StashDownUnder 2010 – February

Another excellent month on the StashingDown front – no new yarn!! That’s two whole months I’ve gone without buying yarn!

February totals:
Actual balls used: 5 x 50g balls (so met my monthly goal!)
8ply equivalent: 6.5 x 50g balls
Metres used: 774m

balls used: 15 x 50g
8ply equivalent: 18.5 x 50g
Metres used: 2173m (or just over 2km!)

This month, I picked up another longstanding WIP, the La Digitessa socks (another Week of Wollmeise project). This is a gorgeous but highly detailed pattern – multiples cables on every row and all knits through the back loop – so very s-l-o-w – but so beautiful. I don’t know when I’ll get these finished, but will just keep plugging away until they are done.



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22 responses to “StashDownUnder 2010 – February

  1. del

    Wow, what an intricate pattern. Those socks will be gorgeous.Congrats on your stashbusting!

  2. love those socks – I have to start mine sometime before I am 50…..

  3. Ooo! They are definitely worth the "plugging away".

  4. god those socks look so good. I'll start mine one day.Good for you on the stashing down!

  5. I've been eyeing those socks for ever-so-long… yours are going to be lovely!

  6. Bravo on the de-stashing! And stick with it on those socks. They will be SO worth it!!

  7. Love that pattern! I think I told you this already, but I never quite could start them up… isn't it like a 22 page pattern, too? Seemed too big a hurdle, keeping track of all that paper and all those charts! You are one impressive mama, that's for sure!

  8. Such excellent stashing down. Two months without yarn purchasing is most impressive self-denial. The socks are beautifully intricate. I love that this pattern can be so complex and yet look so classic.

  9. I'm not sure what I'm more impressed with – the socks of the stash down efforts! Both are amazing.

  10. oh god, that makes me head hurt just looking at it. the result is going to be AMAZING! how great that you are back into the wollmeise though?!

  11. I hope you find your La Digitessa Zen place as you keep plugging along!! I remember when you started theses, and they are lovely.

  12. Oh !… they are pretty and 'yes' very detailed, I'll give you a poke every now and then to get a wriggle on so you finish them ;D can thank me when they're done…lolI'm impressed with 'no' stash policy, I just came home with a bag load of fleece does that count ? 😉

  13. Those socks are to die for, totally work the effort!Congrats on two months without buying yarn. That is an eternity for a yarn diet. (Wow, what does that comment say about me?)Haven't heard from you in a while, so I just wanted to make sure you know that I'm now blogging at

  14. Those are going to be amazing! I have a few socks that are slow progress… but they're worth it, too!

  15. Great dieting effort so far! It's hard not to buy yarn; two months is a long time! lolThose socks are awesome and they look gorgeous already!

  16. Very pretty and well worth the effort!

  17. I love cabled socks, when they're done. They take so much concentration. I am feeling more clear headed today so maybe I'll pull out my cabled socks and give them some attention. I love the colors in you Digitessa.

  18. Well done on the no stashing! I have added to mine but it was from ravelers destashing so I weas only helping out!

  19. Love the sock and the color is amazing. Now I am feeling guilty as I have to go buy more yarn for my Japanese Flowered Shawl.Have a great day,Meredith

  20. Ann

    Wow, that's a complicated pattern but looks so good & the color is gorgeous. Happy knitting.

  21. Way to go on the StashDown! (btw, seriously crushing on your rich red cable socks)

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