Big balls and hot nuts

Yes, because I am really a 12 yo boy…

On Sunday I made the 3 hour drive to Our Nation’s Capital, with 3 lovely lady companions (well, when I said I made the drive, I sat comfortably in the back knitting the whole time!), for the purpose of visiting the Old Bus Depot Markets for the Celebration of Wool day.  The markets are a regular event, but the wool day is once (or is it twice?) a year.  It was my first visit, and it was a very good market, I thought, not just for wool (and other yarns) but just generally.  A really nice selection of other stalls (very little crap, like you can find at some markets) and some great food stalls.

So in case you can’t guess, the Big Balls refers to all the huge hanks (some formed into balls) of natural coloured merino, and the Hot Nuts is of course the freshly cooked caramel macadamias.  I scoffed at the others when they said they were going to get some nuts, but when the nut man offered me a sample, I was sold like the most gullible person ever. 

I think between us we’d eaten half the bag before we even left the market (ok, it was mostly me!)  And I only bought them as we were walking out, heh! (this photo was taken after I’d arrived back home and had a few more…)

But like the bad photographer I am, I did not get any photos at all at the market, so you’ll just have to imagine the Big Balls for yourself.  According to those who’d been before, it wasn’t as good as in previous years – fewer yarns and possibly fewer attendees as well, but I still had a good time and of course made some purchases…
Merino Twist x 2, MCN sock and Merino Silk
All of these from Fibrewebs – because we all know I have a terrible shortage of red sock yarn and sock yarn in general…

Lang Jawoll Magic

And this lovely from Rex and Evelyn Reynolds Yarn Supplies.  I could have bought one in every colour, but restrained myself…although I did encourage others to partake, because buying vicariously is almost as good as buying for myself!

After tiring ourselves out shopping, we were in need of fortification, so headed to a great Malaysian/Chinese restaurant called Sammy’s, with some other Sydney knitting pals.  And had a huge and amazingly inexpensive feast.  With maybe just room for a hot chocolate (ok, and a chocolate sample plate) afterwards at nearby Koko Black. 

After that we were ready for the trip back. It was a really lovely way to spend my Sunday, and Canberra turned on beautiful weather for us – my overcoat and huge shawl were not even required!  Thanks to Ingrid and Linda for chauffering me!



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25 responses to “Big balls and hot nuts

  1. DrK

    Oh very nice purchases, and quite restrained. I really need to do something with the lovely glenora silk I got there last year. I really love the food stalls at those markets, especially the ethiopian spiced bread! Sounds like a perfect Canberra day, really.

  2. It was a good day! I think it's a great market for food – some Sundried Tomato & Feta bread came home with me. And lunch was terrific – thanks largely to the dish selection.

  3. gosh you were restrained! Canberra's autumnal days right now are just lovely – very warm by the afternoon. And the wool day is only once a year but in July there's a sort of creative fibres thing which I'm not sure I've ever been to.Those nuts are great. I'm great you were put in your place after scoffing at the idea!

  4. I had to go to my daughter's dance thing, and I was very disappointed to miss the wool day this year. I might do the fibre day though..

  5. Sounds like a lovely day – I had a similar one, Saturday, attending NH Sheep and Wool, though it is a small fair, with a whole lot of roving. I did get to see a poor widdle llama get sheared, though, which was kinda cool…

  6. Sue

    What gorgeous yarns. It sounds as though you had a wonderful day out with friends which is the best way to spend a day out!

  7. Aw I can't believe you came down for wool day and I wasn't able to attend myself! Glad you got some lovelies from Fibrewebs – the mcn is some of the nicest yarn I've crocheted with and I'm not being at all biassed!

  8. I hope you don;t get any 'unexpected' comments!! You were definitely restrained, and as long as you have a good time, whether it is better than last year or not is neither here nor there. Nuts, I love the nuts at our Deloraine Craft Fair, I always buy some!!

  9. del

    LOL@this title — I must be 12, too!Caramel macadamias sound heavenly — must try and find some someplace here in the States.

  10. You had me at carmel macadamias! That sounds worth the trip all by itself.I enjoy shows like that with a varied market. I think I'd probably buy more yarn if there was a diversity of products to look at. It dilutes the overload of yarn fumes and allows me to pay more attention to each stall.Spring and Fall are the best times. Warm days and cool nights.

  11. amy

    Sounds like a really fun time! A day out is always restorative–the yarn is sort of bonus, isn't it?

  12. I was even more restrained than you in the yarn-buying stakes, but loved the buzz of the markets and poring over everything that was available. And the lunch was excellent!

  13. What a glorious way to spend a day! And I loved your title! (Snigger,snigger)

  14. OH, P.S. I meant to tell you we had those big balls, here, too. In some pretty cool colors, etc. Thought it could be fun to decorate with them…. but got too lazy to think about it much.

  15. Sounds like the best day – what fun – I must try and go next yearThe food, the yarn and the knitters – I am green with envy

  16. Heh heh. Those hot nuts looks delicious!

  17. Ann

    Sounds like a great trip & you did well in your purchases. I love nuts especially macadamias.

  18. Sounds like you had a wonderful day out. I have never been to the Celebration of Wool Day but I concur that they are generally very good markets.

  19. Oh I too was suckered in by Fibrewebs and that sock yarn and as for that Jawoll – arhmm …another passion of mine ;DLovely colours you got can't wait to see what socks you choose o knit with them.Lunch was Y.U.M !!! … a fantastic day of fun ! 😀

  20. I love your 12 year old boy self! And those are great balls.

  21. Oh thank goodness – I was getting a little anxious about the lack of red sock yarn in your life 🙂

  22. tehe – "because we all know i have a shortage of red sock yarn". just like i have a great shortage of cream colored alpaca yarn!i love that ball of gray and black stuff!

  23. Wasn't it a fun day? I had a great time. Wish that we hadn't had collective camnesia though…

  24. Now taht sounds like a lovey day, hot nuts and all! (We have a 13 yr old boy so that is normal round here!!)Great looking yarns.

  25. Sounds like a perfect day. And so much knitting time, too. I'm wondering if anyone in the states does caramel macademia nuts. Those sound amazing!

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