Totally Terrific Three Tsock Pattern Club #1 Nutkins!

I’ve had this pattern in my queue for such a long time, and so was very excited when it was voted one of the patterns for the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club (or in my case, the Totally Terrific Three Tsock Pattern Club!)

And I had the perfect yarn – the yarn called for in the pattern, in the exact colour used by the designer!  It was, in fact, this pattern, which made me covet the Wollmeise Spice Market so much.  Which is odd to me, since I hardly ever wear brown shades.  But this colour, I just love it.  The depth of colours, the way it works in this pattern. 

I’m really sorry that I can’t capture it accurately in the photos!

Pattern:  Nutkin, by Beth LaPensee.  I made a few modifications to this pattern – just to accommodate my personal preferences.  Lots of people in the group on Ravelry were determined to do the pattern as written, to try the short row heel and toe, but I  suppose I wasn’t knitting them to learn something new, I just wanted a nice pair of socks that I knew would fit me – and short row heels are not friends with my feet!
Yarn:  Wollmeise Twin (80/20) in Spice Market (dark).  Cannot tell you how much I love knitting with Wollmeise and how happy I am with the way this colour knitted up!  I used about 105gm of the 150 gm skein.  What a nice bunch of leftovers! 

Sticks:  I used 2.75mm dpns for the cuff and first 3 pattern repeats, then changed to 2.5mm dpns for the rest of the leg and foot. 
Modifications:  Instead of the folded cuff, I did a tubular cast on with a twisted 1×1 rib.  Instead of the short row heel I did my favourite eye of partridge heel flap and gussets.  And finally, instead of the short row toe I did a standard wedge toe.
Time:  We had two months to knit this pattern, and I made it, hurrah!  1 March 2011 – 29 April 2011.

It’s interesting, there is a lot of talk about how this pattern biases – which it does, for many people!  The designer suggests it is due to how you pick up the stitches when knitting down the turned cuff, but I think it is the pattern itself, as mine biased and I did a different cuff entirely.  But the biasing doesn’t bother me, I just make sure the sock is twisted around correctly when I put it on!

I love my lovely new wollmeise socks (my first pair for myself – it won’t be the last!)



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21 responses to “Totally Terrific Three Tsock Pattern Club #1 Nutkins!

  1. yeah the biasing doesn't worry me either. I never knew why everyone kept mentioning it. And they're comfy to wear so no problem.The colour really is great – I never really thought of it as brown though i suppose it is!

  2. YAY – I love how yours have turned out the colour and the pattern are such a great – and I too love knitting with wollmeise but I am not sure how it wears as a sock – too nervous to wear mine as yet. As a shawl it is great but as a shawl they wear brilliantly

  3. DrK

    i love your approach to these socks, making them work for you. these are the nicest ones of these ive seen, i think they are a perfect match for this kind of colourway that doesnt stripe or pool. lovely little heel flaps too! yay for finished socks!

  4. I like a proper heel flap, it suits my foot too, and a wedge toe!! They are just gorgeous and the oolour doesn't look brown brown That may be why you like it. Yes, we sensible folk just pull our socks up straight!!

  5. I wish I'd done a proper heel flap on mine! I don't like the biasing on mine, but I'm not really happy with them at all – yours are gorgeous!

  6. Lovely socks! Love the colour!

  7. good call on omitting the cuff!that pattern really does work best in a "nutty" shade, doesn't it? another fab pair of socks by Ms RoseRed

  8. I've got a pair from ages ago and love wearing them. You're look very sophisticated and comfy!

  9. love – love – love ! – best you keep them hidden so I don't steal them :DDIVINE colour !

  10. They look great! And I am so glad your Wollemeise-averseness went away! (I'm still only so-so on pork, and it's been 10 years!)

  11. That is a popular pattern. I've seen it pop up here and there. I love the color you used. I wear lots of browns in the winters and am always looking for socks that aren't solid brown but have some color in them.

  12. Bravo! Excellent job. Very masculine sort of sock if you need to knit a man-gift.

  13. Ann

    Gorgeous socks & I love the color too. I seem to have lost my sock mojo these days.

  14. They do indeed look lovely and if you're happy with them that's all that matters!

  15. I love them, and I'm sure that you need them to kepp your feet warm today.

  16. They are very nice, I think I queued that pattern years ago and yours make me want to knit them!

  17. kim

    In all my years of knitting, I have never made a sock that didn't look like a child made it. Yours are always so neat and perfect. It makes me want to try another pair.

  18. Love the pattern and the colour. Nice choice!

  19. Oh very lovely – glad you have your own WM sockies. I'd have subbed out the short row heel and toe too – not friends for my feet either – it's nice to have tried these things and know what works for you isn't it?

  20. That is one sock pattern I have admired for ages but not yet got around to making. I absolutely love the colour of the yarn too, so pretty.

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