SHOESday: Parity Party!

So for the last month or so, Australians who like to buy stuff on the internet from the US have been having a bit of a parity party, because our dollar has been close to, at or even over the US dollar! I don’t know if this has ever happened since our dollar was floated! (It definitely wasn’t when husby and I were in the US a few years ago – I think our dollar bought about US0.75 – bummer!)

I thought about buying lots of yarn but I refrained. I am so strong! (heh!!)

But I did buy a pair of shoes – they really were a bargain! And have a return shipping address in Australia in the event they don’t fit. Lucky I don’t need it!

I normally don’t go for shoes with a lot of white on them – except for sneakers.

But I reckon these qualify as sneakers – wedge heeled sneakers! Ha! I love them! So comfortable! Just like sneakers but a teeny bit more dressy – and can be worn with a skirt, weeeeee!



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21 responses to “SHOESday: Parity Party!

  1. they are gorgeous! how did you find them? I love them. Guess you're feeling better about wearing heels now? Athough as heels go they're pretty safe.

  2. They are very spiffy, I think they look casual and elegant at the same time!!

  3. They are SO cute! Where did you find them? Love a shoe bargain that includes utterly awesome shoes!

  4. I love the shoes, I think you should have bought a ton of yarn, too!

  5. (sings) "Put on your high-heeled sneakers – 'cuz we're goin' out tonight!"LOVE those! Comfy, dressy or casual, and pretty, pretty, pretty.

  6. they are totally cool. a great parity purchase. even if theyre not red!

  7. I do like those! Comfy and ankle-strappy and wedgy! Just like how I love my shoes.

  8. Check out those ankles! In the "olden" days they'd be termed a "well turned ankle" and indeed they are :-)Hope the shoes stay nice and comfy for you as you embark upon the next phase of your little ones development…travel (under his own steam of course)

  9. love the shoes – very cool!!!

  10. Where from? What mythical Australian return address? Like the shoes a lot.

  11. Those are amazing!!! I covet them!!!! Will you give up your source? Bribery?

  12. I am sure a source is needed.

  13. Those are adorable. I love sneakers that don't look like sneakers!

  14. They are fabulous!!! I always say – once you have kids your footwear needs to allow you to run faster than they can! Looks like you found the perfect shoes!!I too would love to know your source.

  15. Ann

    I love those sneakers & they are in my favorite colors.

  16. i love these! they look so fresh and spring-like. and that cute heel!

  17. Fabulous! Love the nautical feel!

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