Strength in every stitch

At around the same time as we were all devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, one of my friends lost her mother unexpectedly. So I did what knitters in these circumstances so often do. I got out my sticks and a special yarn and, using a pattern sold to benefit the earthquake relief funds, I made a shawl for my friend.

eiki, by Janel Laidman. This pattern was designed and released just after the devastation in Japan, and the profits are donated by the designer to various disaster relief funds. According to the designer, eiki means “strength” in Japanese, and I thought that was exactly what my friend would need in the times ahead of her.

The pattern itself is a small shawl, the main portion done in garter stitch and the edging in stocking stitch with a lacy leaf pattern. It will use a largish skein of sock yarn, although I used a laceweight.
Yarn: Habu Tsumugi Silk! In red #52, from the stash. Japanese yarn, for a friend who loves this yarn, for a pattern to aid Japan. Couldn’t have been more perfect, really. And it had the specified yardage as required by the pattern – although surprisingly, I had about 100 yards left over. This is an interesting yarn – a bit rough to knit with, but not uncomfortably so, but yet soft in the knitted fabric.
Sticks: 3.5mm KnitPicks harmony options. I perhaps could have gone up a size or two, but being garter stitch, I didn’t want it to be too open and stretchy.

Time: 18 March 2011 – 11 April 2011. Not bed for me and lace knitting, thanks in part to working on it while we were on our holiday!

I was interested to see how it would grow on blocking, and discovered not a lot! It didn’t really grow at all across the top (about 1m/40″) across, but did grow down the spine, from 43cm/17″ to 52.5cm/21″. So a small shawl indeed, or a large neckerchief! But one with thoughts of strength, love, life and hope knitted into each stitch.


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21 responses to “Strength in every stitch

  1. It is so lovely, I especially like the picture of the shadow. And knitted with feeling too.

  2. OMG!!!! THis is so beautiful. Your friend is blessed to have you, you must be very close and I am sure she feels blessed to have you in her life as she goes through this difficult time.Have a Happy Friday,Meredith

  3. What a wonderful present for a friend. I hope it gives her strength, too.

  4. del

    What a beautiful, heartfelt gift. It's sure to bring a lot of comfort.

  5. Gorgeous – the sentiments behind it and the piece itself

  6. Lovely lovely knitting! Janel lives in the same town I do, and comes to one of my group nights. Such a kind person and such a gifted designer.

  7. DrK

    Just gorgeous, so thoughtful, she will love it.

  8. What a pretty shawl and so sweet on multiple levels!

  9. Sue

    It is truly beautiful and will definately let your friend know that she has someone who cares very much about her loss. I think it is very special in many ways.

  10. That is such a lovely thought and lovely gift. It is sure to be appreciated for the love and care that was knit into it.

  11. That's a pretty little shawl. Such a nice thing to do.

  12. Ann

    Gorgeous & a very thoughtful gift.

  13. A beautiful shawl, and a beautiful thing to do for your friend.

  14. perfect marriage of all those elements – japan, giving, silk all lovely. Well done. It's gorgeous.

  15. Oh dear. I am behind the eight ball. I need to get something ready too. She's going to just love that Jane. Well done.

  16. It's lovely and the sentiment behind the gift and the pattern is very touching too.

  17. PERFECT Jane ! …and a lovely gift for a friend who will remember a lovely gesture.

  18. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Gorgeous!

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