Dashing through the snow!

Even though the weather is saying it is spring (or even summer – we’ve had temps in the mid 20s – that’s I think mid 70s for our US friends- for the last few days) it is still strictly speaking winter.  And so I should be able to still get some wear from a recently completed project.  And I know that another small project, a gift for a friend, will get some wear later this year when it accompanies the new owner on a trip to Europe!

This second project actually came first, a warm black hat for a European winter visit, by request for a birthday gift.  I bought some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, and found myself with a ball and a bit leftover, so decided to make myself some mitts with it!

Pattern:  Autumn in Garrison by Kate Gagnon Osborn. A nice quick free pattern!  It didn’t turn out quite as slouchy as I had expected, but it’s got a bit of slouch and I know the Cashmerino Aran is reputed to stretch, so I erred on the side of less slouch rather than more!

It’s so hard to photograph black knitting!

Yarn:  Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, 1.5 balls in black (col 300300)

Sticks:  4mm for ribbing, 4.5mm for main part of hat.

Time:  6 June 2011 – 12 June 2011

Can’t beat that!  A hat in a week! That’s pretty good for me!  Especially as I was working on another couple of things during that period!

Pattern:  Dashing by Cheryl Niamath, another freebie, from Knitty Spring 2007.  This is the “male” version of the very popular Fetching mitts by the same designer, but fortunately comes in a small size as well as man-sized.  I chose this pattern because I really like the extra length on the arms – I wear a lot of 3/4 sleeve garments in winter, so the longer line mitts are really good for covering that bit of wrist and arm that otherwise would be exposed!

See, I told you it was hard to photograph black!

I really like the way the thumb is added.  I’m sure this is very common, but it’s kinda fun to undo those stitches and pick them up to knit the thumb!

Yarn:  Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran as above, 1.5 balls!

Sticks:  4mm dpns

Time:  13 June 2011 – 20 June 2011 – again, another quick project!  Love that these can be knitted so quickly, and I am very happy with these, the fit is really good and the black is so versatile! 



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28 responses to “Dashing through the snow!

  1. jp

    Speedy. They look fabulous

  2. DrK

    can never have too many black accessories, especially in that gorgeous yarn. love love love the pattern on that hat. yay you!

  3. I think that is my hat and I love it…have it in my bag of goodies to take still pristine..Thank you Rose Red I heart it!

  4. they look really good! Both hat and mitts! That cashmerino aran does give such a great definition doesn't it? The top of the hat is stunning, especially!

  5. Love that hat!! I got it downloaded and need to find some yarn for it. Thanks for the link!

  6. Also RR where would I buy some more wool (the same as the hat) I got given a black scarf and it is acrylic and just doesn't feel nice at all, I am working my way through scarves for everyone in the family and thought I might make one for me it will only be a simple ribbed style.

  7. Both the hat and the mitts are great 'one can never have enough black

  8. Quick projects are brilliant! And the hat and mitts look great.

  9. They look gorgeous in black, and that hat – stunning! She has such great patterns; there was a fun interview with her in Interweave this past issue.

  10. amy

    Oh good for you, it's not only hard to photograph black yarn, it's hard to knit with it, too–at least I find it hard.

  11. I love the top of the hat! Such a pretty design. BlacK IS hard to photograph, almost as hard as capturing red.You were very speedy with these. I'm impressed, especially with the little man running around.

  12. del

    Both your projects are fantastic! I love the subtle pattern on the hat, and I'm going to have to queue those mitts now.

  13. Great hat and I like the longer dashing mitts!! Though I prefer a gusset. For the thumb. Now there's a sentence you don't ever think you will type. I have found that slouchy patterns are not as slouchy as I would like. Maybe we have bigger heads here, or are tighter knitters???

  14. Evidently the Tour de Fleece got you into high gear. Those are gorgeous, tricky patterns and you just whipped them out! Good on you!!

  15. Looks great! I needed an idea for a quick charity knit.

  16. Ooh very nice – and I love the squish of that yarn – never will get tired of the magic of the thumb

  17. I really like the flower-shape at the top of the hat..and the mitts too. Too many tempting distractions!

  18. my goodness you have been so busy, love all your projects, as usual your knitting is amazing.Meredith

  19. That hat is amazing. I love it. You have knitted it beautifully.

  20. Lovely hat and mitts – and it's not just hard to photograph black knitting (you've got it, though), but it's also hard to knit – well, I find it hard, anyway. But I love it… must get that hat pattern before it starts getting colder.

  21. I hadn't paid much attention to Dashing before, but now you've got me interested!

  22. The hat is lovely and since the weather has returned to midwinter temps and behaviour I'm sure it's getting good use now!

  23. Ann

    Love the hat & the mittens look great. It has been very cold here in the morning – below 10C & mittens do come in handy.

  24. love the beret! I think I will be copying you there, Ms RoseRed! My niece, daughter and I would all love that one

  25. Great hat – lucky friend and Great mitts and all perfect in black it goes with everything. Very cool how you did the thumb gusset.

  26. Oh, I love the pattern of that hat! Now I wish I looked good in beret-style hats, sigh.I like the thumb-trick thumbs, too. I've had really good luck getting them to fit me.

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