It’s all downhill from here (hopefully…)

Thought I should give you a quick update on my Tour de France project, since le Tour finishes this Sunday night (or really, early Monday morning our time!). 

Just to prove that I have been knitting on it in every spare moment (mostly Connor’s nap times!):

It’s been enjoyable – I have been having a dream run, much like Cadel Evans (fingers crossed his continues to the end and the yellow jersey!), although I must admit that I am hankering to start something new right now.  But I shall not, as I’m so close to the end – I think – this is one of those knits that does not seem to grow at all for days, no matter how much you knit on it, then all of a sudden it is half way done, then three quarters done etc.

So I’m hoping that on Sunday I will wake up and find it has magically kitchener grafted itself together overnight!!  I am not looking forward to 136 stitches of grafting!



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19 responses to “It’s all downhill from here (hopefully…)

  1. jp

    You are so close.Hopefully there will be something exciting on to spur on the kitchener.Go Cadel!Go RoseRed!

  2. DrK

    oh so close now, a couple more climbs and then you'll be swanning down the Champs d'Elysee in your glorious noro knitted skirt! its looking amazing, cant wait to see it on.

  3. lovely work! I love that magic of something seeming to not grow and then BAM!It's your hill climb, that kitchener stitch really, don't you think?

  4. Fantastic effort – worthy of TdeF champion!

  5. Gosh you've done well. I almost can't bear to watch the TdeF at the moment for fear something is going to go wrong for Cadel – seems almost too good to be true so far. A great combination of persistence and strategy – just like….your skirt! Really looking forward to seeing it complete.

  6. Oooo, I wish you well. I am intrigued…

  7. DrK

    oh and no smarty pants comments from anyone about my spelling of the champs elysee. i dont know where that extra d' came from!!

  8. I think you might need some very boring tv so you don't get distracted in the middle of your kitchenering. The colours are beautiful!

  9. It's looking very stylish with those colours. The finished product will be worth it no doubt 🙂

  10. Good luck, it's looking fabulous and you are so close to the end now. I quite like grafting stitches once I get into the rhythm!!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful work! Hope to see you model it soon. Yay Red! Whoopwhoop! Go! Go! Go!

  12. It's looking great, don't stop. Beleive me I want Cadel Evans to win, too!Have a great day,Meredith

  13. Looks excellent love the colours!

  14. You're clearly an ace descender! Good going – and bonne chance for Sunday for you and Cadel – I think this might be his year 🙂

  15. Just popping a comment—– saw your comments on Mereknits and wanted to tell you (after the prompt there) that I DO read you, and I think maybe never comment. So here I am. 🙂 May the kitchner fairies visit you soon and do good work!!

  16. It's looking just STUNNING. Those yarns look great together. Two nights to go! So exciting! Go Cadel.

  17. Do you have a suitable Gold jacket for when you cross the Kitchener finish line? Looks great and the stitching up will be 'forgotten' with the wearing.

  18. Ann

    Looks great & the colors are gorgeous. I am sure you will be done in no time.

  19. Vive le Tour de France! I've been watching when I can. Would you believe that I used to race with Boardman's mother in the 60s???????? I'm THAT old. His Dad, Keith, still has the odd race and raced in a memorial race last year commemorating the cycling cartoonist Johnny Helms. Lovely knitting.

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