I miss my Dad

Today is the fifth anniversary of my Dad’s death. And Connor’s 9 mo “birthday”.

A couple of Christmases ago, my mum gave us a photo album filled with photos of my Dad, along with some of my (very embarrassing) childhood Father’s Day art and other memorabilia. She did one for each of my brothers and herself as well, a big undertaking given none of the photos were in digital form. Some of these, like his baby and childhood photos, I’d never seen before.

I got the album out today and lit a candle and picked some rosemary for my Dad. And I showed Connor the pictures and told him how much his Pa would have loved him, does love him.

I’m going to make this an annual event. And will do it for Husby’s father too, who died 12 years ago this January gone. I grew up without most of my grandparents and know little about them. I want to ensure that even though Connor won’t ever have a Pa or a Poppy that he will feel like he knows them anyway.

I miss my Dad.


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26 responses to “I miss my Dad

  1. thinking of you today – and what a great tradition to share with Connor

  2. What a great way to share your memories of your father. My children were fortunate enough to be close to my parents and my grandparents and they treasure those memories.

  3. jp

    What a truly special gift the photo album is from your mother.Now you are making it more special by sharing it with Connor

  4. I think you have created the most beautiful ritual, one that will be meaningful and celebrated for years and years.Thinking of you.

  5. it must be all the more poignant this year, given it's your first year as a mum remembering him.Keeping his memory alive, even though Connor never met him, is beautiful. It's what I grew up with and it 's lovely.

  6. What a wonderful idea! I'm sure Connor will treasure the day and the memories in years to come, as will you. I wish I'd thought of it with Em and my mum. (Not that I remember a lot about my mum anyway, but you know.. )

  7. It was the anniversary of my dad's death yesterday. What a lovely way to keep your dad's memory alive. I still miss my dad too, even after 25 years.

  8. What a beautiful idea – hugs for you

  9. What a wonderful gift from your mother, and what a beautiful tradition for you to start with Connor. Big hugs.

  10. That is such a special thing you did and a wonderful thing to keep doing in the future. It will be great for Connor to know who his grand fathers are.

  11. del

    That is a beautiful tribute and a wonderful way for Connor to know his Grandpa. {{{hugs}}}

  12. What a lovely idea and a special tradition you've created. I can't wait until Connor comes up to you and says, "Mommy, show me the pictures of Pop".

  13. I have updated the schedule.

  14. Keeping you and your family in my heart today.

  15. Beautiful post. Sorry you are hurting but your Dad must have been an amazing man. Every Christmas we light a candle for my brother and my husband's father. We keep it burning all day so a bit of them is with us even though they have passed away.Keeping you in my thoughts,Meredith

  16. beautiful idea and lovely post. sending love.

  17. I lost my mum this last November (she was so young) and I love this idea for my 2 kids. That's very beautiful.Hugs to you (and I can't believe the little bloke is 9 months already!).

  18. What a great way for Connor to learn about your father. I can't believe that he is 9 months old already!

  19. what a lovely ritual to start for your boy, and how wonderful for you to have that album of memories.like Connor and his Pa & Poppy, my Lily never "met" my Dad, her Pa, but we always tell her while she was inside me, Pa held her from where he was. We talk about the love, and the little things that make a Dad special and it has helped her feel like she knows him…which of course, has helped me immensely toothinking of you, as always at this time of year xx

  20. Bless your dear heart! What a good mommy you are!

  21. That's a wonderful tradition to have, Connor will appreciate it as he gets older. So sorry for your sadness.

  22. Hugs to you from me. The album is lovely. x

  23. kim

    These poignant tribute posts that you put together each year is a testament to what a truly special relationship you obviously shared. Hugs to you…

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