Anniversary Socks

Now that it has been received, I can finally post about a little something something I made for the winner of my 2009 (!!) blogthday competition! (I know, I know, but I explained all to the recipient Sarah in advance!)

Pattern: Anniversary Socks by Nancy Bush, from Interweave’s 25 Favourite Socks book. I’m a big fan of socks with patterning on only the front or back (especially for magic looping) and of course being a prize for my blog anniversary, I thought this pattern especially fitting.

I really like how the small cable flows from the ribbing all the way down the leg and foot of the sock. I also like the combination of the cable and lace patterning. And the eye of partridge heel. Looks so good in this yarn (hmmm, better than in the picture!)

Yarn: Wollemeise Twin (80/20) in Dunkle Kirsch, about 85gm I think. I forgot to weigh the socks! These are the first socks I’ve knit (and finished) in the Wollemeise and gosh it is lovely stuff. Love knitting with it, love the stitch definition, love the finished product. It is a tad splitty, but I’ve found one of the benefits of being a slow knitter is that this isn’t so much of an issue!

Sticks: 2.5mm KnitPicks Harmony fixed circulars.

Time: 31 August 2009 (yes, the day before my Week of Wollmeise!) – 11 December 2010 (um, it took me a while to block and post them to Sarah – my excuse was I wanted to avoid posting during the christmas rush!). I had a bit of a break in the middle there due to my pregnancy induced Wollmeise aversion – luckily for me, Sarah was very understanding of the delays!


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19 responses to “Anniversary Socks

  1. I've had these particular Nancy Bush socks in my mental queue for ages – they really look wonderful in this yarn and this colour. Well done. I'm so pleased you've recovered from your Wollmeise aversion, and I imagine Sarah is too now she's received these stunning socks.

  2. They are beautiful! Lucky Sarah. I have some of that Dunkle Kirsch and it is just the most delicious colour.As for the amount of yarn used, could you subtract what you have left from 150 grams?

  3. Sue

    I saw those lovelies on Sarah's blog! I bet they are gorgeous to wear.

  4. lucky lady, what a beautiful prize to have and own ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. What a great prize to win! Lucky for Sarah!

  6. OK now I know I really have to make these socks. I'm particularly fond of the pattern you describe – patterned on the front or back. You should do the Black Rose socks from Knitty for that reason. It'd be perfect for you!

  7. Lovely lovely socks. Such a lucky prizewinner. The Wollmeise is so nice to knit with and so warm to wear as well, they are sure to be a well-loved pair of socks. Congrats on their completion.

  8. They're lovely and so pretty!! I like a pattern on one or three parts of my socks to match my dpns!! I am glad your Wollmisery has gone away!!

  9. del

    How pretty! They look incredibly soft in these pictures. Lucky winner!

  10. Awesome socks. Lucky Sarah! They were worth waiting for.

  11. Your photos are better than the ones in the book. They show off the pattern better (and the color is more vibrant).I've been eying the pattern for a while, too, and you have given me a better look at it and an extra push.

  12. That is beautiful pattern, and it looks lovely in red (but what doesn't?)!

  13. I've seen these socks and you know how much I love them and the colour is fab also.. they look great Jane ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Beautiful sockas and just in time for Valentine's Day….just lovely.Have a wonderful weekend,Meredith

  15. What a great pair of socks. I too love how the cable flows from the ribbing into the leg of the sock. Great knitting!

  16. Hee hee – yes LUCKY me!

  17. yeah, these really need to get out of my queue and onto my needles. such an amazing gift, the actual knitted socks, rather than just the yarn, which is completely stunning. beautiful work!

  18. I straight up LOVE these socks. And do you know it had never even occurred to me that you didn't have to pattern all the way around. Woo hoo! I'm am IN! Thanks for sharing this one. Also, I'm taking a poll…what's your favorite sock yarn for the hubs? I need to find one that isn't going to pill like my beloved koigu kpppm. It's gorgeous, but does NOT wear well. So glad you had time to blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Ann

    The socks are gorgeous – both the pattern & the color. I have also just use Wollmeise for the 1st time & love it.

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