Um, yeah, I think I really must BEEE crazy!

So the other day I was surfing Ravelry and decided to have a look at some of the other Beekeeper Quilt projects.  One of them very helpfully linked to an online calculator to work out how many hexagons you need for a hexagon quilt (sewn).  You plug in the size you want to make it – in my case, queen size bed size – and how big the side of your hexagon is, and it tells you how many you need.



I need to make 1829 sexypuffs!  1829!!!!  (just in case you thought I’d typed it wrong the first time!).  I put the numbers in the calculator 3 times just to check I hadn’t done it wrong the first two times!

I was thinking I needed to make about 800.  And figured it would probably take me two years to do that.  So I had to do a little rethink.  Now I’m aiming to make a sexypuff a day.  And even then it will take me more than 5 years to finish this thing.  Heh heh.  Let’s see how we go!

I’m going to keep a running tally in my sidebar, as to how I’m going each month.  In August, I managed 28 of the little fellas.  Not bad, considering I started on the 8th of August.  I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to put them together (design wise).  The original quilt is randomly put together (as far as I can tell) but what do you think of this? 

They sort of look like flowers, right?  I’ve got lots of the plain red (about 1kg) so I thought I’d surround a variegated flower (with a plain red centre) with plain red flowers, which have a variegated centre.  Any other suggestions?



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20 responses to “Um, yeah, I think I really must BEEE crazy!

  1. jp

    Certifiable.That is an insane number.That said the shiny shiny pictures are distracting me I like the flower pattern so far.

  2. gorgeous, but completely certifiable. but kind of challenging too. i do like the idea of a very long term project, that you just keep coming back to. they do look really cool tho. im assuming the Sexypuff wasnt a typo either. you really do love the pun dont you/ πŸ™‚

  3. holy crap. That's a lot. I'm astounded. Are you sure you want queen size? Me, I'd be settling for lap size!And yes, as flowers, they look great. Do it that way. It gives you a kind of structure to work with

  4. One at a time, you'll get there….eventually! Or you'll rethink the plan and make a single bed size LOL! The current "flower" plan is a good one, often seen in fabric quilts because it does work so well.

  5. To be honest, I didn't see the "flowers" until you pointed it out. I just thought you were grouping them together into colour blocks with the occasional random one thrown in. But now that you've said "flowers," all I can see are flowers. πŸ™‚

  6. I saw the flowers and I love them!! think if you are going to bee crazy, then this is the thing to be crazed about. Still, that's an awful lot, I love your little Bee Counter in the side bar. Good luck!!!

  7. Perhaps 800 could be "blocked out"…? lol.That's an hilarious number of red puffs. What an awesome project!

  8. Wow. That is a lot of hexapuffs.However, I like how you've put them together. It looks random at first glance, but then the flower shapes emerge.

  9. It reminds me of a computer game I used to love called Hexic. I like the flowers and I like the idea of a very long term project. I've got this table cloth that I've been working on for over 15 years……

  10. amy

    Where are you going to KEEP them all in the meantime? That's what would get to me…the pile is just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger!

  11. I think I have seen hexagonal gridded paper somewhere. A quilter's supply shop perhaps? You could get some and play with colored pencils for days. One a day is a splendid goal. And maybe, if the yarn is extra fun, you might squeeze in an extra puff now and then. Before this is done, your baby is going to be able to tell people that, "Mom can't come to the phone. She's playing with her sexypuffs."

  12. del

    This is why I love you — you tackle those projects that I can only dream about! 1829!? But they are so lovely.

  13. Maybe you could get someone to make a few for you?

  14. That is a crazy amout of hexi's. How are you going to keep up your interest in making them? And I also have to ask how are you going to put them together, all at once? I sound so depressing, I think it will be really amazing when it is all done.MEredith

  15. What size will the quilt be? Will it just cover the top of the bed (my preference)or hang over the sides a bit. If you need this horrific number of hexagons, is that just for the top? Amazing. I'd do random. Love random.

  16. It seems like a lot of puffs, but my biggest concern would be the sewing together. That would do my head in.I like the flowers, but also like random. You have lots of time to thinks about it!

  17. Wow! that is an ambitious project! I wish all the best.I think your layout is great.

  18. Ann

    Wow – that is a mighty project but it looks great. I like random so it's more creative. Good luck.

  19. Oh you go sexy puff lady ! all 1829 of them ..tehehhe – maybe I need to buy you more stuffing ?! ;D

  20. OhMyGoodness that's a lot of sexypuffs! O.o But it will be STUNNING when it's done and totally worth it πŸ™‚

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