Even though we don’t do Thanksgiving here…

So within five minutes of getting up from our nap this morning, I had changed a poo nappy and had baby vomit all down my top (and when I say “all down my top”, I don’t mean the front of my top, I mean INSIDE my top …)

Despite the poo-and-spew start to the morning, I am thankful for the following:

1. Connor managed to miss his clean clothes entirely (of course he did!)

2. I had not yet had a shower

3. My mum is staying this week so after I fed the little horrorhead I could have a nice long shower and even wash my hair

4. Shoes, and yarn. When all else fails, I can always be thankful for shoes and yarn!

Speaking of shoes, since so many asked, this is the source of my recent acquisition (which are Liz Claiborne, by the way). The shoes on the site are probably last seasons (or even the season before – I have no idea!), but since “the season” is no longer an issue for me (and never really was, heh) I don’t mind!



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17 responses to “Even though we don’t do Thanksgiving here…

  1. Ann

    Sounds familiar. I had to live with a lot of vomiting from one of my girls who is asthmatic.

  2. That is too, too horrid, but I am glad there was a happy ending!!!

  3. Oh, thank you!!! Am now spending far too long looking at shoes.

  4. amy

    Eh, it's just baby puke. Much, much better than big boy puke. 😉 But vomit has never been my particular trigger. I remember one diaper change (middle child, very young infant) where the poop was all up his back, and when I flipped him on his tummy to clean his back, he puked. The next stop was the tub. I'm pretty sure I laughed, because it was just, truly, ludicrous. Thankfully, babies are washable!

  5. Tuesday shoes, Thursday spew and poo. must feel a little surreal some days! At least he hasn't spewed or poohed on your yarn or shoes, yet! And yay for visiting mums, give her a hug for me. And one for you too Xx

  6. thankfullness while dealing with spew is a clever thing. Well done.

  7. Ah, those were the days! I'm so glad your mom is there to help. Thanks for the shoesy link, too – I went over and got so distracted, I almost forgot to come back!

  8. My 10-month-old did that to me today, (right at my mouth, which was luckily closed, and down the inside of my top) and let me tell you, it's more fun with cheese and banana in it! LOL. Just got around to washing my hair now. Funny the things you become so thankful for…

  9. Amazing what you become used to, isn't it? Squeamish is just a word now. Hooray for showers and mothers! And thankfulness.

  10. The bodily fluids they produce – eek. Hope that the week improves, and thank goodness for the help of mothers.

  11. thank goodness for mothers! enjoy your visit.

  12. Vomit is a big trigger for me and I had a deal with my husband, he would clean up vomit and I would handle dirty diapers. Since there were way more dirty diapers, he got the easy part of the deal there.

  13. Baby vomit down your bra and across under both sides…ah yes the memories. So glad we are past that now. Although the 3 year old does still try to bury his face down my front when he's feeling unwell, but I have learnt to turn him around!

  14. Definitely things to be thankful for! I'd love to see this type of day adopted globally, far more worthy than scary white bearded man in red suit. Nothing to do with red though, red rocks, just like your shoes – which aren't red for a change!

  15. It certainly is a blessing to be able to hand them off and wash your hair. Clean hair is a blessing in itself!

  16. Congrats on your artful vomit-boy! My youngest master once managed to puke down my back while I was leaning forward and fill up my underpants with spew. Ahhh, memories! And thank goodness for mums who come and stay and provide lots of support.

  17. I shouldn't giggle ;)~ at least you got a shower in peace…lol

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