Up, down, round and round

I love me some crochet, I do, I do. It’s so quick. And for the right project, so effective.

Just over two weeks after I started the Circles Scarf, it is done!

Pattern: Circles Scarf by Linda Permann, from Inside Crochet, issue 11, November 2010. At first glance, the pattern appears to be a series of round motifs attached to each other. I am not a fan of making a bunch of small motifs and joining them (either as you go or after the fact, although joining as you go is preferable, if it has to be done!) But no! You cleverly work a long row of half circles and then work back again, joining to the previous row as you go.

Yarn: The repurposed Wendy Happy bamboo/nylon sock yarn – because of the bamboo, this makes a lovely drapey scarf. I used just over 1 x 100g ball.

Hook: 3.5mm

Time: 2 March 2011 – 18 March 2011. And even though it’s a project I completed entirely this year, I’m still counting it as part of my “binding off” commitment, given I frogged a pre-2011 WIP and re-used the yarn!

Modifications: My circles were smaller than the pattern specifications, so I made my rows longer by adding extra circles. And I did an extra row of circles – 5 rather than 4 – because I think an odd number of something looks more “right” than an even number.

The pattern was designed specifically for self-striping sock yarn, but I could see it working really nicely in a solid or semi-solid colour too. And it’s also given me some ideas about thread crochet accessories too – I could see this method working well for a bracelet or cuff, or a necklace. Hmmm, watch this space!


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24 responses to “Up, down, round and round

  1. Odd numbers definitely look better than even ones, though I have to have the TV volume on an even number!! It's a great scarf and I love the pattern, I think I have seen a crocheted rug in our local wool shop made in a similar way with half motifs made every row. I love the way the colours stripe!!

  2. Wow – that way quick. And lovely.And yes to odds. I always change cardigan patterns if they have an even number of buttons.

  3. kim

    I am so with you on the odd number thing. I am not a huge crochet fan, but I think it definitely has it's place. And I find myself loving this scarf!

  4. I found mine wasn't wide enough either, so decided very early on to make 5 rows. Plus I had heaps of the Wollmeise, so it worked out fine!Yours is so lovely! I love it in that yarn so much.

  5. That is very, very cute! You are on a roll, missy!

  6. Way cool! The stripey yarn makes it SO interesting!! Crochet rocks.

  7. del

    Gorgeous! I think I added this to my Rav queue after you first started it. And I agree with you on the five rows. Just brilliant.

  8. amy

    Very cute! I wish I could figure out crochet. I know how, but I don't know the name of what I'm doing, and I've never been able to figure out from directions what the stitches I know how to do are called. My mother just showed me what to do but never told me WHAT exactly I was doing! So I can make an entire blanket, but I'm hopeless with patterns. And then the different names for the same stitch…that really doesn't help at all!

  9. Rose,I am very obsessed with crochet right now and this scarf is so beautiful. I love the joined circles and how the yarn changes color. Perfect!Have a great day,Meredith

  10. jp

    Looks entirely fabulous. Almost enough to get me to learn to crochet.

  11. im with jp, almost enough! i would gladly wear some accessories made like that tho. what great colours, and such a fantastic result. very stylish missjane!

  12. Oh yes! yes! So great. Great yarn match, great look, great work. I really like it. Very clever pattern!Very keen to see what ideas are brewing!

  13. That's lovely and would go with so many things, such a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. Love the Autumn colour tones in the yarn very seasonal.

  14. This is such a great way to make joined flower motifs – most ingenious. And such a perfect use of self-striping yarn.

  15. Sue

    Oh it looks so pretty. I could see that in many colors too, how lovely!

  16. I can definitely see a bracelet like that! The colours worked out great.

  17. A very interesting scarf. Something to make with my newly acquired bargain yarn perhaps?

  18. I do think this is my favourite scarf project thus far – the colours are just perfect and give an edge to the patternand totally agree – odd over even, any day

  19. My… that is lovely. I have a ball of that yarn too. I can't tempt you to do one of those for me, can I?

  20. I too, would almost take up crochet for that scarf. And that is saying something, indeed.Fabulous work! It is a lovely scarf and I'm sure you'll get a lot of pleasure out of wearing it.

  21. There's no surprises I LOVE a great accessory 😉 ..and this one fits that bill ! It looks just perfect in that colour and yarn choice.. love it ! 😀

  22. Ann

    Love the scarf & the construction is interesting. I tried crochet last year & made a few little things but somehow never got the hang of it.

  23. That is so lovely. I am on a crochet thing at the moment, its the spring time thing for me!

  24. Mmm pretty – suddenly I want to do more with my crochet than master the granny square even if all it is is to reach the day when I think it's quick!

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