Advance Australia Fair!

I picked up a little something something in a shop on our way to the country for the family reunion – one of those shops country towns have where the locals sell their handmade goods and produce – jams, chutneys, relishes, quilts, knitwear, crochet, sewing, woodwork etc.  And this particular shop had a small op-shop/thrift store at the back.

On the shelves was this book.  For $1.  I couldn’t leave it behind!

Published in 1984, when oversized shapeless bright knits were totally IN!  Not that I think I’ll ever knit one of these garments – but I might one day incorporate one or more of the uniquely Australian motifs into something I knit – maybe a version of Bellyphant with kangaroos instead of elephants, or something like that…

It would be cruel of me not to share more of the patterns (there is one for each state and territory as well as a few more general patterns).

This one is for the Canberrans:

And my Tasmanian friends:

And this one is just perfect for Sydney:
Brash and loud!


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22 responses to “Advance Australia Fair!

  1. I borrowed that book from the local library – about fifteen years ago!We have Liz Gemmell doing a workshop for our Guild group in June – she's a great tutor.

  2. I've got this book! I think I've actually got another one of Liz's 80's books as well too. She's awesome. I'm going to knit one of these someday and wear it PROUDLY with my BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK! πŸ™‚

  3. I'm pretty sure I have that book too, though I don't think I'd ever wear the jumper with, it is ring tail possums and apples??? Still, it's nice for reading and I reckon you could use some individual motifs on things!!

  4. truly they were of a certain era weren't they? i can't imagine ever wearing one of those (although the Canberra one is a bit classy!!) but yeah, maybe use the motifs! Nice work!

  5. What fun, what fun! I can see doing the possums around the neck of a child's jumper. And the opera house worked into a hat? Oh yes!!

  6. Too cute! I love those little possums!

  7. ha, fancy finding that now, after we've met her and all. they are really pretty amazing. probably no ribbons for 'traditional' in the Show tho!

  8. ahahha… you are a funny Miss jane πŸ˜€ Having read Kris's comment I'm now dying to see her version with bright red lipstick !…as for me, never would I wear one but like you say I too think they have a place incorporated into something. I do however love splash of colour even if it is a bit much and I also can't deny the talent that Liz has in designing.

  9. Score! I think they would win in the intarsia category even in 2011 at the RAS.Very Kath and Kim – can't you see Kell in the Canberra sweater? (I couldn't work out what the TAS ringtailed possums were – all I could see were rats.)

  10. Wish I had that book in my library! I love Intarsia knitting and those sweaters are delightful!I enjoyed visiting your blog this morning from California.

  11. How fun! It would be great to incorporate one or two of the patterns into a sweater or hat. The allover effect is overwhelming though πŸ™‚

  12. Ann

    Thanks for sharing the patterns – they look very interesting. Wonder what's the design for WA?

  13. wow those are very cool in that 80's way. and i agree with you – some of those motifs transferred to something else – humm i was thinking mittens but i guess you don't need mittens too much – anyway the motifs translated to something other than a sweater would be wonderful.

  14. What an amazing book. I love these colorful sweaters, and would wear any of them proudly, not withstanding the 80s look! I can see that the motifs would be fun to adapt to other projects.

  15. They are bright and loud but also wonderful. I love the opera house motif! What a cool thing to have on a hat/ mittens or even the ends of a scarf.

  16. You could see those in a dark room.

  17. del

    I am actually loving the colorwork, hee hee. Reminds me of those old Bill Cosby sweaters.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Have always thought of these designs as a cross between Jenny Kee and Ken Done…Bought this book years ago… Am I showing my age?

  20. I've got that book too – and I also vaguely remember promising to make my friend Leon the vest with five different species of cockatoos on it – one day…. although he declares that wearing red lipstick with it is out of the question. Spoilsport.

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