Oh, Dick!

This is really my keeping track post for October, but I couldn’t resist the alternate title for this post, because looky what I received for my birthday (it’s an early present) from DrK:

Lovely lovely dpn holder and interchangeable needle bag made by the talented seamstress (and knitter!) RandomKnits.

I had a lot of fun stuffing them too:

And well stuffed they are! Of course, many of my interchangeable needles are in use (heh heh) so it would otherwise be even fuller of needles. And you can’t see it in the photos, but there is a handy dandy zipper section behind the needle slots, for the cables, keys, needle sizer etc. So very clever and neat and much nicer than the placky cases you get with the needle sets!

All this is a way of making up for there being no photos of new yarn this month. Why? Because there was no new yarn this month! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So my totals are a little more healthy:

In: No new yarn! (for a change!)
Out: 6 x 50g balls of yarn (half of those were given to my mum for her charity knitting,lest you think I’ve somehow becoming a knitting speedster this month)
YTD: +29.5 x 50g balls (or almost 3 balls in per month, on average)


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16 responses to “Oh, Dick!

  1. oh that's fantastic. I love it. Drk is a dark horse. I had no idea she'd arranged it. And no stash!!??

  2. See Jane knit. Jane can knit. See Jane's stcsh. Her stash is small. Good girl Jane!!!

  3. Oh, that is so cute! Congrats on your stash control/maintenance. I, on the other hand, fell hard this weekend and haven't quite gotten up from under the acquisitions. Went to Stitches East, where two sweaters, a scarf and a baby SET (I don't even know of anyone having a baby, let alone one for which I'd knit an entire set of clothing!) worth of yarn made its way home with me. Then. THEN, I worked Monday teaching a sock knitting class… and spent my paycheck on even more yarn… I just cant' explain what happened. (Well, other than that I'm plain on NUTS!)

  4. Run, Jane, run! I giggled the whole time I was sewing that fabric! :)Happy (early) Birthday!!

  5. So funny, I saw Donna's fabric and it just had your name written all over it. Hahaha. Seriously I'm so glad you like them, and they are so clever! Happy early birthday fellow Scorpio xx

  6. I love the fabric. I can picture Dick and Jane (and Sally and Spot).What a great early birthday gift.

  7. That is ace – and really marvellous fabric too!I'm been yarn-shopping free for over a month too… i wonder how long we can last..?

  8. That is just the cutest! I went and looked around the Etsy store and snagged myself a project pouch.

  9. Love it! And how restrained you have been!

  10. jp

    They are fabulous. drk is a great friend. Totally perfect for Miss Jane.No new stash. You are such a good Miss Jane.

  11. What an achievement! And what a great birthday present. Good girl, Jane!

  12. Firstly, happy belated birthday!!! and oh wow!!! gorgeous presents!!! i love the interchangeable needle bag!!! Donna is so tatented!!!!

  13. wishing you a very Happy Birthday when it arrives!

  14. Ann

    Congratulations on no stash acquired in Oct. Love the dpn holder. I need to organise my dpns too.

  15. Ooo! They are exactly what I need – and the fabric is such fun too (especially for a former infants teacher).Congrats (I think) on no yarn in!(BTW, I am slowly reading through all posts since late June 2010)

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