StashDownUnder 2011 – April

I feel like I didn’t get a lot knitted this month, although my totals aren’t doing too badly, now that I’ve sat down and worked it all out.  I do have a couple of FO’s to flash, which I’ll do in the next week or two (promise!).

I did come into some yarn this month – I’m in two minds about whether to count it as part of my incomings, since I didn’t buy it – I kind of inherited it.  I sort of think I won’t count it…I do plan to knit up some of it as a gift back to the person who gave it to me, in the next month, so that makes me feel less guilty about not officially counting it, heh!

It wasn’t a huge amount, and it was all good stuff (I had visions of being the recipient of a vast amount of yarn of questionable quality, but I got lucky!).

First up was 16 balls (well, 15.5, as one ball was quite damaged – like it had been accidentally cut by scissors or something…well, that’s what I’m hoping anyway, rather than moth damage!) of a navy 8ply/dk merino crepe yarn – which I’m thinking will make a nice Greenfield cardi.

Next was 5 balls of Heirloom Merino Magic in a range of colours – nice yarn (this will be the gift).
And I saved the best for last!  4 balls of Zara in tomato red!  woo hoo!
I also received a bunch of needles, mostly straights, including a couple of KnitPicks harmony straights – which I suspect have never been used – I’m thinking of selling these – anyone interested?  (I’m not sure many people I know knit with straights any more, especially the really long ones!)
This month:
Actual balls used:  3.5 x 50g balls

8ply equivalent:  7.5 x 50g balls (lots of 4ply and laceweight this month!)

metres used:  702m


Actual balls used:  21.5 x 50g balls
8ply equivalent:  31.5 x 50g balls

metres used:  3855m



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13 responses to “StashDownUnder 2011 – April

  1. inherited yarn totally doesn't count. Gifts are gifts. And what a lovely bunch of stuff. I particularly like how the heirloom is all tonally matched. Really nice.I'm unsure about the straight needles. I'd like to HAVE them but am unsure I'd ever use them. I can't imagine using really long straights – what must it be like after not having done so for SO long?! Although I'm sure they're really nice!

  2. no no you dont count any of that. anyway, its not really going to go into stash is it, because youre going to knit and gift it straight away. mmmm zara. i tired to hold some straights recently and felt weird. i will never use them again, but im sure someone will, those are good ones!

  3. Sue

    What wonderful yarns, love the red one! What sizes do the needles come in as I still knit on straights and they are nice. You better tell me a price too!

  4. Two FOs and gift yarn (including red Zara) you don't have to count! That's a very victorious month for a knitter.

  5. Absolutely not to be counted! (But you know me, I can excuse anything!) Funny you should say that about straights… I was JUST talking about that yesterday, how rarely people use them any more….

  6. No yarn bought? Impressive! Hope you did wear a hat for the wedding, it was a beautiful event wasn't it? Love your cloche, Philip Treacy eat your heart out 🙂

  7. amy

    I would isolate all that yarn just in case. Well, I isolate almost all my new yarn, just in case, but especially if it comes by way of someone's house and not a store. Better to be paranoid than infested!!I have one pair of straights still. (I loaned someone my good learning-juju US 8s and never got them back; pity, they were quite pretty). I occasionally grab one to hold my hair up in a twist…

  8. del

    I agree, yarn that's given to you does not count. Lucky you!

  9. Oh, that tomato-y goodness!!! Actually, I do still knit on straights. I like the feeling sometimes. And it's fun on buses when you don't want someone to sit next to you (they'll risk it if you're using circulars, but they suspect they'll get poked in the side by the straights and sit elsewhere!).

  10. ohhh i like that navy merino and also the Greenfield cardi you have in mind for it. and that red Zara looks perfect for cash register time means not having to count it!

  11. Ann

    You are right about straight needles – they are becoming extinct although I have 2 vaseful of them which I don't use.

  12. Gifts definitely don't count! Nice haul, especially that Zara!!

  13. Wow! you did win in this "donation". I can imagine you were very delighted on seeing that red yarn!

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