I read a book!

I read a book this month! Yes, that makes 2 whole books for 2011 (so far!). Heh!

(I am in the process of reading others though…)

It was this one:

Yes, a knitting book. But not just any knitting book, this one (a lovely christmas gift from Bells) is more like a ramble through Elizabeth Zimmerman’s crazy amazing knitting mind, her fishing and other adventures with her “Old Man” and a bunch of pithy patterns for various knitterly goodness.

I already had the little green paperback edition of the Knitter’s Almanac, but had never really read it, apart from bits of the February chapter, with the famed February Baby Sweater. But this edition, the commemorative edition, is a hardback with lovely colour photos of the patterns, along with the also-famous February Lady Sweater, and a lovely introduction from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, who found a knitting soul-mate in EZ and this book in particular.

I’m really glad I’ve now read it all, not least because it’s really entertaining. I can only aspire to the level of creativity (or unventing) of EZ, but at least I can knit her patterns. I especially like the blanket in the April chapter – it looks great knitted up in Noro (I assume) – and has such a clever construction.

I think it’s a book every knitter should own, and I’d recommend the fancy version, even if you’ve already got the paperback!


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20 responses to “I read a book!

  1. You know what? I own it (not the recent version), but like you, only picked through February to see the patterns. I'll give it a read now, though, based on your recommendation. If you're looking for another good read (not knitting related, though), I just finished Room, and can't recommend it highly enough. Very different, and lots to talk about after! It's a quickie, not a hard read – though at times it's hard to put down!

  2. it's a great read! I'm so glad you read it. I read the paperback right through when I got it. It's still my favourite night time reading when I want to read something easy and knitterly before going to sleep.It's such a great edition!

  3. DrK

    I too am the happy recipient of this edition from Bells and I just love it. I can't say I've read it cover to cover, but I did leave it on the coffee table for a long time, enjoying the pictures in colour this time. A really timeless classic, just like EZ herself.

  4. I have the old one and have read it cover to cover (more than once) but the new one is tempting…

  5. You young people!! I have the old one, the green one, so I am happy. Good luck with your next knitting endeavour!!!

  6. I'm another fan of this book, and of EZ's writing style. So pleased you enjoyed reading it. Have you tried 'Knitting Around'? Great fun.

  7. great gift for you! I too have read the paperback version, but seeing the colour pictures and learning of an intro by S P-Mc could tempt me over the line, I think!

  8. Sue

    I have to say I own all her books and have loved reading them. She is a great storyteller too and I enjoyed the stories of her trips with her husband too! I have to admit though that the colored photos look so much nicer than the black and white ones. I might have to put that book on my wish list. I am sure I read somewhere they are going to release a book full of garter stitch patterns too or was it someone else!

  9. Jan

    That's odd. I commented some hours ago but it hasn't come through. My apologies if it turns up after this.Another one here with the little paperback. I had intended around Christmas to order the hardcover, but forgot. Remembered and ordered it on Monday or Tuesday this week and then you write this. I've made the baby jacket, undoing it once to put in buttonholes I did not read about till too late and I've done the pi shawl, huge, covers a double bed.I'm looking forward to the hardcover edition.

  10. I really enjoyed reading it – but since I managed to do something weird while ordering it, I have two copies! (Still only read it once so far…)I am enamoured of that blanket you have featured, too…

  11. Finished "already" ! …yaay for you and if i were to read a book this would be the kind as it's about knitting ;D

  12. Now you've got me jonesing for the book. Meg Swensen spoke at our last Knitting Guild meeting, so I already had EZ on the brain!

  13. del

    I'm in the middle of this one, too! I love it. Nice to know that she's still so relevant so many years later.

  14. Ah Elizabeth – the Godmother of modern knitting – or perhaps we could call her the midwife? I discovered Knitting Around when I was in college and it changed my life. Well, my knitting life anyhow. Then I found Walker's first treasury of knitting patterns, designed my own sweater, and never looked back!

  15. kim

    You've inspired me to go back and actually *READ* my EZ books. I don't think I've ever done that properly. I remember hearing about Elizabeth back in the 80's, when my knitting was rather tentative. I wish I had paid more attention back then…

  16. I'm almost finished with a sweater using her methods. Long circular needles are a must. I do love not seaming though.

  17. I have an old version of the book that i read years ago. i just may have to pull it back out. Elizabeth Z. was an amazing woman.Have a wonderful day,Meredith

  18. Oh, that's a fun book!And I love that on Ravelry, I can click through and look at it as projects or patterns. So much variety!

  19. I have the paperback copy and I have only read bits and pieces from it as well. I think I will take it to bed with me tonight 🙂 Thanks for pointing out the afghan…it looks just like what I was wanting to knit for my son. I am to look for my book right now!

  20. That looks much more interesting than the green one, which I gave away and never read!

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