Happy half-birthday to the little dude

Today is Connor’s half-birthday. Unbelieveable! Six months has gone by in a flash with so many changes in such a short time:

-he’s in his third set of clothes (0000 lasted for 4 weeks, 000 for 2 months, and the 00 have now lasted 4 months and still seem to be ok). Thanks to the friends who gave us hand-me-down clothes, I’ve only had to buy him about 4 things (plus bibs and singlets). Hand-me-downs are the best!

-he’s got 2 teeth – both bottom teeth, which came through 6 weeks ago, with a minimum of fuss – I didn’t even know they were coming until he chomped down on my finger one day (and I just need to say – owwww! those things are SHARP!)

-he’s grabbing things (like my fingers!) and stuffing them straight into his mouth. Especially his clothes.

-and for the last few weeks, his feet! He was pretty happy when he discovered his feet. And that he could put them in his mouth. Oh to be that flexible…

-In fact, I could probably do away with all his toys and just give him little socks and facecloths to play with.

-he’s lost and regrown the hair off the top of his head

-he’s started eating food! apple, pear, banana, avocado (he didn’t like that much!), blueberries, yoghurt, potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, corn, peas, zucchini and broccoli. I’m having fun cooking things up and pureeing them, even though the sound of the blender thingy makes him cry!
-the vacuum also makes him cry. That’s my excuse anyway!

-he’s rolled over twice from his front to his back (I think the weight of his HUGE head pulled him over) and once from his back to his front (which of course I missed, as I was in the shower!)

-he giggles and laughs at the strangest things, and babbles away to us quite seriously (often when he is supposed to be sleeping – like tonight!)

I converted the pram from the basinette to the seat a week or so ago, and put him in it to adjust the seat straps – he LOVED it! I couldn’t get a non-blurry picture, he was so excited to sit up and look around, he really is quite a social little fella. (Especially when he’s meant to be sleeping … hmmm, I think there’s a pattern there)
Happy half-birthday my lovely little dude.


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29 responses to “Happy half-birthday to the little dude

  1. My how the time has flown. Happy half birthday to Connor. Surely there was cake? At least half a cake?xxxjen

  2. No, where has that six months gone?? He is such a happy baby, I love his swirly photo with his lovely smile!!They learn so much and grow so quickly, you'll just have to stop having showers!!!

  3. Half a cake! That's a good one! Happy half bday, little guy! You're so darned cute! This is the cutest time, so make sure it lasts – none of this gettin' up and WALKING nonsense that makes Mommy's life so hard, OK?!

  4. Happy half birthday lil Connor! You are an honest-to-goodness cutie!!

  5. Hip hip hooray! Wow he's looking beautiful, six amazing months for you both :)Oh and thanks for the exciting news about the WM I didn't know – off to look at the Loop site now!

  6. Anonymous

    Aw, I love the blurry picture! Happy half birthday! I still have to vacuum while holding the girl. Oy, that's a workout!!–amy

  7. abh21

    ach, that wasn't supposed to come through as anonymous!!

  8. he's adorable! what an angel. i hope you're giving him lots of half-birthday smooches.

  9. They learn new things so fast. Blink and you miss it. I love listening to babyspeak. They are so serious with their babble, I just know they're saying profound things.

  10. kim

    Squee! Just look at him! So handsome and 6 months already. It's so amazing how much can take place in such a short amount of time.

  11. yes indeed the time has flown! i remember when….! its so lovely to see him change and grow into a little person, reflecting aspects of you both. stubbornness, for example! he is a really lovely little dude. happy halfbirthday connor!

  12. Happy Half Birthday sweet little Connor. Hoping to get a birthday cuddle on Saturday. Must bring those baby food books while they are still of use!

  13. oh doesn't he just look so joyful!! The chatting is one of the best parts I think – I could listen to it for hours!

  14. YAY Connor – what a champ – and so cute toohappy 1/2 birthday – but please have a whole cake. I love what he is up too and teeth too!!no sleep – well I am sure that will change when he hits 15 or so…Congrats to you and Andrew

  15. So much happens so quickly in those first few years. Happy half-birthday to both Connor and you (I have a German friend who always congratulates the mother on the child's birthday – a charming custom, I think).

  16. Oh what a little dude!!! Love his socks in that photo.

  17. Happy half birthday to the cutest little dude!

  18. I have a half-birthday present for him – the girls have agreed to give up the caterpillar. Will wash it and drop it around.

  19. Sue

    Happy half birthday! Isnt it great when they get teeth and you dont even realise it! My daughter never liked the sound of the vacuum cleaner or very loud noises either, then I found out she had excellent hearing so even a little noise would wake her up but the loud noises upset her quite a bit! He looks quite happy sitting in his seat and I still cant believe he is already 6 months old, where did the time go.

  20. tis the week for birthday – half or otherwise – in your house non?Now comes the good part. When they change from being a jelly baby (you know what I mean), into a little babbling person – wonderful stuff.

  21. Ann

    My goodness, I can't believe he is 6 months old. I thought you just had him not so long ago. Anyway, he is so….cute!

  22. What a gorgeous little dude indeed! Happy half birthday Connor.

  23. Awesome! Happy half Birthdya little man. So lovely that he's all energetic and happy 🙂

  24. Such lovely milestones (except the chomping)! congrats to your family.

  25. The time really does speed up once they're born, doesn't it! I can't believe my own is 11 already, it's just not possible.

  26. can't believe it's been 6 months already?! he looks and sounds like such a happy little chap :)give him a cuddle from me xx

  27. Happy birthday :DLove what you wrote it brings back wonderful memories of a road I've already been down and now into a different phase.. I can at least get a full nights sleep now ;D

  28. What a beautiful boy! And take a bow RR, what an achievement six months is.

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