StashDownUnder – June 2011

 A bit late this month.  You’d think, if you didn’t know me better, that maybe there’s a reason for my lateness, like, say for example, not wanting to admit to my acquisitions for June…ha!  As if I’d be embarrassed about stash acquisitions!!

(although, to be perfectly honest, when I did add it all up this month, I did go “gulp” at the final totals.  Those darn big Wollmeise skeins, they really do add up when you break them down into 50g lots!)

So I did some damage at the Craft and Quilt Fair.  After not going for a year (or possibly 2, I can’t recall!) I bought a bag of Colinette Iona, in Velvet Plum.  In my defence, it’s lovely yarn, discontinued, and was almost half price!

And then Ingrid, darn her, had to go and offer me matched skeins of Wollmeise 100%  in a red I don’t already have (Zimtapfel).  And there were 4 of those, and it seemed a shame not to…  AND she happened to have a skein of Schwartz lace, which I was only daydreaming about that morning (not her skein, black WM laceweight in general!).  It was really meant to be.

Like the next purchse, a destash via Ravelry.  Rosenrot laceweight.  It’s RoseRed!  Wollmeise!  Lace!  A colour and weight I don’t have!  Also a foregone conclusion.  Yep, I am a sucker for a yarn with my name!  heh heh.

I also bought some yarn for a gift (already knitted and gifted, just have to post about it!) and picked up some yarn in the Morris and Sons sale, using a Christmas gift voucher – so this yarn doesn’t count, heh!  Love making my own rules for stash honesty!!

So the totals (drumroll please!):
This month:
Actual balls used:  13.5 x 50g (thanks to a bulky knit, also yet to be blogged!)
8ply equivalent:  8 x 50g
In this month: 47 x 50g (ulp!)
metres used:  840m

Year to Date
Actual balls used: 3.75 + 13.5 – 47 = -29.75
8ply equivalent:  49.5 x 50g balls
metres used:  5687m

Ok, so I’ve added almost 30 x 50g balls of yarn to the stash over and above what I’ve used.  I think that really means I have to declare a total and utter ban on further yarn purchases for the rest of 2011.  Can I do it??



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22 responses to “StashDownUnder – June 2011

  1. pfft. No way. All it'll take is some floosy of a wollmeise skein wriggling herself at you seductively and you'll cave.Nice stash though, really.

  2. DrK

    Well, I think you can if you think about what good quality stash enhancing this. There's not any gaps you need to fill right now, right? But I wouldn't commit to the end of year. I would say maybe after you've used one of those wollmeise laces (time for some lace, right?). Or the iona (hello, gorgeous). What are you planning fir that, by the way?

  3. I dont think the questions I "Can I do it?" but "Do you really want to?" ;-)Lovely acquistions!

  4. Nah – you just have to knit faster!

  5. Although the red is my favorite, that plum color is gorgeous. My maiden name is Plum! I wouldn't worry too much about the new acquisitons. You are a fairly prolific knitter.

  6. Christmas is just around the corner. You'll knit yourself out of stash in no time!my verification word is redness!

  7. Oh well. You only live once.

  8. But, there's still almost 6 months left in the year. Can you really not buy yarn in that length of time??

  9. Don't even try to limit your stash acquisition. It's such fun for your readers to see the ingenuity you apply to justifying your stash acquisition. And as others have said – it's such quality stash it's an investment.

  10. amy

    Reading comments on other people's blogs is so enlightening. I had no idea Donna Lee used to be a Plum!I know it's time to stop buying impulse yarn when I feel overwhelmed by what I have. I haven't bought yarn with nothing in mind for it–except for the fundraising yarn at the kids' school fair–in ages. But if you're not at that point, why stress about it?

  11. Ummmm – NO ! you can't …ahhaahThe Collinette I can defend was a great deal and you got the BEST colour of the day, had it not been for that colour I would have found something else for you to buy .D –> Hooked Zpagetti…ahahhaWollmeise – ALL Ingrid's fault – blame nobody else but her as we all fell victim to her bag of goodies .DGift vouchers – don't count ! .DThat just about does, guilt free shopping – keep on shopping …ahhaha

  12. If you stop stashing, the rest of us will feel very guilty about our own acquisitions — you wouldn't really do that to us, would you?I do find that if I ban myself from buying yarn, I do buy less. And that's worth something.

  13. Totally justified, other than being so very pretty, the other reason would be – it's so very cold this winter and we all know how well wool insulates against the cold 🙂

  14. Your yarn is perfect and I have to admit you made me laugh. I have been on a total yarn binge and I have only blogged a portion of it as I am quite amazed at the total amount bought recently. All for Christmas presents and all beautiful but you understand……Meredith

  15. Hmmm – I think a total ban would make me rebellious – maybe an acquisition target just short of your usage rate – the stash will slowly reduce and the faster you knit, the more you can have!

  16. Hahaha! Good luck! That stash is gorgeous! I, too can't help myself at the craft fair!:-)

  17. I've bought very little yarn this year, because when I look at what I have, and haven't used, I feel guilty.I don't like feeling guilty about my fun hobby, and somehow that makes it easier to pass more up.

  18. Such lovely yarn, who could show restraint in the face of that temptation??? Not me!!

  19. No, not at all, especially since there were specials, and vouchers and wool with your name!! Special circumstances!!

  20. all I can say is thank goodness you're not coming to Spendigo this week for the Wool & Sheep !!and who had the Collinette at the Wool & Sheep ? Wonder if whoever it was will be at Bendy ?

  21. Ann

    All gorgeous yarn & worth busting your stash.

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