Red red reddy red Rudy

I decided I wouldn’t torture myself (or my friends/relations) this year by doing any Christmas knitting – with one small exception – I’m not sure why I made this exception, maybe subconsciously I’m trying to demonstrate to non-knitters that knitting is (a) cool and (b) useful. Although I suppose “cool” and “useful” are all relative!

Anyway, I made this for my parents group secret santa (we had a Christmas get-together on the weekend – nice – because we got to meet the dads – well, except of course for the couple of dads that come to group every week!)

Pattern: Rudy by Elaine Fitzpatrick – an easy knit/purl bib with Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. The pattern is free but is written – so I spent a little bit of time charting it before I knit it – so much easier to follow. I particularly like the short row shaping at the bottom edge, to give it that nice curved edge.

Instead of doing i-cord ties for the bib, I knit a neck strap with buttonhole in garter stitch and sewed a button on the other side – I think buttons are (slightly) easier than trying to tie a bib on a wriggling baby.

Yarn: Peaches and Cream worsted cotton – in red (but of course!) – about 50g

Sticks: 4mm bamboo straights (old skool!). Bit tight knitted worsted cotton on 4mm sticks, but it does make a good thirsty fabric, which is what you want in a bib. And it won’t really stretch either, also good for a gift for a non-knitter!

Time: 25 November – 4 December 2010

Little Sophie was the lucky (?) baby who received this gift (which I wrapped with a couple of books – can never have too many books for babies and kids, I think). Her mum seemed to really like it, and told me at group the week after that she was going to make it into a little Christmas lolly bag once it’s use as a bib was done, by sewing a piece of fabric on the back. Which I thought was an excellent idea!



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14 responses to “Red red reddy red Rudy

  1. oh good on you for charting. Makes so much sense.It's adorable and it sounds like it was very nicely received. What a great idea to make use of it afterwards – shows she really did like it!

  2. Oh how cute!I can't bear written instructions either. Charts are my friend.

  3. Clever you. Lucky baby (and parents)

  4. So cute! Can't believe that wouldn't be charted, though. Crazy!

  5. amy

    So cute! And I think tie bibs are so dangerous. I can't believe there are still patterns out there that call for tying something around an infants' neck.

  6. del

    How adorable is that! And I agree with you about the button closure — much better and easier for parents.

  7. You clever, clever girl! who would have thought a bib could be soo much fun?

  8. sweeeeeet!! lucky bub 😉

  9. Sue

    Lucky little girl she is to receive such a cute bib! What a great idea to use it as a lolly bag later on too.

  10. Looks great, love the curved edge also, and an improvement on the pattern with the addition of the strap and button …mother knows best ! ;D

  11. How nice to have the recipient be so creative and appreciative!

  12. One can't have too many bibs either! I didn't take on any holiday knitting either except for the annual parade of socks for the family. Since I started them in August and just cranked them out, I finished them in plenty of time.

  13. this is such a thoughtful gift! and i love your humor. i was just thinking the other day that knitting for non-knitters is a bit of slippery street. sometimes they are wowed and sometimes perhaps not. i agree with you – cool and useful applied to knitting is relative.

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