MY TURN! I'm like Amy – there are so many unfinished things at my house – and things that can never be finished with small children and large block of land! so am feeling the need for some accomplishment.Olive is beautiful. I think you're doing really well to be doing as much knitting as you are!

  16. go girl! Good luck with sticking with that, I have been trying not to buy yarn now for 2 years and knit all my stash, not a very successful venture, but I am slowly, slowly getting a bit of stash moving out.

  17. Getting through your WIP's will feel so good. This year I started with 10 WIP's from last year and the year before and the year before…..Now I'm down to two. Some lovely things have been finished and a couple of items have been frogged. I didn't make a 1 for 1 deal or maybe I would have finished all of them by now! Good Luck, can't wait to see the finished items come off the needles.

  18. I think I need another yarn diet, myself.No! Verification is "imilose" – I lose?

  19. I love your Olive already and it's not finished yet, however…LOVE IT!!!

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