You don’t see that too often

Last week I did something which is a very rare occurrence in RoseRedville.

I frogged a WIP. Entirely. Right back to balls of yarn.

Yep, you heard right, I, RoseRed, who will Always Fudge Rather Than Frog, frogged.

Last year I started a Baktus scarf, with the remainer of the first ball, and the second ball of the Wendy Happy bamboo sock yarn (that I used for these socks). I had seen projects done using self-striping yarn, alternating the balls to get narrow one row stripes, and they looked really good. I thought this yarn would work well for this type of project.

But I just wasn’t feeling the love. I ended up having a big wad of grey (even though I was still alternating the balls), and I also ended up cutting the yarn to avoid another big wad of orange. And I think the really small sticks (2.75mm) for a scarf was another reason I was less than enamoured.

And I also found another pattern (designed for self-striping sock yarn) which I thought would work better with this yarn. And so one night last week I just Did It (hence the crappy flash photos).

And in less than a week, I’m already 3/5 of the way through the new scarf (further along than this photo shows).

I think it is an improvement on the Baktus, although I do still like that pattern, just not my initial yarn choice for it. If I get around to making it again, I will still stripe it, but with plain colours instead! Yay for frogging (on the rare occasion that it is absolutely necessary!)


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23 responses to “You don’t see that too often

  1. as much as I love the baktus I can see why you did it. That's a big deal for a non-frogger!The new scarf is really way more interesting. I like it!

  2. I think this new pattern suits the self-stripe down to the round 🙂

  3. lol.. well this is too funny for words, but I won't disappoint.. welcome to my world, frogsville is always happening at my place and I amazed you frogged :DI have to also add though, that although I did like the Baktus and was thinking why did you frog it, having seen what you've done with it I have to now say WOW ! …love it ! Perfect choice of yarn for pattern 🙂

  4. OMG you frogged! i am amazed. but i think you made the right decision, these colours look great in that circle scarf. but yes, do another baktus. everyone has a baktus. except me…

  5. I love your new circly scarf. I was not feeling the Baktus love either, and I do like it and I have made a few.

  6. New scarf is WAY better. Only wish I could crochet!

  7. Like 1funkyknitwit, I liked the baktus. I actually like the randomness with which you get big splodges of colour when using stripes in self-striping yarn. However, the crochet flowers will also be wonderful.But you…frogging…I can hardly believe it.

  8. jp

    Yay a fellow frogger.The new scarf looks fabulous.

  9. I think the baktus has the stripe-equivalent of pooling.But the circles scarf is amazing. I am totally utterly in love with it. I now know exactly what I'm going to make with my Silk Garden sock. LOVE!

  10. Wow, that really IS impressive. I, too, am a fudger rather than a frogger, and will let an entire object sit, incomplete – or worse, finished but never to be worn! – rather than take it apart. So good for you! Yay for new things! And the new pattern is definitely showing the yarn better, not to mention pretty darn cool!

  11. I've made that scarf, and it really is a fascinating project. It will look great in the Happy!!

  12. del

    I hardly ever frog but I think you made the right decision here! The new scarf is just gorgeous.

  13. I, too, would rather fudge than frog, but that Baktus needed to hit the pond. Much better in the new scarf!!

  14. Ugh! Frogging is always painful, but it's done, so that's half the battle. It's going to be much better in it's new project.

  15. That was worthwhile frogging, I do like the crochet scarf.

  16. Isn't it wonderful that, in most cases, we can completely rip out our work and start again?Good on you for just doing it!I used to frog quite a bit – DD and WM sometimes look at me pondering my knitting and say, "You're not going to rip it all out, are you?" As I knit through the patterns in my queue, rather than designing on the needles as I often used to do, I am pleased that someone else has made the design decisions and I don't have to frog so often!

  17. oh, that was DEFINITELY worth the frog – how beautiful is the new scarf??love (1000) x

  18. Another fudger over here! I don't often frog something that has more than a few rows. It's hard but the few times I've done it, it felt like a weight was lifted. I love the way the new scarf looks.

  19. Ha funny – I'm just about to post about a little frogging of my own and refer to the RoseRed term GAAK!

  20. I had to frog and entire Noro coat once, so I feel your pain. I like the new pattern, I think it looks like a lot of fun.Have a lovely day,Meredith

  21. I think your 2nd choice of pattern is lovely, shows off the yarn colours so much better! Isnt it funny how sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.

  22. Love the new pattern, and think you had good reason for making that decision. But I have to admit, I wish I were LESS of a frogger. I'm still kicking myself for unraveling an nearly finished shawl just because I didn't think I'd like the edging (Echo Flowers anyone?), and that's been what? Two years ago? At least you do it seldom enough that you can be sure you've made the right decision. Best of luck with the new scarf!

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