Big Day Out

For Christmas, I bought husby a ZooFriends membership (and I bought one for me too) – I got a two for one deal that was too good to pass up.

We had to validate it before the end of this month, and last night we decided that today would be the day, as it was going to be a relatively cool. When we got to the Zoo, we found a bunch of other people had the same idea. Not to worry, I managed almost a whole repeat of this while waiting in the queue (yay!)

I remember going to the Zoo as a child (and I think the last time I went was at least 10 or 15 years ago) and feeling somewhat conflicted – “wild” animals in small enclosures, that sort of thing. I still feel that to some extent, but there have been a lot of advances in the management of animals in the Zoo, including much better enclosures, and the Zoo is doing a lot of work in conservation and education as well, and I think that work needs to be supported. Our membership also includes free entry to the Western Plains Zoo, which is an open range zoo about 5 hours out of Sydney. We’ll have to do a weekend away for that one!
I’m not sure Connor quite knew what to make of it, but I’m sure he’ll enjoy it more each time we return over the next 12 months.

I know I will! (check out that harbour and city skyline view the giraffes have!)


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19 responses to “Big Day Out

  1. jp

    The views as you wander through the Zoo are amazing.The Sky Safari Cable Car is a brilliant experience either to get back to the top of the zoo after a day wandering down OR to get to the top when you arrive from the ferry.Love it

  2. DrK

    It really is the most awesome zoo, I haven't been for ages but everytime I do I'm impressed by how much its improved. Western plains is something else tho, you must do the early morning feeding tour! And hello amazing looking nutkins!

  3. queues are great for knitting! Socks are looking great, as is Connor – with giraffes! I love it!

  4. We did roar and snore at western plains a few years back – what an uncomfortable night I had on the wooden floor, and a 5:30 am start! but the kids really enjoyed it – we got to see lots of feeding early in the morning and rode a zebra painted golf buggy. I love Taronga Zoo too, my kids are almost grown out of it though, and rarely seem interested ..

  5. What a lovely day at the zoo. I love giraffes!! What's not to love about animals?? The socks are pretty terrific too!!

  6. oh, I LOVE the zoo!!! and look at that gorgeous boy of yours, will you??too too adorable!(it's kgirl 🙂 too many pseudonymous)

  7. The upgrades to the zoo are great and yes the views are fab ! …wish they were mine ;DLuv'n the Nutkins, may steal them ;D

  8. I haven't been to Taronga Park since DD was about ten – she will be 25 next month! Spectacular harbour location makes it about more than just the animals!DD stayed there a couple of times when she was in Guides; it was the Winter Sleepout to raise money for homeless people!Western Plains Zoo is great, especially if you go on the early morning tour before the zoo actually opens. You'll have to get up early though – especially if, like us, you aren't staying at the Zoo and have to walk two kilometres to get there on time! Next time, I'm staying at the Zoo.

  9. One of the many wonderful things about having a child is that you see things like the zoo in such a magical way. You'll have such a good time watching him discover the animals!

  10. I feel the same way about zoos… but I love them anyway. There is just something so cool about seeing wild animals or birds or reptiles you wouldn't get to experience otherwise. If you're ever in Amsterdam… now THAT is a cool zoo – they encourage wild behavior in the animals, so feeding time is a real… treat. But mostly for them. For us it's a bit grisly. But still pretty cool.

  11. Oh what FUN! That photo is grand. We also enjoy Featherdale wildlife park. You can feed the emus and wallabys. I held a koala and touched a wombat, and was cussed at by a parrot.

  12. Love the picture of your little boy. It will be so wonderful to see things through his eyes as he gets older. I am conflicted about zoo's also. But like you said they are doing so much for education and animal conservation. Have a beautiful day,Meredith

  13. That last photo is so fab. You expressed exactly my feelings about zoos, tricky things but important. Love the socks in this and the last post.

  14. I think that having an excuse for going to the Zoo – frequently – is one of the best reasons for having children – or grandchildren.Deeply envious and admiring of you Nutkins and their perfect match yarn.

  15. del

    Ooooh, look at that face! (Connor, not the giraffe)I feel the same way about the zoo. Ours is getting better but still has a way to go. Still, I guess the only way they'll get better is with support.Love the sock!

  16. Ann

    That sounds like a fun outing. I used to bring my girls to the zoo every Sunday when they were babies & they love it.

  17. I haven't been to the zoo for a long time. They make me uncomfortable for a number of reasons. I respect the breeding programs and the fact that they're saving some species that would disappear but I always feel sad as we walk away.

  18. Love those socks. Reminds me of Spice market in Wollmeise. Is it?Conner sure is a cutie!

  19. Ohhh, I love the giraffes, especially since we fed them at our zoo!

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