It’s called procrastination…

So back in July (omg, was it really July??) I asked for opinions on a hat I’d made.

It took me until mid-November to put into action my decision – which was to keep it – I turned the brim up and stitched it in place with a few small stitches. I thought about adding a big button for trim, but decided I could use a brooch (and change it as my mood takes me).

I think it’s ok…

Pattern: A Better Bucket Hat by Amy Swenson, with modifications by raveller Solaris.

Yarn: Colinette Iona in Ginger Cinnabar – about 70g and because I didn’t think I’d have enough of the Iona, Malabrigo Worsted in Sealing Wax – about 25g. I used the Malabrigo for the turned under part of the brim (which is knit first). I think, as it turns out, I would have had enough of the Iona, but I quite like the contrast of the orangey red Malabrigo with the ginger Iona.

Sticks: 4.5mm bamboo 40cm circular and bamboo dpns for the top of the hat decreases. I forgot to change needle sizes for the body of the hat, which would have made it a bit less slouchy. Oh well…

Time: 10 July 2010 – 16 July 2010 (for the knitting) – then another, oh, 10 minutes on 14 November to sew in ends and stitch up the brim! Yep, it’s called procrastination, and I am an expert at it!

Modifications: the popular mods by Solaris are designed to make the brim stand out a bit more than the original pattern – I’m sure it would have worked for me if I’d only read them properly and changed needle sizes! I also did a provisional cast on to make the fixing down of the turn under brim easier (knit it as you go, rather than seaming it at the end).

And it only took me a month after finishing it to actually blog it! At least I can wear it next winter! And it’s one WIP down in my WIP-athon, weeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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16 responses to “It’s called procrastination…

  1. you are indeed spectacularly talented at procrastination, but the results are always worth the wait. I'd forgotten about this hat. Good save. I think it's lovely!

  2. del

    How adorable! I love the colors you chose and you look so good in it. I think the brooch idea is a great one.

  3. amy

    The contrasting color idea is fabulous. I might just have to make myself another one like that. (Although I'm quite happy this year to have a hat that snugly covers my ears, as it's been very cold lately!)

  4. I need a hat and like bucket hats. I don't remember seeing that pattern but now am off to look for it. I think I like the slouchy fit so I might follow your "modification" and not change needle sizes.

  5. I don't think it's called procrastination, when you have a baby! It's called "busy with other things." In any case, it's very cute! I'm off to look up the pattern!

  6. Sue

    The hat really suits you! I think it looks great.

  7. Miss Jane the hat looks fabulous on you !great colour ~ love the brooch idea ~ its a keeper 😀

  8. For no particular reason I think you look 1930s Paris in your hat!! I like the contrast of the colours too, and I don;t think your timeline for finishing is too bad at all!!

  9. Yes, that hat's got a classic look to it!

  10. Ann

    The hat looks great on you & I like the colors contrast.

  11. Ooh it's a cutie, and really an FO is an FO never mind when the knitting was done 🙂 Love your shoes and WM, oh WM from your previous posts, sorry I haven't managed a comment in a while

  12. As I'm sure I would have said when you asked for opinions earlier, I think this hat with its turned up brim is super. I particularly like the different-coloured under-brim.

  13. Procrastination: Is there any other way?Adorable hat. The two colors are so cute together!

  14. Love it! I have one of these in cotton I use as a sunhat out in the garden. I adore how you did the contrasting colour underneath. What a fab idea.And how fitting…my word prompt for commenting is "looker" – just what you are in your new hat 🙂

  15. I think it's cute! It looks like it would go with my orange featherweight I just finished!

  16. Love the hat. Thanks for posting the link for the pattern. Since it is still winter here (sigh) I may just knit this up quickly and wear it right away!

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