They say time flies…

and they’d be right!

It’s a cupcake-erpillar!

Yes, it was the little fella’s first birthday today.

I can hardly believe it!  Since it was also mothers day, we had a family bbq to celebrate.  And to top it off, we had a perfect sunny autumn day for it.  I didn’t quite get a sleep in (well, not for as long as I would have liked, heh!) or breakfast in bed, and I spent the morning baking cupcakes and other prep work, but the good thing about bbqs is the  leftovers, which meant no cooking for dinner, huzzah!

And it was a lovely lovely day.  Hope you all had a lovely Sunday too. 



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25 responses to “They say time flies…

  1. Happy Birth/Mothers' Day. Love the caterpillar cake!!! I adore leftovers, I think they are such a great thing and always taste better later on!!I can't believe it is a year!!

  2. Happy Mother's day to you – first one of many. And Happy birthday to your gorgeous little fella.What a great cake!!! Love the cardie!!!

  3. My first boy was due just before Mother's day, but was kind enough to be late, and miss it! lol. Happy Mum's day! Can't believe your baby is 1!

  4. Awww…. Happy, bday and Happy Mother's Day! I was JUST thinking of you guys and your coinciding celebrations and hoping honorary aunties would be getting some pics of cake-eating!

  5. wow a year does fly fast! Good work on the cupcakes and happy birthday Connor!

  6. Happy First Mother's Day and Happy first Birthday to your son. They don't come together on the same day very often. My youngest turned 14 today, Mother's Day. Just the two of us went out to breakfast, just lovely.Have a great day,Meredith

  7. amy

    Happy Mother's/Birth day! What fun that they coincided! My first mother's day it would have felt completely appropriate to celebrate my son's birth (he was about five months old at the time) because without him, I wasn't a mother. So how fitting that you got to celebrate his birthday on Mother's Day! Yin and yang. 🙂

  8. Man, it does fly! It seemed like pregnancy went on and on, especially that last month, and then whooooosh! And now mine is (boggle!) almost 12.

  9. Yay! Happy Birthday to Connor and look at your in your purty handknit

  10. Happy Mother's Day! and Happy Birthday to Connor! a great photo of the two of you.

  11. Hope you had a great Mothers Day and Happy Birthday to Connor! That first year is just amazing, isn't it?

  12. DrK

    Oh how time flies indeed, a whole year already. So much to celebrate, I'm so glad you had a lovely day for it. Happy birthday Connor!

  13. del

    What a great Mother's Day gift…well, except for all the prep. But having your little one's birthday on the same day must be priceless. Hope you all had a wonderful day!

  14. I have an old friend who contacts the mother on the child's birthday as she believes the mother also deserves the celebration. So, happy birthday to you (as well as Connor)! I've been doing a four-year old birthday in Brisbane and it's also been fun.

  15. Ann

    I can't believe he's 1 – Happy Birthday Connor & a Happy Mother's Day to you.

  16. Congratulations on your First Mothers Day and your little mans birthday. I love how my youngest gets really excitted on Mothers Day.

  17. What a lovely way to spend your Mothers' Day. It certainly was a gorgeous autumn day here in our beautiful city.Happy 1st birthday, little one.

  18. jp

    Happy 1st birthday to you and to ConnorAmazing how fast they grow up

  19. Happy Birthday to Connor and a happy mothers day to you and your mum. I think the first mothers day you have is as special as a first birthday to have them together is just a beautiful thing :)A glorious day yesterday and a cute cake ! xx

  20. He looks delectable in his hand knits (as do you) – he has quite the reach on him now, doesn't he.

  21. Happy Birthday to the little guy. I can't believe it's been a year so far!

  22. Happy birthday little man! I am glad it was a nice one, he looks so cute and also like he could be into everything!

  23. Great caterpillar! that was good timing with Mothers' Day. A very happy birthday to the lad!

  24. Happy birthday, Conner! Those were seriously wicked cup cake-erpillars!

  25. Lordy that year just flew by! The caterpillar cake is wonderful and the little one looks quite pleased with himself. Good job Mum!

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